Charge Them With Trespassing

My adopted state, Arizona, has just passed a law that criminalizes illegal aliens being in the state. It also criminalizes those who hire illegal day laborers, a problem that has left some business owners scrambling to care for the customers who stop coming because of the sorry state that the day laborers cause when loitering in parking lots and harassing said customers. My stepmother’s parents own a store in Phoenix and have had a hell of a time getting day laborers to stay away; they trash the parking lot, drink, urinate, vomit, spit on the windows when asked to leave, and when a customer pulls up they’re hounded by no less than three illegals asking if they need work done at their homes before they’ve even gotten out of their vehicles. At the Home Depot near where I used to live at 59th Ave and Beardsley, illegal day laborers have become an enormous problem; the store management threw them off the property, but the came back anyway, loitering on the sidewalk just outside the property.

Now the State of Arizona will charge illegal immigrants with trespassing when they’re caught.

I wish I could talk about calls I’ve been on that involved crimes committed by illegal immigrants. I wish I could talk about cases I’ve worked on that involved identity theft perpetrated by illegal immigrants. Unfortunately, I cannot, but I will tell you that the news rarely tells you what’s really going on and how widespread the problems are. All I can say is that you should regularly check your credit bureaus and never drive without coverage on your vehicle that will protect you from uninsured motorists.

I’ll never forget sitting in court one day just a couple of years ago when the judge asked how many people in the courtroom needed a Spanish interpreter. Thirteen people raised their hands, and all of them had come into the court after me. I was there to testify in a hearing about a woman who had caused a wreck with me (her claim was that since I’d been in a wreck before it had to have been my fault, despite the fact that she managed to T-bone me while driving in the same lanes of traffic that I was in) and our hearing had to be pushed back due to the thirteen people requiring a Spanish interpreter. The interpreter was going courtroom to courtroom to offer services and now all these folks who had come in late were moving to the front of the line.

One by one, they all took their turn and of the thirteen, fully EIGHT had caused collisions while not insured. One by one, the judge asked them why they weren’t insured, and one by one they all admitted they couldn’t get insurance. When the judge asked why, they all said they couldn’t get insurance in America. The judge never asked any of them if they were in the country illegally. He simply asked in each case, “well, what is the person you hit supposed to do? Their car is totalled. Do you know that you have to have insurance if you drive in America? Can you afford to pay the expenses of the person you hit? No? Well, here’s your fine…”

It was an embarrassment. If I’m caught driving without insurance, I can be tracked because I’m here legally. I’ll be forced to pay a fine, and if I don’t pay I’ll be arrested. My vehicle will be impounded, my license plate confiscated, my registration suspended and my license suspended (and taken by the officer so I have no ID). I don’t even have to cause a collision for all of this to occur. If I’m caught driving after all of that, I can go to jail and pay more fines. If I fail to pay fines or carry out community service as promised, I can go to jail again. All because I’m a citizen and I can be tracked.

Illegals can’t be tracked. I guarantee each of those thirteen in court that day who’d been caught driving without licenses, insurance or valid registration simply started using another alias and went out and bought another jalopy to drive to the jobs that Americans apparently won’t do. At least one ended up getting drunk and killing a Phoenix police officer; that man gave an alias that night and was discovered to have given police at least two other aliases after DUI arrests and the wreck he caused while driving uninsured.

I don’t feel sorry for the illegal immigrants in this country. This is my home, and if you can’t obey the rules you can get out. Period.


7 thoughts on “Charge Them With Trespassing

  1. I’m confused. In the linked article, it says:

    “The legislation allows law enforcement officers to detain people on the suspicion that they are illegal immigrants, **completely outlaws citizens from employing day laborers** and makes it illegal to transport undocumented workers anywhere in the state.”

    In my part of Texas, the term ‘day laborer’ usually applies to (mostly) citizens working through temp agencies, usually as construction helpers, painters helpers, cleanup crews, things like that. I’ve done day labor myself. I realize that the article is talking about a law meant to crack down on illegal immigrants, but the wording in that particular sentence has me confused. Are they referring to illegal immigrant workers only, or are they referring to all day laborers?

    Sorry, but I can be a bit thick sometimes. 😦 Plus, Sharpton is spewing on O’Reilly in the background right now…Lord.

  2. Perhaps it is time we give Mexico a taste of its own medicine. There is no free lunch. The Mexican government needs to learn that.

    We should round up our poor and people who are too lazy to work and deport them to Mexico. Mexico dumps its poor on us. So, why not return the favor? Imagine the tax savings when the public dole these people are one goes away?

    We take care of Mexico’s poor so Mexico owes us. They can take care of our poor or at the very least pay for the damage their citizens cause to our nation when they illegally come here.

  3. But John, if we tried that they would be deported back to the US. In fact, if we mimicked Mexico’s immigration laws we would have fewer illegals. I’m not saying we should be like Mexico (which can barely run it’s own government with all the cartels, corruption, etc) but we (as a country) treat immigrants a WHOLE lot better than many nations. Just read a George Will piece “Children of illegal aliens shouldn’t be citizens by birth.” It never made sense to do it anyway.
    AndyB, NH.

  4. Longviewcyclist, They are referring to the folks who hang out by the rite-Aid, Wal-Mart, Hopeless Depot and are often illegals looking for cash work. I know my brother in law used some when they were moving the business in SoCal. Even if they are legal (unlikely) they certainly aren’t paying taxes on anything they do and I have been creeped out walking past them. Especially when I had my little niece and nephew with me. Nothing happens but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t. I figured they can be charged with trespassing anyway if they have no actual reason to be in the lot (like being a customer or employee of the store). I know I can ask people not attending a church event or doing church business to leave our lot (or the clients of the lawyers and the lazy legislators would be taking up all our parking spaces! And yes, we did get the Sgt at Arms in the State house to tell a member to move his car! Priceless!).
    AndyB, NH.

  5. Hi Andy. 🙂

    In the article, it just says ‘day laborers’. Now, there are illegals doing what you refer to in my part of Texas as well. But it says that they make it illegal to hire day laborers, it doesn’t say that it makes it illegal for people to hire ‘illegal immigrant day laborers’, just day laborers. So I am still a bit confused. I will try googling the law a bit later and see what they mean. Got kin in AZ, so some relatives might be affected by this law.

    If they are making it illegal to hire legal citizens for day labor–and that’s kind of how it reads–then that doesn’t seem right. There has to be a better way.

    I’m a welder, not a lawmaker. I wouldn’t expect a lawmaker to be able to tig together titanium bicycle frames. Likewise, no one should expect a welder to be able to come up with the solution to illegal immigration. But we both should have a right to hire whomever we want, so long as the individual is not a fugitive from justice, an undocumented immigrant, etc. Many legal citizens hire out as day labor.

    This whole issue is a booger. I used to be gungho, keep them out, build the wall, all that. But what many of us have wanted is not going to happen. Coming up with different ways to deal with it is not the same as surrender.

    Also, for some Christians, this is just a tough issue. There is the biblical command to ‘not oppress the foreigner’. Yes, if you are a jackass, go back home. That part is not difficult at all. But not all illegal immigrants are like that.

    It is certain that the liberals will not do anything good about this issue, but they might win millions more votes with it. I don’t believe that conservatives can afford to take an all or nothing stand on this issue. Whether or not our government *can* keep illegals out without violating the rights of citizens at this point in time is a non issue, because we know that they won’t. But, if conservatives can come up with *and implement* sensible solutions, many of those aspiring citizens might just become conservatives. Especially if those legal approaches are coupled with groups of private citizens reaching out to newly documented aliens, and trying to help them learn the culture and the language.

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone here heard Chuck Norris’s suggestions as to how to deal with the migrant worker issue? I’m not sure if this link will show up, but it’s Norris on the Geraldo show talking about illegal immigrant workers:

    His suggestions may or may not be the best, but they are food for thought. 🙂

  6. I guess I totally got away from the trespassing thing. Sorry about that. 😦

    Of course loitering on private property shouldn’t be tolerated if the owner/manager doesn’t wish it. I’m down with that, too.

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