The Real Culprit

As I sit here watching CSPAN and the House’s inevitable approval of this pathetic “Health Care Reform” bill – I am reminded of the true culprit in all of this.

The folks who allowed this nation to move towards nationalized health care are the GOP themselves.  After gaining power in 1994, they quickly abandoned their conservative principles and became just as bad as the Democrats whom they replaced.  They began to spend like drunken sailors.  They became embroiled in scandal.  They reached their greedy hands into the coffers and became high on their own power.

Now – with a dangerous, socialist neophyte in control of the executive branch – the Republicans are powerless to stop this tragic piece of legislation.  They lost control of Congress because of their pride and reckless pursuit of power.  They had the opportunity to change this nation in a positive way.  They failed to fulfill their Contract With America. 

As I watch Republican-after-Republican take to the House floor decrying this abomination of a bill – I am suddenly very bitter.  I am angry that Republicans in Congress abused the trust that we placed in them.  I am angry beyond belief that the GOP abandoned the legacy of Reagan and Gingrich.  And now they are reduced to this – helpless in front of a socialist steamroller. 

Democrats don’t care if they lose their Congressional majority in 2010.  This bill is an entitlement like Medicare or Social Security.  They will create a class of dependents for generations who will become Democrat voters in the future.  The Democrats have gambled on short-term losses in favor of long-term gains.

This is a very sad day.  And Republicans have no one to blame but themselves.


13 thoughts on “The Real Culprit

  1. Well, it looks like they did it:-( I don’t know whether to be ashamed of the people who voted for it and have no idea how bad this is going to be or to be scared of the people who knew exactly how bad it would be (Pelosi and Reid and Co)?
    Let’s hope for change. The right kind not the left kind.
    AndyB, NH.

  2. I’m glad you posted, Philip, ’cause I don’t have the energy to post a whole blog right now. I was already sick. Now I feel like my head is going to explode.

  3. All right, back to reality.

    The Democrats are done. This November they are through. Not just through for a little bit. They are done for good.

    You don’t mess with people’s medical care.

  4. Maybe the Dems are hoping their “healthcare bill” will send us to an early grave before elections come?!
    AndyB, NH.

  5. “Maybe the Dems are hoping their “healthcare bill” will send us to an early grave before elections come?!
    AndyB, NH.”

    Absolutely. They’ll find a way to kill my elderly mom who has cancer and diabetes.

    So when does the Health Insurance Gestapo start shaking us down to make sure we have coverage?

    I already took care of the Census Gestapo by shredding my form.

  6. This calls for a song. Sung to the tune of Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 by Pink Floyd. Picture Roger Waters in his fantastic voice singing this preamble.

    The Democrats are obscenely cruel, they act like bonmbastic fools, they’ll hurt the people as they think they should.

    By pouring socialism on every on every open pore. They screw you all over like a drunken sailor bangs a filthy whore.

    I need some help with the last stanza. The orginal version goes like this:

    But in the town it was well known that when they got home at night
    their fat and psychopathic wives
    Would thrash them within inches of their lives!

    So help me all out.

  7. “Now I feel like my head is going to explode.” mel

    M is good for that, haha. I never would have believed it if I hadn’t learned from necessity, at the age of 32. 🙂

    “The Democrats are done. This November they are through. Not just through for a little bit. They are done for good. ” –john in ca

    Don’t be so sure. Immigration may be next…

  8. I bet immigration is next. Every Republican who votes yes on THAT is gonna be voted out, too. I bet that comes to a vote before the November elections. Lindsey Graham and Juan McAmnesty are sure to drum up some support from other Republicans. Here in AZ, there’s a big movement to vote JD Hayworth into McCain’s seat.

    John, I like that song…I also like Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

  9. “Here in AZ, there’s a big movement to vote JD Hayworth into McCain’s seat.”

    That’s on the national news. Does Hayworth stand a chance?

  10. Check out the “Fire Nancy Pelosi” RNC web site.

    They have raised over $877,000 in 30 some hours to defeat the Dems. They set their first money goall at just over $400,000. When they passed that they set a new goal and have passed that.

    13 plus hours to go at this point and I think that within their original 40 hours time span, there will be over a million dollars raised to help the new candidates get a head start for the 2010 election.

    I plan to spread the message that the IRS will be looking into people’s lives to determine if they are paying for enough Health Insurance. Wonder how much people will hate the intrusion by the IRS and the complicated relationship between the IRS and HC.

    We have a lot to work with to turn the minds of the country. They just don’t know enough to know what a bad bill this is. 50% said it was bad. Now we need to reach the other 20 – 30% who think Obamacare means free HC, cars, houses and insurance.

    Truth time.

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