“It was harder to come out as Republican than Gay.”

A brother in the gay conservative movement, Mark Ciavola, has been turning heads in Las Vegas. He founded RightPride, one of only two state chapters of GOProud (the more mindful successor of the Log Cabin Republicans). Folks in Nevada have been wondering how gays can be conservative and the media is trying to wrap their collective brain around the concept. The news shots column may be late today – I’ve got some work to get done – but read this article about Mark’s work with RightPride:



4 thoughts on ““It was harder to come out as Republican than Gay.”

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10. One is easy, ten is hard.

    Coming Out – 7.5

    Calling myself a Gay Christian – 8.5

    Calling myself a Conservative/Republican – 10

    I’ve said this before. I’ve taken more crap from my fellow gays over being a Christian and a Conservative vs. the crap I get from straight people for being gay.

    During my adult life I’ve seen straight people become more enlightened about the issue of sexual orientation. But the gay world has dived even deeper into the dark ages on the issues of being Conservative or Republican or both. The gay world has moved several miles backwards.

    While I am here, a few words from days gone by.

    The AIDS epidemic – Reagan was villified for his lack of action. Do liberal gays think a Democrat president would have acted any sooner? In the early 1980’s there were plenty of Democrats who did not support gay issues.

    Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Defense of Marriage Act – both of those are products of Democrat presidents.

    But here is the biggest one of them all. This one never ever grabs any attention.

    When the CA Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage in CA, 5 of the 7 Justices were appointed by Republican governors. The final vote was 4 to 3.

    The two Democrat appointed justices voted to legalize same sex marriage. No shock there. But two Republicans jumped over and did the same thing. So the gay community in CA scored one of its biggest wins thanks to Conservatives!!!!

    Is there any gratitude? No. There isn’t even a thank you. Conservatives delivered the goods while liberals promised, promised, promised and slammed the door on same sex rights with DADT and DOMA?

    And I get called crazy for being a Conservative? I am the nut job? I am the sell out? My dogs can hunt. Their dogs bark up the wrong tree over and over.

  2. Very, very well-said, John.

    I got into it with a lesbian on Facebook about which party is really anti-gay. She talked a big game about being a lesbian and a Christian. She said that as a Christian, she was not a warmonger (to which I replied that I was also not a warmonger, only a pragmatist who understands that from time to time we will need to defend ourselves). She then tried to claim that because of their stance on gay marriage, Republicans have a plank in their party that makes them anti-gay.

    When I pointed out DADT and DOMA, I didn’t hear another peep from her.

  3. Hey now, I said that a long time ago:

    ‘I also noticed that coming out as a Republican in my community is far more dramatic than coming out as a gay man to the rest of the world.”

    If that line of his becomes famous and earns money, I better get residuals….entitlements baby.

    Kidding. 😉

  4. Haha. I just now am seeing this post. What a coinky-dink. Last nite I sent an email to a conservative advice lady on the radio saying something similar. Easier to tell a straight religious conservative that I’m gay than to tell a gay person that I’m a Christian or that I voted Republican.

    Life really is hysterical sometimes. 🙂

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