The Ugly Truth

It’s amazing what you find when you Google something. Take a name, put it in quotation marks, and hit the enter key and you’ll come up with all kinds of information. Try it with the name “Marcelas Owens” and see what you come up with.

During the hullaballoo over the weekend in the House of Representatives, the debates over health care raged. Jim McDermott (he of Baghdad fame who has been forced to pay nearly $1M to John Boehner for leaking an audio tape of a phone call with Newt Gingrich to the press) took the podium and railed at right-wing pundits Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin for “attacking” Marcelas Owens:

It’s hilarious what’s been claimed against us all for Marcelas.

Google the name and you’ll come up with pages and pages of extreme left-wing idealogue websites (Huffington Post, Democratic Underground, etc.) wailing about how mean the right wing is being to Marcelas. I was on page three of the search results before I found a single Republican-minded website “attacking” Marcelas for anything.

What are the attacks? Actually, they’re not attacks. Folks like Malkin, Limbaugh and Beck are simply speaking about facts in the story. Nobody is attacking Marcelas.

Nobody has really asked any questions about the story that’s being spoon-fed by Democrats who parade this young boy in front of the press. He’s only 11 years old; does he even know what he’s speaking out for? I doubt it. He comes from a family of longtime Democrat activists and his grandmother, who accompanies him everywhere, has long used Marcelas’ mother Tiffany as fodder for her activism for socialized health care in Washington State.

Tiffany Owens had pulmonary arterial hypertension, or PAH. It’s a condition in which the arteries supplying the lungs with oxygenated blood thicken and harden, not allowing enough blood to the lungs. It is often a secondary disease, usually associated with other diseases, such as COPD, lupus, sleep apnea, congenital heart disease, etc. It’s also been associated with living at altitudes over 8,000 feet and chronic stimulant narcotic use. I haven’t been able to find the facts about whether Tiffany’s PAH was secondary, but either way she had it. It’s a lifelong disease, one that requires treatment for a very, very long time. Air travel and being in high altitudes can seriously exacerbate PAH.

Bleeding in the lungs is considered a fatal complication of PAH, and Tiffany Owens was coughing up blood before she died. The short story is that she worked as a Jack in the Box manager and had lost her job because her health was deteriorating and she’d missed too much work. When she lost her job she lost her insurance. She died, however, just nine months after losing her job. What’s more is that she was never denied treatment. When she went to the ER, she was treated. By the time she lost her job, knowing what I know about PAH, she would have been in dire straits already. There is very little chance that, once she was unable to work because of the severity of symptoms, any doctor would have been able to do much. In my opinion it is ridiculous to claim that Marcelas or his mother were abused by the insurance system.

There are other questions to this, however, that most haven’t even thought about, and McDermott, Obama, Pelosi and Reid have failed to answer. The whole problem in the Owens’ story was that Tiffany couldn’t afford insurance. However, Washington State has a plethora of medical aid services available to those in need, and Tiffany Owens never signed up for them. She also didn’t like going to doctors and frequently refused to go until the symptoms were so bad that she couldn’t ignore them. She lost her job in September 2006 and had not yet been diagnosed with PAH; it was two months after she lost her job that she was diagnosed. The following January she was hospitalized for eight days (without insurance). According to Tiffany’s own mother, she didn’t qualify for Medicaid and refused to go to the doctor.

She didn’t qualify. Therein lies the one thing that the Dems haven’t been honest about. Through S-CHIP, VA, Medicare and Medicaid, the US Government is the largest health insurance provider in the country, and they turn people away and deny claims every single day. Why? Because the government can’t cover everybody. They can’t afford to, especially with fraud losses in the tens of billions annually. Do we really think that this bill is going to make things better?

Would it have made things better for Tiffany Owens? No. It wouldn’t have. She didn’t have insurance because she couldn’t afford it. It’s definitely there, but it cost more than she could afford. She also refused to go to doctors until she was already coughing up blood, a symptom that signals the end for a PAH patient. This bill will require that all Americans buy health insurance in some form. If you don’t you’ll pay high tax penalties come tax time. So please, somebody answer this question for me: if a person can’t afford a couple hundred dollars a month, which my health insurance costs me already, how are they going to afford a couple thousand on April 15? Hell, there are people all over the country who owe a couple thousand in taxes and can’t afford to pay it. Do you really think that’s going to change now?

This health care legislation would not have done a damn thing for Tiffany Owens and it will send us down the road to destruction if we don’t find a way to overturn it.


8 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth

  1. “This bill will require that all Americans buy health insurance in some form. If you don’t you’ll pay high tax penalties come tax time. So please, somebody answer this question for me: if a person can’t afford a couple hundred dollars a month, which my health insurance costs me already, how are they going to afford a couple thousand on April 15?”

    With the power of the IRS behind it, the Health Insurance Gestapo can garnish your wages, levy your bank accounts and lien your property.

    So personal freedom depletion is going to be backed up with the authority to expropriate your personal assets.

    Right here and right now it is far cheaper for me to pay the fine vs. pay my health insurance premiums. I come out way ahead on this if I pay the fine.

    So, why should I have health insurance?

  2. McDermott is one of the many nuts on the Dem side. Hope there is a good replacement candidate for him in the wings.

    I see the IRS determining that all gays should pay more in health care payments.

    To hell with the fact that I earn my health care benefits in my job and the fact that I am totally satisfied with my health care. They will try to make it look like I am a bigger risk.

    So Obama told the LGBT group that he met with last year that he couldn’t tell them anything then but in the end they would be glad to see what he was going to do for them.

    How about do to them.

    For all of the gay Dems who think Obama is going to do something positive for them…they had better watch what the left hand is doing while he extends the right hand.

  3. I love how every time there is a personal tragedy to exploit they claim “this person” would have been saved if only this bill had been passed. It happens after a shooting, natural disaster. Generally it isn’t true. It’s like people think every death or illness is preventable. People will die and they will suffer tragedy. Suck it up and live with it! I can guarantee that we are all leaving the same way (I’ll give a hint: We aren’t getting out of life alive. Sooner or later.). Okay, off to another job that offers health insurance.
    AndyB, NH.

  4. 1. Like my daddy always said, figures lie and liars figure.

    2. Obama is more concerned about securing a “legacy” of Obama, not fulfilling his campaign promises. Particularly any promises to the gay community.

    In the state of the union, he said he would end DADT “this year.” Bet your last dollar that it will be that portion of the year after the November elections, if at all. Clinton made similar private assurances and then cowardly passed the ball to congress, who gave this abortion called DADT.

    Clinton bailed on us to save his hide.

    In the interest of obtaining his legacy, Obama will only do that which will not cost him brownie points with the other 90% of the population. That equals him “bailing” on us too….

    They are already practicing “wedge” politics with HCR, pitting one interest group against another. If history tells us anything, we will lose in that environment. We only win when someone decides to do the right thing, and I don’t know how long we can wait on Obama to decide he has the stones to “do the right thing.” So watch how we get cast aside when it comes to HIV treatment and care in HCR. Watch how “spousal benefits” will become impossible for gay spouses to obtain. Etc., etc., etc.

    Get the lube out everyone… they are getting ready to bend us over again.

  5. Did anyone see the vile signing ceremony Obama had?

    Michelle Malkin is right, Democarts love to use Human Kiddie Shields. The Obama had a little boy standing right next to him. I guess he was teaching the Obama how to write in English instead of Arabic? Right?

  6. John,
    They use kids for the same reason terrorists in Afghanistan use them. As human shields so that if you attack a terrorist (or Obama, etc) for something they are doing (trying to kill civilians or in the case of the healthcare bill, err, same thing, killing civilians!) they will claim you are out to kill children or other innocents.
    Chinese might be a good one to learn for when they foreclose on the country:-(
    AndyB, NH.

  7. AndyB

    Hmmn. I am not sure if China can handle operating America because their failed state can’t even keep its milk supply safe. Crawl before you walk eh?

    P.S. You rock AndyB. I think we’d be good buddies.

  8. Thanks John! But with China (or any government) there is a difference between controlling the people and effectively running a government. China is doing it’s best to suppress and control their people.
    I remember reading “The Mouse That Roared” in school and commenting that the U.S. should invade ourselves, surrender and then repair the country! It’s what we do or try to do everywhere else but we can’t seem to do it here.
    AndyB, NH.
    PS John, I think you mentioned a 2 CD set by X that kind of ran up from their early style to their later style. What is the name of that? I’d never listened to them before. I never would have found this blog if I hadn’t googled for a quote but this is a real interesting and open place. Nice to know when the world is turning upside down not everyone is falling for it.

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