Growing Socialism Disguised as “Credits” — Beware!

It angers me that many conservatives — though they have done a great job at holding liberals accountable for their desired health care takeover — have not taken the President to task over his idea for student loan debt forgiveness.

I graduated an online university about two years ago.  I work full-time for a living so many liberals would criticize me.  No, not just for working, being the evil free-market capitalist I am, but they will probably say I wasn’t smart enough to study accounting at some ground university they’d approve of. 

 In truth, I used an online university for the convenience and paid about $50K for a standard Bachelor’s Degree.  I was an A student, I even did it full-time while I pushed through various tax seasons. I am proud of what was available and affordable to me and of my academic achievements.  All in all I felt good for working hard and getting through it.  Anybody could have done it, but sadly many won’t.

As non-elite as my University was (like Palin’s or Reagan’s as well), I received a quality education for a price I could afford.  Like them and millions of other Americans, I CONTINUED TO WORK full-time through school and made monthly payments to the University.  I came out of it owing about $27,000 in student loans.  

For the last two years, I have made regular monthly payments.  In addition, I’ve sent extra payments towards the principal balance reducing the debt substantially.  I have a couple years left, but I will pay it, because I borrowed it!

University elites will continue to jack up education costs — the same university board members that contain the likes of folks like Obama and Bill Ayers.  What better way to hand it all out to folks than to offer a tax credit of up to $10,000 for students, right?  So, basically, we get 100 people doing what only 10 had the courage and wisdom to do without the government steak waved in front of them.  Less competition, less folks caring about the quality of their education, less folks paying attention, plus a lot more beer drinking and pre-marital sex. 

Why?  Why don’t we notice the President’s own words in his State of the Union address where he announced plans to forgive student loan debt after 20 years for anyone?  And what happens if you enter college and prep for public service?  Yep, you get your debt forgiven after only TEN years!

This is a blatant attempt to grow socialism which involves buffeting children in the public schools, entice them to enter college and rack up $100K in debt and wind up paying back only about half of that.  Then what happens?  Are the schools going to reimburse the government the difference or will it be burdened on taxpayers?

And just why does a choice for public office get you a 10-year faster benefit for loan forgiveness?

Could it be that we want kids dependent on the government from the moment they enter school to the moment they get their first job?  Could it be that we are working to crank out a greater number of government workers than we are free-market capitalists?  Then what happens after that?  More votes for the future Hugo Chavez’s of this country!

Folks, if this “proposal” becomes a reality, we are looking at a disaster that will cause as much trouble as the United States Government getting its hands on health care.

Say NO!  Otherwise the Congressman representing your district in 20 years just might be a person who couldn’t pay off his own damn debt that he created and felt entitled to.

We already see what happens through Obama, the Clintons, and even worse – the Kennedys – when politicians are bred from birth.  The best politicians who delivered the best for Americans like Washington, Reagan, or even Palin as leader of her town or state — are people who were forced to be Americans first.  People who were forced to work in the free market and not in universities, law schools, or fancy prep schools.

If this disaster happens, you can expect millions more in the next couple of generations.


6 thoughts on “Growing Socialism Disguised as “Credits” — Beware!

  1. excellent post and on something I haven’t heard much talk about. One thing you mention is price inflation at universities which (like most things) is a result of too much government interference in the education market. The market is flooded with cheap loans which drives up the price of education… hmmm sounds familiar… just like the housing market maybe?

    What’s really bad is how many people start school, amass thousands in loans, and then don’t even finish.

    Hell meets handbasket

  2. If in fact, that was passed? I am going to be rich soon…
    And a whole lot of Bill Collectors will join me in the unemployment lines…

    Student loans? My biggest debt. Oh well, I still don’t like the obama agenda.

    I majored in Business Administration and Economics. I can pay my way…

  3. Patrick you’re awesome and I like your attitude. You know, we all hit bottom, sometimes we get ahead, but the idea is to never lose hope and remember to make decisions today that we feel good about.

    You sound like the last person that needs the government making decisions for you.

    Loving your blog by the way!

  4. blackcommenter, you know the entire problem with folks running up costs and switching majors or not finishing is indeed a sure sign of how this extension of social will work.

    It’s no different than the mortgage crisis. Fannie was created by the government to cover bad mortgages like the horrific sub prime loans given to people with bad credit and without a down payment. It’s called moral hazard, people didn’t care about losing their homes as much as the ones who properly saved money and earned the credit to get a good rate. When you have lousy credit, you have no motivation to improve it when the banks give you the mortgage. When you don’t put 10% down, you have that much less to lose, too. Of course, real estate has bottomed out now.

    Just what would this similar policy for education do to the meaning of attending college knowing their debt will be forgiven? They won’t care. They have no moral hazard. My main factor in working to achieve my strong GPA was not because I was a genius….it was because I knew what I was paying. Take that out and people will suffer.

    As I say, it’s all a scheme to make folks more reliable on government.

    And if it isn’t and the liberals cannot see that, they are even more dangerous being that stupid.

  5. I like to think that solving the problem of people who switch majors or not finishing college can be solved with high school and public school reform. The public school system wastes time and money; the students rarely learn much and are bored. When the students graduate, they have very little idea of who they are or what their goals are in life. They go to college simply because they do not know what else to do. Improving the quality of education in public schools will nurture people who are intelligent, self-aware, and more mature.

  6. I feel so guilty. I started working afternoons during my junior year of high school plus full time in the summer. I banked my paychecks.

    I went to junior college for two years, took a year off, and worked full to earn more money for college. I then went to univeristy and graduated on my own dime.

    Total student loan debt – $0.

    It’s so easy even a 5th grader can do it.

    College bound high school students should bail on the elective their junior and senior years and only go half days. Work in the afternoons instead of going to school. It builds character and you earn money. Sitting in a classroom just because you really, really want to take pottery is a waste of time.

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