Hello…Pot Calling Kettle!

Howell Raines, former executive editor of the New York Times, has the gall to claim the following:

One question has tugged at my professional conscience throughout the year-long congressional debate over health-care reform, and it has nothing to do with the public option, portability or medical malpractice. It is this: Why haven’t America’s old-school news organizations blown the whistle on Roger Ailes, chief of Fox News, for using the network to conduct a propaganda campaign against the Obama administration — a campaign without precedent in our modern political history?

You should read the rest of it. Click here.

A campaign without precedent? Really? How ’bout you answer for the rest of the MSM openly and vehemently campaigning against Iraq, the War on Terror, Guantanamo Bay, anything positive about George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and…dare I say it…SARAH PALIN?!? How ’bout you tell me what the journalistic ethics are of Keith Olbermann, who calls every conservative that breathes or moves a “racist” and/or a “hatemonger”?

You’ve got some nerve, Raines.

I am so sick of liberals in this country referring to “Faux News” every time they don’t like the conservative stance on an issue. It doesn’t matter what it it, it’s always the fault of Christians and FOX. Oh, and Sarah Palin, too.


One thought on “Hello…Pot Calling Kettle!

  1. Funny, its like when they call conservatives Nazi’s, you know we have won the debate. Think we have won here, it just the Socialists media grabbing at straws

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