The Indoctrination of “Change”

Since Alan Grayson has taken Obama’s mouthiness against FOX News a bit further and called them (along with all Republicans) “the enemy of America,” I have come to the conclusion that the accusation of “spouting Faux News talking points” simply means that you’re getting to the liberals. So, I have no trouble posting this link about an outrageous indoctrination of youth.

A government/social studies teacher at Perry High School in Massillon, Ohio, handed out paperwork including multiple applications for a group known as Organizing for America. They’re the group set up to take over for Obama for America and they are inextricably linked with the DNC. Included with the applications was a reading list that included Saul Alinsky and a mission statement that explicitly described pushing “the agenda of change.”

Both the principal of the school and the school board superintendent said that the teacher–whom nobody has named publicly yet–was supposedly not trying to indoctrinate his students, yet no conservative alternative was passed out to balance the material he was giving students. They said they had discussed the situation with the staff and the teacher involved and refused to say what disciplinary action, if any, had been taken.

Almost as galling thing to me, though, is that there are several (most of whom don’t even have kids at the school) defending the teacher. One includes a blogger named Elliot Cook, who said, “This is all voluntary!!! No one is forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.”

I would like to see this blogger say the same thing if it ever hits the news that a teacher in Texas handed out the same kind of material for a conservative political action group.

If it was a teacher in Texas handing out applications, reading lists and mission statements for, say, Young America’s Foundation, I guarantee you that Arianna Huffington would blow a gasket reporting on every minute detail of the event, reporters would flood the school’s neighborhoods trying to find students who had been given the material, the teacher’s name would be available within 24 hours of the incident in question and Katie Couric would go on GMA the next morning and ask Americans, “how would you feel if your teenager came home with an application to intern for an extreme right-wing group, and how would you react if you found out they got it from their teacher?” Protests against indoctrination would be held by purple-shirted SEIU members paid to do so outside Republican official’s offices and Obama would shake his head at the cameras in the White House and say that the teacher “acted stupidly.”

Can you imagine the commotion and uproar that would explode if that were the case we were talking about? Holy good godfrey, the noise would be deafening. What’s more, we’d never hear the end of it–we’d be eight years down the road at the next major election and suddenly Chris Matthews would get a thrill up his leg and say, “well, don’t you remember when…?”

This isn’t minor, and I’d bet that it happens more than we know. I have seen elementary school teachers in California put up posters–mind you, we’re talking about kids aged 5 – 11–announcing GLAAD and GLSEN meetings. One kindergarten teacher had the nerve to pass GLSEN pledge cards out to her FIVE YEAR OLD CLASS and make them sign them. The kids couldn’t even sign their names, much less read the cards that promised they’d never discriminate against any gay person. Yes, I said it…THAT. WAS. WRONG.

Schools are not places for this kind of thing. Children, even teenagers, are very impressionable. The best example you can set is to teach them the subject you’re there to teach and help them understand the importance of things like respect, hard work and honesty.


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