Learn Your History

I have a new article up on http://www.RightPride.org about the truth of the beginnings of the gay rights movement, including things that are largely ignored by today’s gay rights activists. Here’s an excerpt:

Activists celebrated the death of Ronald Reagan as if Adolf Hitler had finally died. They forget something very important. Reagan stood solidly against Prop 6 as the governor of California, and he was in the same party as Briggs. They also forget that then, as today, Democrats have never had gay rights in mind. EVER. In Milk’s day (oh, and lest we forget, Milk worked for Barry Goldwater’s presidential campaign), the Democrats snubbed the gay newcomers. Milk met a brick wall when he decided to get into politics. He had to fight tooth and nail; he lost three elections before finally winning. It wasn’t until Democrats finally figured out that the gay community in the Castro had real voting power that they became more accepting. While I will agree that the gay rights movement was important as part of the civil rights movement overall, how many other groups fighting for their civil rights behaved the way gays did at Stonewall and the Castro? Didn’t Dr. King earn more respect than the thugs? Tell me this, too – why is it the Democrats enacted the Jim Crow laws and Republicans ended both slavery and segregation, but the Democrats are now the good guys? Have we forgotten their roots?

Click here to read the whole thing.


3 thoughts on “Learn Your History

  1. You rock! A big thank you to you for posting that.

    I knew a lot of it already, but not *that* much. Well written and educational. Will be forwarding the link to others. Great ammo. 🙂

  2. “Milk met a brick wall when he decided to get into politics. He had to fight tooth and nail; he lost three elections before finally winning.”

    The only reason Harvey Milk or any gay candidate won office in that time was District Elections. San Francisco changed from electing the Board of Supervisors through at large races to district races.

    When the lines were drawn all over San Francisco, the Castro became a voting district. So electing an openly gay politician was a lock. Harvey Milk wasn’t the only openly gay candidate on the ballot.

    My county uses modified district elections. You must live in the district you wish to represent. But, you are elected in a county wide ballott. That system is under attack.

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