Twisted Minds (…And Words)

With last weekend’s passage of the health control legislation, tempers flared and a lot of accusations were thrown about. The press extensively covered reports that Tea Party protesters on Capitol Hill hurled racial epithets and even spit on one lawmaker (who later declined to positively identify the spitter and had his aides issue a statement that he refused to identify the spitter to avoid the man being arrested…I don’t know about you, but if a person spits on me I actually want them arrested, wouldn’t you agree?).

Yet the media never questioned the claims. They merely presented them as fact without challenging the alleged acts of violence, something the MSM often does when dealing with conservatives in the protest scene. There’s much more to it than has been offered. Even FOX dropped the ball on this one.

Georgia congressman John Lewis claimed a Tea Party protester called him a “n—er” and claimed it was caught on camera, but the YouTube videos used only prove nothing of the sort was said. Interestingly, if you click here you’ll see a 48-second video at the start of John Lewis walking through the crowd, then if you click here you’ll see a second video with a caption claiming it was taken “five minutes” after Lewis was “rushed by the angry mob” (you don’t see that in the first video). What else is interesting? You’ll see at least two of Lewis’s staffers holding up cameras and taking footage. Not one of them caught the supposed N-bomb. Brazenly, Andrew Breitbart offered a $10,000 donation to the United Negro College Fund if anybody could provide proof that the word was used. Nobody has taken up the challenge, not even with a fake.

One supposed protester called Barney Frank a “fa–ot” while protesters called for his attention. The MSM played it up big time, but none of them called it out in the least. What you didn’t hear was the story provided by those who were there, the protesters themselves: they didn’t know the guy using the epithet, and admonished him for having done so. The man apparently dropped his head and all but ran away when they did this. Now, I don’t like Frank but I absolutely hate that word (for those who don’t know me well, “hate” is a word I almost never use) AND the other slur that was supposedly used that day. If I thought a Tea Partier had used it I would have been all over it. Now you know why I wasn’t: I knew there was more to it.

Russ Carnahan claimed that protesters left a coffin on his lawn. The story, pushed by every news agency in the country (and wailed about by Frank Rich at the NY Times), claimed that the coffin had been LEFT on his LAWN. If you look at the story on Politico, they finally say that the coffin was placed near his home but never retracts the statement that originally claimed it was physically left there. MyFoxStLouis had to ask the questions nobody else would. It was in the hands of protesters the entire time. It was not placed on his lawn nor was it left. It went home with the protesters who had it.

We’ve seen countless instances of hate crimes being faked against liberals. We’ve also seen actual hate crimes perpetrated against conservatives so many times that nearly every conservative radio host and writer has written an entire chapter in at least one of their books about said hate crimes. Most notably, this week Republican Eric Cantor reported his offices had been shot at and there was evidence of the crime. How many news agencies reported on that? I think I read about it on FOX. That’s it. If someone else knows where, please provide the link.

Instead, we have liberal pundits screaming that the gas line was cut at the home of Rep. Tom Perriello’s brother when we don’t even know what the hell happened. Didn’t the libs learn from the Bill Sparkman dustup? The man staged his death to look like a hate crime murder so his son could collect the life insurance benefits. The body wasn’t even cold before liberal outlets and the MSM were pinning Sparkman’s death on conservatives. At least now we’re scaling back from murder to cutting gas lines. Once this is disproven I guess we’ll scale it back to the tardiness of the takeout delivery guy (you were late because of protesters down the road?!? HATE CRIME!!!).

Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) took all of the claims of hate crimes over the past week and rolled them all into one incident when he decided to take aim at Sarah Palin. Palin’s speeches have advocated “reloading” and “taking aim” at congressmen (via the vote, she has clarified that every time she’s used it) who voted for the health control monstrosity, and Weiner threw a snit fit over it, claiming it was threatening and saying, “there are too many people who have twisted minds who might think that she’s being literal.”

On the very, VERY few occasions that a right-wing activist has been caught in the commission of a hate crime, all conservatives have joined the liberals in absolutely condemning the act (including when abortion doctor George Tiller was shot). When a liberal commits a hate crime, the Democrats have no comment. There are twisted minds on both sides, but at least we flesh ours out and hand them over to be dealt with appropriately.


3 thoughts on “Twisted Minds (…And Words)

  1. “Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) took all of the claims of hate crimes over the past week and rolled them all into one incident when he decided to take aim at Sarah Palin. ”

    Hate crime? Does anyone here have an example of a I Really Really Really Love You Crime?

    If he have hate then we have love so go for it.

  2. “The press extensively covered reports that Tea Party protesters on Capitol Hill hurled racial epithets and even spit on one lawmaker (who later declined to positively identify the spitter and had his aides issue a statement that he refused to identify the spitter to avoid the man being arrested”

    Actually, the guy was arrested by Capitol Police. Emanuel Cleaver declined to press charges against him.

    Mel, your tacit insinuations that these things didn’t happen is kind of astonishing. You know damn well the company you keep on the right, and this absolutely fits in with the rhetoric we’ve heard used ever since it was clear that Obama would be the Democratic nominee. The fact that it’s now boiled over merely tells me that these people have nothing left. There is, and never was, any merit to stand on, so all that’s left is the basest of behavior that appeals strictly to the lowest common denominator. Instead of coming out and condemning this, you’re choosing to implicitly deny that it even took place. Are all the nasty voicemails that Bart Stupak released fake too? Let me guess, Louise Slaughter threw a brick through her own window, right? James Clyburn faxed himself a picture of a noose? What exactly do these people have to gain by making up these kinds of stories? This all happened AFTER the bill passed. And are we really to expect that a 48 second YouTube clip is going to provide us with all the evidence we need? Let’s just pretend that there were no people behind or in front of (or on the other side of) the cameraman, and that the camcorder’s mic picked up every word uttered. That is absolutely ridiculous, the claim that I can only presume you’re making. The mere fact that for fourteen months, we’ve seen teabaggers with signs of Obama as a witch doctor with a bone through his nose, signs calling him a lying African, a Muslim, Non-American; this is all part and parcel with the overt racism that you’re denying is there. You wanna bring up your video of Janeane Garofalo again so we can hear how she was right? All this behavior is completely unacceptable, and not something a normal, rational human being would experience over the regulation of insurance companies that routinely hurt the very people that are out there defending them. There has always been something in the back of my mind that told me that these people were not protesting health care. No one in their right mind gets that worked up over the prospect of Americans having affordable health insurance. And all these incidents have served to do is to confirm that suspicion.

    And the Party apparatus seems to be willfully complicit as well:

    How is that not sedition?

    And what about this jagweed, who unabashedly calls for more attacks on Democratic lawmakers?

    Ironically, page two of that article reveals that he lives off of government disability checks.

    “It was not placed on his lawn nor was it left. It went home with the protesters who had it.”

    So, that makes it okay? It’s still a veiled fucking death threat, and you want to play semantics? What’s the matter with you? I don’t think anyone would argue that as long as the Klan took the burning crosses with them, it would be okay. Right?

    “Instead, we have liberal pundits screaming that the gas line was cut at the home of Rep. Tom Perriello’s brother when we don’t even know what the hell happened.”

    We do know what happened. Some teabagging sack of shit posted what he thought was congressman Perrillo’s address on his blog, and the next thing you know, the gas lines are cut, which the police concluded was an act of vandalism. Coincidence? Ockham’s Razor seems to apply pretty well here…

    ‘We’ve seen countless instances of hate crimes being faked against liberals”

    We have? Such as?

    “Republican Eric Cantor reported his offices had been shot at and there was evidence of the crime. How many news agencies reported on that?”

    More importantly, how many would have if he would have let anyone near that office? First of all, he decides to tell this story three days after it happened. Then, he says there are threatening emails, but doesn’t want anyone to see them because, by his logic (and I use the term loosely), that would only encourage more to be sent (how that would encourage more to be sent any more than going on national television and telling the country that there are indeed emails is beyond me). And when he does tell us the story, he makes the claim that he has been directly threatened. This seems incredibly unlikely, because as a caller to the Randi Rhodes show who lives a block away from said office points out, a) there are no identifying signs or language to suggest that this was indeed his office, b) said office is located inside a building with who knows how many other offices, 3) the office isn’t even in his district, and 4) local authorities were on the scene and the evidence pointed to the bullet being fired randomly into the air and striking a window in a downward motion. I know this to be true, because news reports bore this out in the succeeding days.

    What was really bold was in his press conference, he says that security threats against members of Congress are not a partisan issue and they should not be treated as such, just before launching into a partisan tirade blaming Tim Kaine and the DNC for the “direct attack” on his campaign office. This was totally Cantor’s backwards B moment. His only saving grace may be that people could forget about this in light of the fact that someone later attempted to post a video to YouTube in which Cantor was actually threatened.

    I just find it really disturbing that people can be perfectly fine with being fucked by Republican policies for years, and when a Democrat is in power, all these nutbags start forming militias and doing all sorts of crazy survivalist shit in the woods. Take these assholes for example:

    With every passing day, Janet Napolitano becomes more and more credible. And to think, the cons got so worked up when she (sadly) correctly predicted this very thing would happen…

  3. Oh, Christ…Robert, I get really tired of these long-winded comments that contain nothing but links to opinion articles and liberal blogs. If the police and/or FBI are announcing that they have officially decided that the man’s gas line was intentionally cut, fine, but they haven’t determined who did it. Here we go…

    Bill Sparkman: he was found dead, nude and hanging from a tree in the middle of nowhere in a cemetery with the word ‘fed’ written on his chest and his census ID taped to his forehead. Before the ME had even picked up the body you left-wingers were calling it a hate crime and blaming Tea Partiers. When it was discovered to be a suicide staged to look like a hate crime so his son could collect on his life insurance not one of you recanted your belief that it was all our fault.

    During a Demcare townhall, a supporter of Colorado rep. John Salazar claimed that a Tea Partier hurled a death threat at the congressman. The man who made the claim couldn’t even get nearby fellow Dems to corroborate his story. Everyone said that no such death threat was made, including a cop who witnessed the entire interaction and the guy he was talking to was not a Tea Partier but an anarchist.

    Before that, a Democrat office was vandalized in Colorado and liberals immediately blamed the Tea Party. It was discovered that tranny Maurice Schwenkler, a Democrat canvasser linked to the SEIU, had done the damage. Again, liberals never recanted their accusations of hate against us even though it was proven to be one of your own people.

    During the campaign, a number of accusations of hate speech were leveled against conservatives. At one event, a claim was made that a Palin supporter called Obama “a ni–er” when, in fact, the supporter actually said “he’s a redistributor” and even Daily KOS admitted it (but they were the only ones, plenty of liberal bloggers still tout the incident incorrectly). Another claim was made that at another McCain/Palin rally someone said “kill him” when Obama’s name was brought up. Secret Service never heard the threat and couldn’t find a soul capable of backing it up; the only person able to make the claim was a reporter from the Scranton Times.

    In 2004, Kerri Dunn (a psychology professor) claimed that racist, mysogynistic and anti-Semitic graffiti had been spray-painted all over her car. She was convicted of false reporting and insurance fraud for faking the whole thing.

    In 2005, a 17-year-old lesbian in Tampa, Florida claimed she’d been pelted with eggs, her car and locker had been vandalized and produced several handwritten “hate messages”. When her story came up with several holes she admitted she concocted the whole thing.

    The same year, Trinity International University was evacuated due to threatening letters from a supposed racist. Jesse Jackson immediately showed up to spotlight the debacle, but it was a hoax – a black female student faked them because she wanted to go home.

    In 2007 at George Washington University, a flyer attributed to Young America’s Foundation appeared with the headline, “Hate Muslims? So do we!” It wasn’t YAF. It was discovered that members of Iraq Veterans Against the War created and distributed the flyers. When confronted, leaders later claimed they were just trying to bring light to a “hate group.”

    The same year, another hoax was reported as a hate crime at GWU. Two students were caught on security tapes drawing swastikas and other racist graffiti on doors and walls in the dorms.

    THE SAME YEAR, a noose was left on a professor’s door at Columbia University. Madonna Constantine “found” it and accused a fellow professor of it but it came out that she put it there herself. CU officials demanded a subpoena before releasing the security tapes, then NYPD refused to release them to the public. She was fired shortly thereafter on charges of plagarism.

    You can still buy merchandise online that jokes about killing George W. Bush, including t-shirts that show him with a gun to his head and crosshairs over his face, yet you’re pissed because of several hate crimes supposedly perpetrated by conservatives? After the Schwenkler incident I’d think you’d want to wait before jumping to conclusions.

    Oh, and the Tea Party does not claim the militias. This is one of the few things we’ll ever agree on: they’re nutballs deserving of a permanent padded cell at the funny farm. Not only do we not claim them, we vehemently denounce them.

    Just as there are complete yoohoos who claim to be liberals, there are equally dippy people claiming to be conservatives. Your claims that they are us are laughable at best.

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