The “Victimless” Crime

An Arizona cop got an interesting letter recently – the Social Security Administration contacted the officer to inform him that he owed nearly $2500 in taxes for jobs he’d supposedly worked at two different construction companies in the Phoenix area. An investigation quickly turned up the employers’ addresses, and both companies quickly identified the man responsible: 31-year-old Loebardo Estrada-Robles, an illegal alien from Mexico who was deported back in ’04. Not only was he using the officer’s social security number, he was apparently also using the man’s name (which has, for security reasons, not been released).

If it’s true that this illegal was using the officer’s entire identity for ID cards (i.e. driver’s licenses) and work, then it’s pretty ballsy. He was defrauding a cop. If you get caught doing that, you are guaranteed to go to jail.

Usually, cases of identity theft involving illegal immigrants don’t get much attention from the police. I’ve read stories from people at azcentral about horrid cases of identity theft, messes that still haven’t been sorted out, where they all say the same thing: either my or my child’s identity was stolen and used by an illegal, and when we called the police they told us there was nothing they could do – we had to take it up with the credit bureaus and the IRS.

One such story involved a man who had become unemployed. He applied for unemployment benefits, but the Department of Economic Security came back with a shocking answer: you can’t get benefits because your daughter is employed and receiving income. The shocker? His daughter was only 10 years old. Her identity had likely been stolen from a hospital or school and sold by a staffer to a coyote looking to create false identities for his clients, many of them Mexican nationals seeking passage to the United States.

These illegals will pay a great deal of money to be smuggled into the US through the desert. When an H2A guest worker visa only costs around $150 total to apply for and receive, those who know they won’t pass a background check or medical exam will scrounge up to $3000 or more per person to have a coyote lead them through the desert into America. If they pay enough, they’ll get fake ID’s ready to be used to obtain employment. Others simply make up ID’s or pay another party to create them once they get here. Some end up learning how to do this the hard way after being caught quickly or even being kidnapped by other coyotes and held for ransom.

The Mexican government also helps aid and abet these people in their quest. The countries’ foreign ministry published a guide for illegal migrants, “Guía del Migrante Mexicano” (Guide for the Mexican Migrant), back in 2005 and distributed it throughout the country. In Spanish, of course, it gives tips on how to safely cross the desert, safely cross the Rio Grande, and a list of basic migrants’ rights once they’re in the US and happen to get caught. They’ve also publicly distributed GPS-type devices to those requesting them. They’re equipped with satellite tracking that can help them get help when lost, injured or sick. And the Mexican consulate claims they’re simply trying to save lives (here’s an idea…encourage them to stop trying to cross our border illegally!).

Most recently, the Mexican consulate in Dallas announced a campaign to educate illegals in the region about US culture and laws in a supposed effort to clean up the image that Americans have of illegals from South of our border–that they’re noisy, they celebrate with guns, and have too many children which they leave at home alone while they loiter and trash areas they frequent while looking for day labor. I’m not making this up–this was said almost word-for-word by Consular General Juan Carlos Cué-Vega, quoted as such in the Dallas Morning News. According to the article, the Mexican government has known for a long time that this is how they behave and subsequently perceived in American culture but they’ve been reluctant to speak up because they didn’t want to offend the illegals and migrant-rights groups.

Now you can’t call me a racist. They spoke the truth.

Not only that, the Mexican government also runs a program through their consulates in most major US cities that provides referrals to medical centers where they can get free medical care without fear of being reported and deported. Nice, isn’t it? What’s even more hysterical is that the Mexican government, including Felipe Calderón, say that “it’s important to educate our people [about] respecting the law.”

Let’s start with the basics. First, you don’t come into the United States unless you are either a citizen already or have gone through the process to request permission. Second, you don’t steal the identity of another person, have someone make one up for you, or create one yourself. Third, you don’t work without paying taxes like the rest of us. Fourth, you obey the law of the land, which means you don’t drink and drive, you don’t steal, you don’t start fights, you don’t loiter and litter, and you don’t kill. Fifth, when you’re caught you don’t claim some kind of hardship for a situation that YOU caused. And finally, when we do catch you and either send you to prison for felonies or deport you, don’t bitch about it.

I’ll post a video blog on the subject this weekend, but it’s important to note that identity theft is not a victimless crime. My social security number was stolen by two different coworkers who were in this country illegally; one even used it to obtain worker’s compensation benefits, and my employer at the time did nothing to help (I didn’t work for them for long after that). When you use the identity of another person to get anything–credit, employment, loans, mortgages, anything–you are ruining that person’s life, particularly when you decide to dump the responsibility of that when you simply don’t want it anymore. Not only that, you’re creating more work for the rest of society because we’re the ones who have to pay for the losses you incur. That money you spent? It didn’t disappear. We pay for it in every way imaginable. We’re tired of it.

If you don’t like our rules, get out of our country.


6 thoughts on “The “Victimless” Crime

  1. I understand that quite a lot of illegal immigrants come over here to improve their lives, but I agree with you that the law is the law. All illegal immigrants should be deported back to their native countries. I wish we reformed our immigration laws to enable more people to come here legally.

  2. “I understand that quite a lot of illegal immigrants come over here to improve their lives,…”

    Yes they do. America has about 12,000,000 illegals here and 300,000,000 in total. So, that one illegal per 25 people. That’s an outrage.

    Here in CA the TV ads are pushing hard to fill out the Census Form. I am going to burn mine. Counting illegals is wrong. CA will pick up another electoral vote because of this fraud.

  3. California is in the worst economic crisis in history and I don’t think there are many–if any–lawmakers willing to see the reality: making California a haven for illegals has cost the state a high price. Liberal ideology about giving everyone what they want rather than giving everyone the opportunity to EARN what they want has bankrupted CA and is about to do the same to Oregon and Arizona.

  4. The propaganda here in CA is the illegals send in more taxes to DC then CA gets back in Federal spending. Really? Prove it.

    I know a few things about income taxes and I am certain Steve knows more.

    You need a Social Security number to get a job.

    You need a Social Security number or International Taxpayer I.D. number (ITIN) to file a tax return. An ITIN is not valid for work but the IRS doesn’t care. The IRS wants the taxes and could give a rat’s butt about immigration status.

    How many illegals apply for ITIN’s? They are easy to spot. They always start with the number 9.

    How many illegals fill out a W-9 when they do day work after stalking the Home Depot parking lot looking for work?

    How many parents who hire a nanny or house cleaner get the proper paperwork and verify that person can work in the U.S.?

    Illegals pay taxes? Well maybe sales taxes when they buy things.

    Anyway…burn your Census Form.

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