Daily News Shots, 03/18/2010

Spanish-speaking illegal immigrants in Houston, currently unafraid to speak out due to HPD’s policy on not asking about immigration status, are beginning to complain that not enough police officers speak Spanish. One Houston detective is at the head of a lawsuit claiming discrimination against Hispanic officers because of “excessive case loads” while acknowledging that those case loads are due to language barriers. In the middle of it all, the legal citizens of Houston are shaking their heads and wondering how their city came to this point. Immigrant rights activists are upset that Spanish-speakers are being victimized more often because police have a hard time communicating with those who don’t speak English, while legal immigrants and natural born citizens want to know why Americans should learn Spanish to survive in their own country.

In other news, a group of college students stopped for a few beers in Tijuana during spring break. The bartender replied, “no hablo Ingles.”

Criminals are creating an entirely new class of idiots in the internet age. Police agencies across the country report making arrests in major cases, ranging from burglary to murder, thanks to the stupidity of the perpetrators posting their exploits online. Criminals have also begun posting addresses and employers online through social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. In one famous case, Jonathan Parker of Fort Loudon, PA broke into a woman’s house and stole $3500 in diamonds – and before he left he logged onto his Facebook account and left it logged on. Some thieves have posted stolen property on sites such as Craigslist, leading to arrests. Police in Phoenix, Arizona say the bank robber caught on security cameras wearing a zip-loc freezer bag over his head is glad he didn’t get caught posting his shenanigans online.

In the face of billions in fraud losses in Medicare in 2009, a Fox News poll says that 55% of Americans currently oppose the health care legislation being considered by Congress. In spite of a small and very vocal number of Democrats who say health care reform is essential regardless of what form it comes in, 27% of Democrats believe Congress is changing the rules to pass health care (coupled with 78% of Republicans and 57% of Independents). 66% of respondents to the poll stated they felt they would pay more if the bill is passed while 75% stated they believed their taxes would rise under the current legislation. Nancy Pelosi said, “we have to pass the bill for you to find out what’s in it” while President Obama tap-danced for Brett Baier on the subject this week, failing to answer any substantial questions on how Democrats plan to control the new health care system. JFK went into high rotation.

Sandra Bullock reportedly moved out of the home she shared with “Monster Garage” star Jesse James days before allegations of James’ affair with a tattoo model surfaced. Michelle “Bombshell” McGee claimed to In Touch magazine that she had applied for a modeling job with James’ motorcycle company, West Coast Choppers, and was “surprised” when he requested that she send pictures to his personal email. She then claimed that during an interview James told her that he and Bullock were no longer living together and that they had sex “weekly” only because she “thought they were separated.” McGee also said, quote, “I would never have hooked up with him if I thought he was a married man.” McGee also appears on a website for men whose sexual preference is for tattooed women, on which her profile says she loves to “have affairs with doctors.” Bombshell fans gave a nod, nod, wink, wink.

Finally, a high-speed chase began West of Phoenix on Sunday on Interstate 10 and led Arizona DPS officers and Phoenix police to a drophouse. A DPS patrol officer spotted the pickup truck following another vehicle too closely and saw plywood in the bed of the truck that made him suspicious of the truck’s contents. When he tried to pull the truck over the driver sped away and led police on a pursuit that ended in the far Southwest portion of the Valley, where ten illegal immigrants and one smuggler were arrested from the pickup truck (several of the illegals were piled on top of each other in the bed of the truck) and 58 illegal immigrants and two more smugglers were arrested in the house the truck stopped at. The drophouse had 11 children inside. Each person paid $6000 or more to be smuggled into the United States without having to wait for background checks or a medical exam. Juan McAmnesty had no comment.


3 thoughts on “Daily News Shots, 03/18/2010

  1. I’m curious about the juxtaposition of the Houston situation and the Tijuana bar?

    It’s been the liberals pushing bilingual everything; so hispanic demands in Houston are on them. If they want to live in the US, they should learn to communicate in english, si?

    And while I have yet to meet a bartender in Mexico who did not know how to serve a beer in virtually any language… if you are in Tijuana and want a beer, best to know how to say “cerveza por favor.” After all, you are in Mexico, no?

    I bet the bartender agrees with the HPD in that regard.

  2. It is always best to speak the principal language of the country. When in America, speak English. When in Mexico, speak Spanish.

  3. The bartender line was a sarcastic crack about the lack of communication. I’ve actually gone to dinner at the restaurant inside my local Rancher’s Market with friends who are bilingual and they’ve said there are more English-speakers in Tijuana bars than in Phoenix restaurants. However, you go deeper into Mexico and you have to know Spanish to get by. (On a sidenote, I love to irritate my bilingual friends by pronouncing Spanish words in white-trash Texan vernacular even though I speak my limited Spanish with a perfect accent normally!)

    Exactly, Karen. If I go to Germany to work, even if I’m going to live on-base I’m going to learn more German than “guten tag” and “dahnke.” Those two words won’t hack it there. In no other country on this planet is anybody allowed to illegally enter the country and then demand that the native inhabitants learn THEIR language to help them.

    Only in politically-correct America.

    I feel another blog coming on…

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