The Brady Center’s Lies

It is astonishing just how liberals will twist just about anything to try to make a point that is completely wrong. The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence is no exception to that rule; during the most recent round of Second Amendment arguments before the Supreme Court, Brady Center has come out swinging. The slightest knowledge of the facts of some of the events that Brady Center has held up as reasons for stringent gun control – even outright bans – can give one astounding insight to the reality of these claims. Click here and you’ll see a document chronicling a list of “mass shootings” that Brady believes to be reasons to severely restrict Second Amendment rights.

One of the oldest mass shooting incidents on the list is the Pearl High School shooting in 1997. Luke Woodham stabbed his mother and went to school prominently displaying his rifle. He walked in and immediately killed his ex-girlfriend and her friend and wounded seven others before running out of ammunition. What Brady doesn’t tell you is how the incident ended: the principal chased Woodham out to the parking lot and retrieved his own .45 pistol and disarmed Woodham. Had that principal done that today, he’d have gone to jail for having a gun on a school campus. He was a hero, and if he’d had that weapon in the building the incident likely would have ended much more quickly.

Later that year, Michael Carneal walked into Heath High School in Paducah, Kentucky and opened fire on a group of classmates in a prayer circle, killing three and wounding one before being tackled by another student. What Brady doesn’t tell you is that the pistol, two rifles and two shotguns – and over 700 rounds of ammunition – were all stolen. Like Woodham, he was a minor and not allowed to buy or carry a gun.

In 1998, Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden stole seven guns from Golden’s grandfather and packed the guns along with camping gear in Johnson’s mother’s minivan. The next morning they drove the van to Westside Middle School and pulled a fire alarm before running to a spot nearby where they had set up in camouflage. They killed five and wounded ten. They were minors and not allowed to have guns – they STOLE the weapons. In an added twist of cruelty Arkansas law didn’t provide for prosecuting children as adults in the case of murder. Consequently, Johnson was released from confinement in 2005, Golden in 2007. Since, Johnson has been re-arrested for associating with another felon and possession of a firearm (a 9mm pistol) by a prohibited person. The bad guys get guns no matter what the law says.

A few months later, Kip Kinkel was expelled for bringing a gun to Thurston High School at age 16. His father, despite Kip’s numerous legal problems, had decided that buying him a .22 Ruger rifle and a 9mm Glock would be a great idea. It wasn’t one of these weapons he was expelled for – a classmate stole a .32 Beretta pistol from the father of another classmate and offered to sell it to Kip, who paid $110 for it. His father had locked up his guns in a back bedroom. The next morning Kip broke into the gun locker and murdered his parents before going back to school and killing two and wounding 24. He was tackled by wounded classmate Jacob Ryker. Here’s what Brady doesn’t tell you about this one: Ryker had grown up with guns and knew from experience that Kip needed to reload.

Then, in 1999, came the most violent school shooting in American history, the one whose name would become a synonym for school shootings and revenge: Columbine. It was significant to me because I had friends in Littleton. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked into their school, calmly placed a homemade bomb attached to a propane tank in the middle of the busy cafeteria, and waited. When the bomb didn’t go off their plans changed. They walked into the cafeteria again, shooting everyone they came across. In the end, 12 students and a teacher were dead and the shooters had committed suicide with another 23 seriously wounded. Here’s what Brady doesn’t tell you: the guns they used were all illegally obtained. Three of the guns were bought by Klebold’s legal-adult girlfriend, the fourth was bought from a third party who went to prison for some time for selling firearms to a minor.

The most egregious entry in Brady’s shooting list is the shooting of 6-year-old Kayla Rowland by a classmate in Michigan. Here’s why: the classmate, 7 years old, had a single mother, a father in prison and was living in his uncle’s crackhouse when he found a .38 caliber revolver – a stolen gun – hidden under a pile of blankets. He took it to school and shot Kayla after she got him in trouble. How, exactly, does THAT stand out as a shining example of the need for gun control? The uncle who had it stole it, and was a prohibited person to boot (hence the fact that he STOLE it). How does the Brady Center intend to coax drug-dealing criminals to stop stealing guns? Oh, I have the answer…a few more laws. That’ll do it. If we just had a few more laws, they wouldn’t be able to get their hands on all of those drugs, either.

Here’s another little factoid that Brady and other gun control advocates leave out: nearly all of the shootings on their list, from beginning to end, were perpetrated in so-called “gun free zones.”

Even in Germany, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden, where guns are almost entirely outlawed, mass shootings have still occurred in recent years. Great Britain, which has banned all civilian ownership of guns (to include hunting, a national pastime), has seen an exponential rise in gun violence. Why? Because the criminals don’t care about what the law says. If they cared, they wouldn’t be criminals! So, since the thugs didn’t care before the gun ban that violent assault and robbery were wrong, it stands to reason that now they see an even bigger opportunity: an entire nation of disarmed victims ripe for the picking. The numbers have proven this.

On the other hand, the Supreme Court overturned the Washington, DC handgun ban in 2008. While the politicians and gun control lobby wailed that the streets would become killing fields the exact opposite happened. The murder rate, in the six months in 2008 – 2009 after the decision, dropped an amazing 25%. I’ll be interested to see how much further it drops with a full year of armed, capable citizens being allowed to defend themselves.

Here’s a thought: if civilians were incapable of being responsible gun owners, reason says they should not be allowed to become police officers, either. Yet the police often cannot act until a crime has been committed. They try to do all they can to catch the bad guys before something serious happens, but until a man actually snaps and starts trying to harm and/or kill someone, he can’t simply be thrown in jail. There has to be a reason to put him there. I don’t care to be that reason.

What kind of a world do we live in when we can say, “oh, he was shot by an everyday mugger,” and move on as if it’s nothing?


8 thoughts on “The Brady Center’s Lies

  1. I remember this incident when I was in my late teens.

    Two men thought this home on the north side of town would be an easy house to rob. Just break in during the night, steal things and leave. Why wouldn’t it be easy? An old man and old lady lived there.

    So they broke in. The old man woke up. The two burglars entered the bedroom where they both slept. He matter of factly pulled a revolver out of the nightstand and shot them both dead. One bullet for each thug. All of this was done by the light of the Moon.

    The D.A. declined to press charges. Like the D.A. was going to get a conviction LOL.

    What if that old couple did not have a gun?

  2. Have you ever noticed how incidents where a gun was used in a crime and either seriously injured or killed someone always lead the news, but when a law-abiding citizen uses one to successfully defend themselves it’s a non-starter?

    Yet further proof of the MSM’s liberal bias.

  3. It’s interesting that you wrote this because I’ve thought the same thing for the longest time. So many people say just confiscate all the guns and crime will drop to near zero. But logically speaking, how many of the criminals that have guns bought them at a dealer or store through the legal means? I doubt that any of them did. If we the people are suddenly ordered to turn in our guns who do we think will comply?

    I’m sorry, but if someone enters my home by force or tries to carjack my vehicle, I should have the right to shoot them on the spot and ask questions later. I think bank tellers and convenience store employees should be allowed to have guns as well. I watch the shows on tv where they show criminals robbing and assaulting people caught on camera. It’s nonsense that we should have to put up with this.

    If we outlaw guns then only outlaws will have guns. God forbid if we ever have a tragedy like Hurricane Katrina or a major earthquake. Without a gun there may be no way to protect your family from harm. I once saw a bumpersticker on some guys truck that said “Guns cause crime just like flies cause garbage” I thought that was funny and so true.

  4. “Have you ever noticed how incidents where a gun was used in a crime and either seriously injured or killed someone always lead the news, but when a law-abiding citizen uses one to successfully defend themselves it’s a non-starter?”

    Absolutely. When something like that happens the gun owner used the gun for its sole express purpose – self defense, and IT WORKED!!! Unless you hunt or shoot guns as part of a sport competition (shooting is an Olympic sport), then guns are for self defense only.

  5. “So many people say just confiscate all the guns and crime will drop to near zero.”


    Actually I think this is what’s going on.

    There are stupid people. Some stupid people get ahold of guns and do very stupid things with guns. These people can end up as corpses. But, some of them might be organ donors before the daisy push.

    Then there are the kids who find guns that should have been locked up and secure. It’s too bad little Tommy or little Jenny has parents who are stupid. So, little Tommy or little Jenny gets ahold of a gun. Tragedy sadly follows. Do we ban guns because of stupid parents?

    The anti gun lobby wants to stop all of these senseless killings. I agree they are senseless and tragic. But you don’t ban things because a few stupid people get killed. How about we ban stupid people?

  6. Ratboi, you are correct – the vast majority of criminals listed as “prohibited persons” because of felony convictions don’t go to shops. They go to third-party buyers. Every third-party buyer I know can find out a person’s convicted felon status without having to do a paid background check; a cursory check in justice courts, local criminal courts and department of corrections files over the internet can turn up a lot of info for free.

    John, I agree the senseless violence needs to stop. Just a couple of weeks ago it made the news that a young boy found a gun under his grandmother’s couch and shot himself with it. This is yet another one where the anti-gun nuts are jumping up and down screaming, “see? If his grandmother hadn’t had access to this gun he wouldn’t have been able to shoot himself!” The only thing this proves, however, is that grandma was negligent and should be charged for it. All accidental deaths involving guns, including one just two days ago where a teenager was killed when a friend’s dad was holstering a weapon and shot him accidentally, occur during a departure from the most basic of gun safety rules.

    I’ll vidblog that as soon as I can, gun safety is something too few people, particularly the anti-gun hysterics, take seriously.

    Then again, there was a story about a year and a half ago where a homeowner was shot mistakenly by police who were pursuing a suspect who had fired shots at officers and broke into a home. The homeowner, Tony Arambula, held the suspect at gunpoint and his wife told officers that Tony was holding the suspect AT GUNPOINT. A sergeant failed to relay this information to the officers going into the home, and one officer fired six shots at Tony before he realized that the bad guy was the one in the bedroom with his hands up.

    Had Tony not been there and been armed, the bad guy would have gotten away and might have killed another innocent soul. Tony Arambula is a hero in my estimation. The media never really said much about the fact that a gun was used to do something good that night, but the story got out anyway, even if it was meant as a hatefest against the police.

  7. “If his grandmother hadn’t had access to this gun he wouldn’t have been able to shoot himself!”

    Ah yes and if she did not have dirty clothes then her grandson would not have access to a bottle of bleach to accidentally chug.

    Speaking of idiots. Did you all hear about the moron in San Diego with the Prius? His gas pedal got stuck and the California Highway Patrol had to help him stop.

    Well…that douche bag shouldn’t have a drivers license. All he had to do was put his car in neutral and let gravity do the rest. I can’t believe idiots like that have drivers licenses.

  8. People don’t think when a situation suddenly comes up. My dad trained me as a teenager to try to think of what I might do in a worst-case scenario. Whether driving, walking down the street, firing at the range, whatever it may be, we should always have a plan of action in case something goes wrong.

    What’s scary about the incident you mention in San Diego – and I did hear about it – is that there are a number of people out there with automatics that don’t know what anything other than “P”, “D”, and “R” mean.

    And the libs are worried about the gun owners? Great googly-moogly.

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