Video Response to Ryan Sorba’s CPAC Rant

Here you go…


3 thoughts on “Video Response to Ryan Sorba’s CPAC Rant

  1. Well said!

    Sorba’s idiotic rant just pushed us further toward the ultimate goal, which is to be accepted as legitimate conservatives, by other conservatives. As was evident by the wave of Booing he received. But in the eyes of the liberals, that moron just set us back.

    We didn’t choose to be gay, but we did choose to put our sexuality on hold and vote for the types of candidates that we feel are best for our country. Our sacrifice only proves that we are more patriotic than most of our fellow countrymen. America comes first!

    Its hoped that our acceptance as an equal will follow…

  2. Bravo, I also disagree with Sorba. Conservatism is not about sexual identity or racial ethnicity.
    I am a heterosexual Conservative, but also understand the great benefit of Gay Conservatives to our movement. Truly, I hope we get to a point where nobody even makes an issue about this. We truly are a big tent of Americans who have a strong belief in Capitalism and the empowerment of the individual.
    Keep up the great work, and we welcome you greatly.

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