What is Wrong with the GOP?!?

Someone forwarded me the name of Adam Kokesh. I’d heard the name before but couldn’t remember, though I seemed to recall he was aligned with an anti-war group. Enter the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) yet again. Members of this group are widely known among conservative bloggers, milbloggers and current military as an embarrassment. They have done all manner of ridiculous things from claiming ranks they did not have to pushing full-on phony soldiers as the real thing to issuing threats of violence. They’ve even papered a couple of colleges with racist fliers and attributed them to conservative organizations such as Young America’s Foundation, later claiming it was “satire.”

Ace of Spades picked up on this back in January – no idea how I managed to miss it – but one of their star members, Adam Kokesh, is running as a Republican with the blessing of the GOP as a Representative for New Mexico’s third district. Jonn has been following Kokesh for some time, to the point that when he goes to cover an IVAW event, Kokesh looks everywhere but at him and, when appropriate, runs in the opposite direction.

Kokesh has also been tracked to activities with socialist organizations World Can’t Wait and ANSWER. Click here and you can see the interview with FOX News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano, who didn’t do his homework – not once is it mentioned in the piece who Kokesh really is or what he stands for. Not a single word is uttered about it.

Here’s the short story: Kokesh WAS a sergeant in the Marine Corps serving in the Civil Affairs group (all that front-line action sure did teach you a lot, didn’t it, buddy?). I say “was” because he was caught trying to smuggle an Iraqi pistol back to the United States and was busted back to E-3 (that’s a lance corporal in the Marines, a private first class in the Army, seaman in the Navy, or airman first class in the Air Force). He requested a second tour in Iraq but was denied because of the theft during his previous tour. At some point shortly after this, he left active duty in the Corps and went to live with IVAW. That was when the mouthiness began – he bashed blogger Michelle Malkin, Israeli supporter David Horowitz, and he and his buddies openly trashed the Gathering of Eagles, a group of bikers who gather annually to support the troops and their mission in Washington, DC.

When the bloggers and demonstraters they had bashed fought back it got ugly. Kokesh started issuing threats, making comments that he wanted to “blow up” the GoE and bragging that he wasn’t marked with PTSD, so he could buy all the guns he wanted, “not to mention the vast arsenal I brought back from Iraq!” He issued a “new fatwah” on his blog at one point, calling on jihadists to openly assassinate Malkin and fantasized about wanting to see Ann Coulter hog-tied with electrical wire in Fallujah. Kokesh made appearances in which he called himself “Sergeant Kokesh” despite his demotion and was later given an “other than honorable” discharge from the Corps after visiting Germany to openly recruit US troops to desert and join IVAW and a demonstration in DC where he wore his Marine uniform on a “mock patrol” in which he and other members mockingly tortured actors.

The New Mexico Republican Party has, thus far, not begun to distance themselves from Kokesh or his outlandish stupidity. How he can dare run as a Republican when he has spent the last several years disparaging everything the party stands for is beyond me, but the GOP needs to wake up and publicly disavow any support for this rat bastard. It should speak volumes, though, that 9/11 truth nutwad Ron Paul has thrown his support behind this coward.


4 thoughts on “What is Wrong with the GOP?!?

  1. um, your facts are wrong. you attribute the actions of other people to Kokesh. go back and reread the Malkin post you got this from and actually click on links. (like the fatwah thing)

    it is fine if you disagree with Kokesh (i do too) but do it right and with facts, not outright lies because you were a lazy reader.

    this is a prime example of the problem of just anyone being allowed to pass information along unchecked for accuracy.

  2. I beg your pardon?

    Everything I posted was from a multitude of sites. A total of ONE incident posted was attributed to Evan Knappenberger, and Kokesh defended him later on.

    Do not come onto this blog and accuse me of lying unless you have proof. Name one other post where you’ve caught me lying and it’ll be believable. If you can’t then shut the hell up. You won’t find that evidence because I do NOT lie, I am NOT a lazy reader, I merely was trying to blog while doing homework.

    If you think I need to correct something, by all means say so. Don’t accuse me of lying. That’s irritating.

  3. I don’t know the party’s rules in New Mexico, but in CA the party is prohibited from taking a position in the primary. However, I think this guy’s activities might justify an all our effort to recruit someone else before he embarrasses them.

    Is there any other candidate party leaders can get behind? Is it a winnable seat anyway?

  4. I’ve seen many of his speeches and it would seem that when it comes to fiscal issues, he could be more trusted than any democrat-neo-progressive-centrists.

    Ya know, the original position, conservative position, was a non-interventionist foreign policy. Perhaps you should get your facts straight you neo-progressive.

    When it comes down to it, the only real problem you have is that he is anti-war and threatens your neo-con Big Government position.

    Being a centrists is just as harmful as beign a a socialist for every small dose socialist program you get behind is a victory for the left and a defeat for the right, although all you centrists will tout being in the center some sort of victory.

    Wake up, fiscal conservatism which includes being anti-interventioist is teh only way to govern.

    After all George Will put it best thsi past summer, “Nation building is an insane concept even if we knew how to do it.” Food for thought you neo-progressive.

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