The Brownshirts Are Coming!

…And they’re accusing everyone ELSE of being Nazis. It’s incredible how the left behaves when they think they have a right to. Since the signing of SB 1070, there have been an awful lot of claims that the pro-immigrant crowds have been “peaceful,” but I’ve seen them being anything BUT. It never ceases to amaze me that they’ll call conservatives names then turn around and become exactly what they accuse others of: intolerant, hatemongering bigots. This thing is turning Arizona into an open-air insane asylum, and the patients are trying to run the nuthouse.

Michelle Malkin posted some very good pictures of this weekend’s protests. The pro-immigrant crowd swears that they don’t want to undermine the laws of the US. They don’t want open borders. They want the criminals to go. They say they want the right thing and they want peace. Tell me, does a law-abiding citizen need to wear a mask?

Do law-abiding citizens who believe in the rule of law advocate smashing the state?

Do law-abiding citizens who want peace advocate invading another country (translation: “green light to invade Arizona”)?

Do law-abiding citizens who want to see the right thing done accuse the opposition of Nazism because they don’t like the outcome?

How about vandalism? Swastikas and “AZ=Nazi” were smeared in refried beans (of all things) on and around the windows of the State House and Senate buildings. Oh, but the protesters are really peaceful. They’re so peaceful, they start riots and assault cameramen who haven’t said anything but apparently anger Spanish-speaking pro-immigrant protesters just by being there:

In all of the protesting against this bill, in all the cries to end racism and hate, the only racism and hate I see are from the pro-immigrant protesters. I cannot say enough how much I want those who want to come here to make a better life for themselves to be able to. However, as long as illegal immigration continues to be a problem, as long as drug trafficking and human smuggling are an issue, and as long as illegals are caught committing all manner of crimes in this country (drunk driving, breaking and entering, assault, battery, domestic violence, child abuse, manslaughter and murder are among the crimes illegals have been charged with here in Arizona in just the past 12 months), we will need law and order to stem the tide.

I’m not sure this bill was the right way to go, but then again, the feds weren’t doing anything – and their inaction resulted in the death of an Arizona rancher. Their inaction has resulted in a great many evil things. Now they’re content to feed the anger of a foreign mob for the sake of gaining more votes. I’ve always called a spade a spade, and right now I’m going to declare that if the liberals don’t stop courting this particular group they will all find themselves without jobs very soon. A very, very large portion of Americans still want their country to have its own identity.

If you wish to come here for a better life, fantastic. Come through the front door. Do not show up flying another country’s flag and call for an invasion. Try it. We’ll kick your ass. There is no room for those who do not wish to be Americans here.

Here are more videos from the photographer who was harassed by protesters:


8 thoughts on “The Brownshirts Are Coming!

  1. Thanks for this article. I’m so irritated by all the supposed ‘outrage’ against conservatives when they’ve been nothing but peaceful, but this kind of thing goes on and what is that I hear? The sound of crickets’ chirping

  2. I’m Hispanic. My maternal grandparents came here legally from Mexico in the 1920’s. My paternal grandparents have lived in TX since before the days of the Alamo. Both my parents were born here. My dad served in the US Army in WWII; I lost a brother in Vietnam. He *volunteered* to join the US Army.

    I am ashamed of the American born Hispanics who are supporting this travesty. I have a word for them: “Pendejos”…it means stOOpid in Spanish (not just stupid, but stOOpid) What these people don’t realize is that the backlash against this bill is going to come back to bite them in the end. I don’t like illegal immigrants coming into my country and demanding their rights as if they had any rights at all here. I especially dislike when they look down on me because I’m an American citizen and proud of it.

    I support Arizona wholeheartedly, and I hope TX does the same thing soon.

  3. “I’m Hispanic. My maternal grandparents came here legally from Mexico in the 1920′s. ”


    You can bet what your grandparents did will cease forever if the status quo is allowed to continue. Why wait your turn to legally enter any nation when you can cut in front of the line?

    This nation made a horrible mistake by granting Amnesty in 1986. Now we have 13 million line jumpers who are waiting for the next Amnesty.

  4. Maria, one of my best friends in this whole world is from Mexico. She’s also a lesbian and recently moved to LA. Her family still lives in Mexico City. They see things the exact same way…they have little to no respect for the illegales in America. Casey and I had a conversation about SB 1070 and her response was, “what is the big effing deal? They’re not supposed to be here!”

    We cannot keep allowing people to flaunt the law. If they don’t respect the laws that govern when and how they can come here how are they going to respect the rest of our laws?

  5. When is filming an event “inciting people?” Unbelievable. It’s fine if you’re with them but don’t dare be against them. I too do not understand what is the problem. I’m not sure the law is the right way to go about this but no one else seems to be doing anything (where is the federal government?). If I go by alcohol they ask me for my ID even though I’m 37. They ask (or are supposed) EVERYONE for ID. So why not verify that you are supposed to be in the country. I am sure in other countries I would have to keep my passport handy. Watching those videos really ticked me off. How can people act that way? And as far as the nuts wearing masks, the cops should be talking to them (pretty sure there are laws about concealing your face in public). I keep hoping the world will turn back right or at least more people will notice that it has turned upside down. No luck so far, AndyB, NH.

  6. Mel- I’m not surprised your friend from Mexico City is so matter-of-fact about us enforcing our immigration laws… Mexico itself has fairly draconian laws for those caught illegally in country!

    On a quite-related tangent – I was watching one of those debates they have with people on both sides of the spectrum on Megyn Kelly’s show today and noticed this – Mark Levine shouting, “Are you calling a Civil Rights hero a LIAR?”* when proof was asked for about the N-word shouting at the Tea Party rally.

    Interrogation 101: if, rather than vehemently denying something, a person turns the question around on the interrogator that usually means they are implying a lie. For instance, “Are you accusing me of killing my wife?” in an incredulous voice means “I don’t want to deny killing my wife because then I would be lying.”

    The immediate response is not to lie, but to evade.

    That’s not foolproof, of course (and body language study is very necessary to decide). But it was part and parcel of the training my husband had to go through, and something drilled into his head repeatedly at those trainings.

    Plus, it came in very handy with teenagers in the house.

    In any case, it’s all a part of the same behavior – turning the question around. In the case of immigration, the issue then does not become who is violating the law (and the person this way does not have to worry about a lie), but who is being “evil.” It is a very effective way to change the debate, because who wants to be seen as defending Nazis or calling a Civil Rights hero a liar?

    *it physically hurts me, LITERALLY, that this could be true. It’s like the first time I read one of Gandhi’s anti-Jewish letters, that caused a near panic attack because I was so horrified an idol had clay feet.

  7. “We cannot keep allowing people to flaunt the law. If they don’t respect the laws that govern when and how they can come here how are they going to respect the rest of our laws?”

    That respect for the law works both ways. Employers/individuals who hire day labor workers that they are pretty certain are here illegally need to knock that off. The same goes for landlords who rent to people they are pretty certain are here illegally too.

    Where I live, if you have a housekeeper who comes by and cleans once a week, then odds are that person is here illegally. The same goes for the guy who cuts your grass.

    Every little bit of looking the other way adds up.

    If you’ve ever studied Economics then you were taught there is no free lunch. Think about that when you pay day laborers to haul away your junk or help you move. It all adds up. That nice green lawn that you pay next to nothing to maintain costs far more than next to nothing.

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