Shame On You

(On a side note, today is the 65-year anniversary of the hanging of German pastor Dietrich Boenhoffer by the Nazis at the Flossenburg Concentration Camp. The hero was executed during the fierce fighting that stopped the Nazi machine during WWII. Three weeks later Hitler and his mistress committed suicide and the German army surrendered.)

Usually the press doesn’t divulge the names of juveniles being charged with crimes, particularly when rape is among them. In the case of Phoebe Prince an exception was made. I was even able to find a couple of pictures.

This is Sean Mulveyhill. He is 17 years old and the cause of the original uproar; his original girlfriend, Kayla Narey, became viciously jealous of Phoebe when she dated Sean briefly. Their third-wheel friend, Ashley Longe, screamed a derogatory comment too foul to post here and threw a can of Red Bull at Phoebe as she walked home on the day she hung herself. All three called Phoebe a “whore” and wrote derogatory comments about her Irish heritage on the class sign-in sheet.

The caption he’d put on this picture read, “whos that hott kid” [sic]. Um…not you, sugar. You’re a little sociopath right along with your two girlfriends. It makes sense that you’re a hippie, though. I’ve never met a hippie that I liked.

Most of the kids, it turns out, removed their MySpace and Facebook profiles when their names became public. Here’s a picture of all six from a yearbook:

It’s hard to see this kind of thing and feel any sympathy whatsoever for the group of junior demons who treated Phoebe in such a horrible way. There is a singular Facebook group in support of Mulveyhill and Renaud; both boys are charged with statutory rape (both were older than Phoebe, who was only 15, and the age of consent in Maine is 16). The page is private and all you can see is a description that the page is there to support the boys through this “tough time.” I cannot believe there’s still a soul outside their immediate families who thinks these monsters did no wrong.

Poking fun at politicians and celebrities is one thing. Ganging up on a classmate and doing your level best to run that person into the ground and make their lives miserable is wrong beyond words. I post pictures and names so the general public can see the reality of bullying: bullies aren’t just oversized jocks and super-cool kids. They come in all shapes, sizes and genders. Girls can be exceptionally cruel.

In my adult life I’ve worked in robbery investigations for a bank, I’ve been a corrections officer (prison guard), and I’m now an EMT and a fraud investigator. I’ve dealt with some of the greatest monsters society has ever seen. I wouldn’t give any of it back to return to my days in elementary, junior high or high school where I was bullied with the same ferocity that these brats bullied Phoebe. From now on, any case I see in the press involving this kind of bullying will be posted here along with any pictures I can find.

Each and every one of you should be ashamed, but you won’t be. You’ll defend yourselves to the end because you have never been the target of other bullies and you have no idea what kind of pain you caused not only Phoebe but her family and friends. What you did was inexcusable and you deserve every moment of bad karma you get from it. I hope that someday you come to understand the horror of what you did, though I will not hold my breath. Considering the brazenly insensitive comments you posted on Phoebe’s memorial page, I think you’ll all go to your graves enjoying your own cruelty. Know now that there is absolutely nothing cool about what you did. You are the villains for a number of very, very good reasons.

Go to hell. All of you.


8 thoughts on “Shame On You

  1. If these students, each and everyone of them is not punished to the fullest extent of the law then we may as well close our eyes and let the bulling begin. If the court system lets Phobe down then it is letting all further victims of bulling down. Then we can begin to see the administration and staff be punished. Once these students are punished, South Hadley will be remembered for telling people you can not do this in our school system any more.

  2. “This is Sean Mulveyhill. He is 17 years old and the cause of the original uproar; ”

    T H I S !!! guy is the big prize?!!!! This is the guy worth harassing a girl to death over? What did he do? Have a sex lottery and only one girl in the school got to do him? What’s he got that is worth doing a felony?

    I am not bragging here. I’ve been with plenty of gents and I’ve never met one I’d take a parking ticket for let alone a felony crime.

    He looks like someone you point to the soup kitchen.

  3. I find it absolutely ridiculous that they are being charged with anything. Statutory rape should NOT exist. If you want to have sex then go have sex, if you regret it later then guess what YOU shouldn’t have done it. I am so SICK of laws that protect people from their own stupidity. As for the suicide. How can you charge someone with an act committed solely by the individual? So, she with her own hands and free will hung herself and its everyone else’s fault. I do not believe so. This is LUDICROUS! Yea, the girl should not have been bullied. But I was bullied and i’m still alive. Would you like to know how I survived? I grew a backbone and told the assholes where they could go and in what manner they could do it. Guess what? No more bullying. It is really simple. This suicide is nothing more than an expression of weakness and a grab at some attention.

  4. Steve, I was bullied and I’m still alive, too.

    But I cannot respect any person who thinks that their personal strength is everyone’s. Not everyone can deal with things the way you can. If she wanted attention, she would have made sure she survived an attempt, but she was intent on actually killing herself.

    Don’t be a jerk.

  5. I wrote this song in memory of Phoebe.

    Bullying is more than cruel words and physical abuse, it is the destruction of someone’s self esteem. Bullying, combined with the pressures our society already places on young women and men, can lead to an utter sense of hopelessness. We cannot expect young people to find self-empowerment without our help. I don’t know that we’ll ever be able to stop bullying completely, but we can each take a step to instill confidence in the victims. They need to know they are not alone in their struggle.

    Here is a link to the video:

  6. Oh wow Steve – get a heart. The girl is DEAD. “An expression at weakness and a grab at some attention?” Wow. So she was weak…it was literally one against many. She was overpowered by a bunch of mean kids…that would anyone weak; it’s common sense. Get a clue. How old are you? I’d guess young.

    Do you have kids? I’d guess not. Imagine your child killing themself and see how it feels to you. You say she wanted attention. What good does it do her if she’s dead? She gave up…she was in that much pain. Bullying hurts. Pure and simple. When you’re a kid & stuck in school it seems like there’s no way out.

    These little brats were horrible and hateful to her. They definitely deserve punishment. Sometimes it seems like adults have stricter rules and harsher punishments for things like office harassment, which are often 10 times milder than what these bullies to do fellow kids.

    Those kids may have been “cool” in school, but they are about as uncool as it gets in reality. Now the whole nation hates you. Karma’s a bitch.

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