Go Sit in the Corner!

Many lawmakers have given us multiple reasons to shake our heads and say, “how did you get elected, you idiot?” Here’s Maxine Waters’ exchange with Fed chairman Ben Bernanke:

What she never seems to get, even at the end, is the big difference between the discount rate and the federal fund rate (the discount rate being the rate banks borrow from the government, the fed fund rate being the rate at which banks borrow from each other). No, nitwit, mortgages aren’t going to rise because the discount rate is going up ever so slightly. One would think you’d have learned a thing or two from your involvement with OneUnited. But, then again, you have hidden your involvement in that cover-up well and have been given a free pass for championing their cause by securing $12M in TARP money for which they didn’t qualify while you shrieked at big bank CEO’s about things you knew little about and were not willing to allow the CEO’s to explain. Don’t forget, though, Tea Party protesters are outrageous because they “shout.”

Waters has been outdone, though. Hank Lewis tossed a nice little gem out for us yesterday. While hearing testimony from Admiral Robert Willard, the Democrat from Georgia said one of the most unbelievable things I have ever heard (aside from Waters threatening the CEO of Shell with a nationalization of the oil industry). I kept waiting for the “April fools!” but none came:

He then went on to talk about global warming.

Words escape me.

I had to post this, too, brought to us by Tammy Bruce:

I couldn’t resist…I was laughing so hard I nearly wet my pants.


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