Noses In The Air

With all the noise that’s been made about the special senate election in Massachusetts today, it’s very difficult to have missed that it was coming up. When the candidates first announced themselves, Democrat MA AG Martha Coakley was the favored win; as of yesterday, Republican Scott Brown had pulled ahead in the polls above the margin of error. Due to the fact that the day is only half over we don’t know what the numbers are like just yet, but Brown is now the favorite to replace the late Ted Kennedy in the US Senate.

Coakley stumped on a promise that she would continue Ted’s push to pass healthcare reform (read: government takeover). She and fellow Democrats made several gaffes along the way, though, and every time they made a flub it cost them in the polls. Between Coakley saying that Catholics shouldn’t work in hospitals and labor unions getting caught using state computers to email workers in support of Coakley (big no-no), she’s managed to alienate a big portion of her state. I think the final nail in her political coffin, however, came when she insulted a Boston baseball legend:

Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling.

After being accused by Democrat party members of being too passive in her campaign, Coakley publicly sneered at Brown for standing outside Fenway Park to shake hands. This irritated Curt Schilling, who posted on his blog that she was proving herself to be an elitist snob. Coakley fired back by calling Schilling “another Yankees fan.”

Oh, no…see, Coakley apparently doesn’t realize just how devoted the blue-collar Red Sox fans are. Schilling helped Boston win the World Series. Sox fans all but worship the man. She could have said anything else, something more tasteful, maybe, and gotten away with disagreeing with him. But calling him a Yankees fan? You might as well use every racial slur in the book to describe Barack Obama.

In response to the suggestion that they may lose their 60-vote supermajority, Democrats are blaming everything BUT themselves. They’re blaming GOP “obstructionists,” somehow trying to say that people are voting for a Republican because they’re angry at Republicans (how does this make sense?). They’re blaming Obama for taking a break over the summer last year rather than pushing the healthcare issue early on. Not one is willing to accept the fact that people are simply angry at the incredible snobbery of Democrats, particularly when it comes to the healthcare debate.

I hate to tell you liberals this, but Bush is no reason to do whatever you want.


2 thoughts on “Noses In The Air

  1. I am sure the Democrats will ACORN the homeless shelters and street people big time. I can bet plenty of dead people will vote in this election too. Ted Kennedy might be one of them. If that doesn’t boost the roles then illegal immigrants can fill in which they will.

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