A Turning Point for Conservatives

I got back from a long night shift to see some of the best news I could have heard all week. Via GayPatriot and HotAir, Ryan Sorba – a member of California Young America’s Foundation – took the podium to talk about something completely unrelated to what he actually said. First, Alexander McCorbin stood and thanked CPAC for inviting GOProud. While he did this, one lone member of the crowd booed while everyone else cheered in an effort to drown him out. Minutes later, the loudmouthed heckler took the podium to answer a question, and instead of answering the question, went on a rant in which he attacked CPAC for allowing GOProud to cosponsor the event, then when they started booing him off the stage he deliberately insulted everyone there.

From Lee Doren, here’s the two clips of both young men speaking, then an interview where he simply let Sorba talk. Take a look:

I find it interesting that Sorba didn’t want his face shown, despite the fact that he’s already very well-known within some conservative circles. He’s apparently a member of Young America’s Foundation, a group I have previously suggested to conservative friends whose kids want to get into journalism and/or politics. Depending on the response I receive from that organization, I may or may not support them in the future, though I have a hard time believing that YAF really supports Sorba’s odball statements and complete alienation of much of CPAC.

What gets under my skin the most, though, is that the clip of Sorba’s original comments has been uploaded by nearly every liberal on YouTube. Air America members, followers, any liberal with the capability to upload – they’ve all put it up in an effort to prove their belief once and for all that conservatives really are hatemongers and need to be defeated at every turn.

That is the silliest thing I’ve heard so far. Why? Because Sorba isn’t cheered for his comments, he’s booed off the stage by everyone in attendance. I can’t hear anybody cheering his idiocy in this clip. Then, when Doren talks to him, he goes on some bent about being rational as if common sense includes never allowing oneself to feel.

I will post a video response later today, but I wanted to post this for everyone to see. Let the discussion begin.


8 thoughts on “A Turning Point for Conservatives

  1. I was wondering if you’d blog about this! I was hoping you would.

    I’m not and never have been a Republican (or even traditionally conservative), but it’s a huge pet peeve of mine that so many people automatically assume that conservative = hates gays.

    Especially when there’s evidence to the contrary – such as with Dick Cheney and his acceptance not only of his daughter, but of her partner and the welcoming of his grandchild in to the family they have built.

  2. This guy is a little nutty and Ann Coulter is a big part of this for me. She’s stated before she’s against gay marriage but that she wasn’t anti-gay.

    I think this fella is just anti-gay and does not have the ability to separate beliefs or be objective.

    Nice he was booed, I figured he would be.

  3. “She’s stated before she’s against gay marriage but that she wasn’t anti-gay.”

    Well, as long as she supports civil unions… if we format our civil union system to mirror the UK’s, then that is great. The United Kingdom’s civil union system is the only legal matter worth adopting in our own country.

  4. Sorba is a moron. It’s that type of “Conservative” that makes me unwilling to register republican. Even if I vote for republican candidates most often. I wish we didn’t have political parties. I wish we could simply look at all candidates and make a decision to vote for them based on their beliefs and values, not on their political alliance.

  5. What the hell is this guy talking about?

    He keeps applying the words reason and rational to the reproductive process, removing any human aspect from it. The reproductive act is also an act of love and affection, even for male/female couples who have the ability to procreate. His idea doesn’t seem to make any distinction between humans and other animals.

    The bit about humans instilling reason in other humans makes me scratch my head. Instilling reason in your children does not mean they will follow it. And we’ve all either known someone or have ourselves fallen for someone bad for us despite all our capacity for reason and rationality.

    At the end of it all, I just don’t need a straight guy telling me what it is to be gay.

  6. I finally gave the above a listen. So according to Ryan Sorba only people with the capability to reproduce should make love? If that is correct then what about:

    People who are infertile? I guess they don’t have any reason to go for it?

    Women who as post menopause. There is no reason to have sex since they can’t make babies.

    A very old man who doesn’t desire anymore children. I guess he needs to retire from making love?

    Ryan Sorba seems to pontificate reason but his logic is anything but reasonable.

  7. well he certainly meanders but i do believe he is trying to say that as an identity and behavior homosexuality is two different phenomenon. generally the recognition of any identity whether cultural/ethnic, religious, or sexual is an anathema to the enlightenment universalism embraced by many conservatives. As a caveat I don’t believe this belief which being universal excludes anyone, and as he seems to say nor should it exalt anyone. he seems quite wrapped in the ethics debate on virtue and it’s necessity to a free republic ; as posited by his list of negative human nature thinkers rather than positive ones such as Emerson or Thoreau or Rousseau. He speaks seemingly of Plato’s strictly functional republic which lacks mill’s emphasis on personal fulfillment which we embrace today as liberty both political, economic, and social. his objection to the “libertines” is likely a social instinct against the ‘cultural breakdown’ classical history has associated with the practice of homosexuality. he is clearly weak in his frustrated explanation but he isn’t ignorant; this is a topic within academia that should be resolved to greater ease the acceptance of practicing homosexuals as healthy normal people; rather than the angry, gender-Marxist face that the left has made out of political homosexuality. p.S. Chris, Ayn Rand had a similar objection to homosexuality even if she embraced ‘eros’ as a healthy vigorous part of the self; this freudian dismissal of homosexuals is something that merits an elaborate post.

  8. Ryan Sorba seems to pontificate reason but his logic is anything but reasonable.

    “Pontificate” may be the operative term here, since Sorba’s rant made a couple references to Natural Law — a phrase that originates (as far as I know) in Roman Catholic theological tradition. And some conservative Catholics take it as an article of faith that “Natural Law” is NOT an article of faith, but can instead be inferred by reason alone.

    Thus, when accused of wanting to frame secular legislation on their private (and ultimately unprovable) religious convictions, these same conservative Catholics will object: “No, see — my opposition to same-sex civil unions is based entirely on the objective fact that homosexuality defies Natural Law, and Natural Law isn’t a matter of religious conviction! The truth of Natural Law is evident to any rational person who examines the matter honestly, blah-de-blah-blah!”

    (Incidentally, it’s possible that Sorba himself isn’t actually Catholic, but he argues like one…)

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