A Lie, Told Often Enough

I hate to step on Philip’s toes – he posted earlier and you should scroll down to read it, Steve posted just before that – but today a milestone was set in the state I live in.

SB 1070, a piece of legislation aimed at getting tough on illegal immigrants coming through Arizona, was signed into law today by Governor Jan Brewer. It is the toughest set of immigration laws in the nation. At its base it is meant to provide state and local law enforcement with the tools to help enforce immigration laws that are not being enforced by federal agents. It makes it a state crime to be in Arizona while in the United States illegally and gives officers the mandate to inquire about one’s immigration status if they suspect a person is in the country illegally.

For the past week, protest crowds have grown to teeming hordes at my state capitol. I am a Texan, but I am also an Arizonan, and my current home state has been struggling to keep up with a lot of issues created by illegal aliens. People have come from all over the country to protest the passage of this bill (many of them having complained about national support for local campaigns in New York and Massachusetts); even President Obama weighed in today, calling the legislation “misguided.” Having read the bill now, I beg to differ.

One Democrat legislator called for businesses and tourists to boycott our state (yeah, that’ll solve our employment issues!). A Democrat from Illinois, Luis Gutierrez, called for the federal government to immediately order Arizona not to enforce the law because it supposedly runs afoul of the Constitution. If that’s the case, then I’d like to see anti-Second Amendment measures in multiple states struck down due to the Constitution. I bet the liberals will line up to support that one.

If a person comes onto my property without my permission and refuses to leave, I can have them arrested. It’s called trespassing. SB 1070 is built on the same concept – any person caught illegally in the United States within the borders of the State of Arizona is trespassing and can go to jail and be deported for it. Police officers, once not allowed to ask about immigration status during traffic stops are now given the ability to do so. Rampant crime rates, including line of duty deaths of police officers dealing with illegal immigrants, home invasions, drophouses and kidnapping, have caused this bill to become a necessity. It’s not just Americans being victimized, either. Those seeking to cross the border illegally are victimized from beginning to end and refuse to speak out for fear of never being able to come back to America, so many criminals capable of figuring out who to target often go free.

Amazingly this is being called racism, hatred and bigotry. Those against this bill have made the most outrageous claims to date. Several posters on an Arizona State Democrat’s Facebook page openly accused Republicans and Independent supporters of trying to bring back segregation. One invoked the spirit of 1952 Alabama, where “colored” people were not allowed out after a certain hour and had segregated everything – from water fountains to buses to seating in theatres and restaurants. When Prop 8 passed in California, I was angry to see my fellow homosexuals parading through Hillcrest with signs that read “No H8” and “Stop the Christian Taliban.” Such arguments, I said, cheapened our movement with hysterical references to horrific conditions that we cannot imagine surviving no matter how much we read about it.

It angers me just as much now to see it happening all over again. Vladimir Lenin, the father of Russian communism as it was known when I was a child, was a master strategist capable of pushing anything on the masses. He once told his subordinates, “a lie, told often enough, becomes the truth.”

How true.

Of course, he liked the idea. He could lie through his teeth and the only media allowed to report, being state-run, had to print it and eventually every lie he told became the truth. The same happened during the Cuban Revolution when Che Guevara, the famous mass murderer, began executing some homosexuals and sending others to labor camps for “re-education”. Today, though, it happens courtesy of the slavering liberals in America who don’t know any other way to get what they want.

Don’t like a conservative perspective? Don’t like a piece of legislation they want to pass? Don’t like the candidates on their ticket? All you have to do is start small: call them racists, homophobes, bigots, and general hatemongers and once you’ve told enough people, just stand back and watch how far it goes. Just look at the Tea Party movement. Liberals, to include Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper, have a good portion of the country believing that all Tea Party members are white rednecks who can’t spell their signs correctly and are racists and homophobes. I know quite a few, though, and I know the opposite to be true. I know black people and fellow homosexuals in the Tea Party movement, but you’ll never see that on any MSM news channel other than Fox.

They’ve told the lie often enough that it has become the generally accepted truth. Such behavior is an injustice that I cannot abide.

Nobody wants to see segregation brought back (well, nobody outside the 100 or so white supremacists scattered around the state who are commonly laughed at when they poke their noses out of their hidey-holes). Nobody is willing to start racially profiling. Yes, a good majority of illegals arrested here are Hispanic, but we’re in Arizona – right on the freakin’ Mexican border! I used to be an officer in an ICE jail, and believe you me, Hispanics were certainly NOT the only ones there. Trust me when I say that skin color has little to do with it. In most states, if you cannot prove that you are a legal resident of the US, you can’t get a drivers license. If you can’t provide a US drivers license that’s suspicion of illegal entry. If I were stupid enough to leave home without my ID I would fully expect police to suspect that I was in the country illegally. Since many illegals have licenses from their home countries, providing that is suspicion enough, regardless of skin color.

That won’t matter, though. The lie has been told often enough at this point. I fear we are already on that slippery downhill slope to losing our identity as a nation and our sovereignty to enforce our own laws without interference from other countries. I have had enough of being called a racist for simply wanting the right to enforce the laws of my country. Cardinal Roger Mahoney, of the Los Angeles Diocese, called us German Nazis outright. Oh, how far we have fallen.


6 thoughts on “A Lie, Told Often Enough

  1. Kudos to Gov. Brewer. I’ve been following this and was afraid she might give into political pressure.

    I’m fascinated by McCain’s embrace of this bill. He’s been excoriated by the media for this. I wonder if it’s sincere on his part.

  2. I hope she doesn’t give into political pressure either….we DO need to do something, and that’s not hate; that’s addressing a serious social problem.

    Interesting thing is, EVERYONE is now using the hatemonger card. It will get old eventually….people are catching on…..even on the far left and far right…it just takes time and education. I did giggle the other day when I was referred to as a homophobe on facebook….LOL…didn’t have much power with that accusation. They really should have checked my profile! 🙂 (Stupidity will out)

  3. As much as I approve of the law, I think it won’t hold up to judicial review. Immigration is clearly a Federal power.

  4. The way the media paints it, the 3rd world has zero jobs and zero hope so it is worth it to illegally enter the U.S. and live in fear.

    But, who harvests all of that Latin American grown fruit we eat? Who picks those coffee beans? Who assembles those cars that are made in Mexico? No jobs? I think not. No good paying jobs? That may be true compared to the U.S. wages.

    I don’t buy the idea of someone coming here illegally because they want minimum wage of $7 or $8 an hour because they refuse to work for $2 a day. If you want to be greedy then pay the toll that sin demands.

  5. Taylor Guitars – the best guitars in the world, IMO – has a small factory in Tecate, Mexico. Their 200 and 300 series instruments are made there. All of the others, from the 400 to 900 series including the specialty and custom instruments, are made in El Cajon.

    I’m not sure how many jobs it creates in Tecate, but considering the popularity of the 200 and 300 models nowadays (there’s no such thing as a low-end Taylor…their low-end still beats Fender’s high-end) I’m sure there are a lot of jobs there. And I know they make decent money. In America, we have a minimum wage. In Mexico, Central and South America, they don’t. That’s on them, not us.

  6. “In America, we have a minimum wage. In Mexico, Central and South America, they don’t. That’s on them, not us.”

    Considering the number of jobs NAFTA has sucked away, why aren’t we going there to take their jobs?

    They all come here because of our Goodie Bag. Free education, health care on demand, welfare, food stamps, and indoor toilets. Take away the Goodie Bag and it all ends immediately.

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