The Cabin is On Fire

Founded in 1977, the Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) got their start battling against California’s Proposition 6 (nicknamed the “Briggs Initiative”) which sought to ban gays and lesbians from teaching in public schools. The measure failed, in large part because then-Governor of California Ronald Reagan publicly opposed the initiative. Since then, Log Cabin has become synonymous with “Gay Republican” throughout the country.

In 2000, Log Cabin spent a half-million dollars on Get Out The Vote efforts after endorsing George W. Bush. After Bush’s victory, Rich Tafel, then-executive director of Log Cabin, said, “We believe the American people elected the better man to lead our nation.” No Republican on the planet would disagree with Tafel on this point. Bush was light-years better than Al Gore. But being the “better man” wasn’t good enough for the Log Cabin Republicans in 2004, when they refused to endorse Bush for re-election against John Kerry.

In 2004, the Executive Director of LCR was the liberal RINO Patrick Guerriero, a former mayor and state legislator from Massachusetts. Guerriero now serves as Executive Director for Gill Action, an organization founded by Tim Gill (a rich, gay, liberal philanthropist), who aside from being one of Log Cabin’s biggest donors, gives money almost exclusively to Democrats. Sounds like a cozy partnership. Back in 2004, Guerriero made this statement regarding LCR’s refusal to endorse Bush: “Log Cabin is more committed than ever to its core mission to build a stronger and more inclusive Republican Party. There is a battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party, and that fight is bigger than one platform, one convention, or even one President.”

Apparently Guerriero’s definition of building a “stronger and more inclusive Republican Party” includes voting for John Kerry – who supported a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in Massachusetts just 9 months before the 2004 election. Apparently his assessment that the “fight is bigger than one platform, one convention, or even one President,” means supporting Democrats. Terry Hamilton, current Chairman of LCR, maintains that withholding the endorsement of George Bush over his support for a federal marriage amendment is not equal to supporting John Kerry. That must be why Log Cabin spent a million dollars on ads bashing Bush during the 2004 election, indirectly helping the equally un-gay-friendly Kerry.

The fact is, when you claim to be a Republican organization, you should be supporting Republicans – especially when you are the only Republican organization representing gays. Even when Republican gays and Republican candidates don’t see eye to eye on LGBT issues, it is far better to work for change from within the party, than by attacking the party. We’re not talking about a state legislative race here. We’re talking about the presidency of the United States, and you don’t have a voice if you’re not at the table.

Patrick Guerriero is single-handedly responsible for igniting the fire currently burning down the log cabin. In 2003, when asked about gay marriage, he said this:

“We need to change the language around the so-called marriage issue. We should be talking about fairness via a civil contract, which is what marriage really is. When people use the word marriage it brings up connotations of intervening in religious ceremonies and institutions. That is not at all what gays and lesbians are asking for. We’re asking for the right to have a piece of paper that recognizes our tax-paying, loving relationships, that offers us tax fairness in America. I believe that the more we focus on the notion of basic fairness and the civil nature of the so-called marriage contract the better off we will be.”

Change the language around the “so-called marriage” issue? What is this “civil contract” he speaks of? Guerriero even goes so far as to say that gays and lesbians are not asking for “marriage,” but a piece of paper recognizing their relationship. Fast forward to 2008, when Patrick Guerriero was brought on as the director of the “No on 8” campaign in California, and tried to get “every single LGBT adult” on board:

“If every single LGBT adult would, over the next couple of days, make a donation to this campaign, we will win,” Guerriero said. “And if they don’t, we will lose.”

But I thought gays and lesbians weren’t asking for marriage. I thought a piece of paper was enough. California already had a robust civil union policy in place, so why the change of heart? Why the full-on support for “so-called marriage,” as he calls it? The answer is that Guerriero is a liberal. Plain and simple. He has no desire to see Republicans succeed, because he places his homosexuality above the economic, financial and military soundness of his country. He claims to be a “conservative Republican,” but nothing could be farther from the truth. Just like most liberals, he throws his principles out the window whenever it suits his overall agenda. Guerriero was just in Las Vegas last month on behalf of Gill Action, for a fundraiser at the home of Bob Forbuss – a very well-connected gay Democrat.

Guerriero may have left Log Cabin in 2006, but not much has changed over at the self-proclaimed “nation’s only organization of Republicans who support fairness, freedom and equality for gay and lesbian Americans.” Their webmaster must have forgotten to change that language after the launch of GOProud. Although, maybe they don’t have a webmaster; after all, they haven’t had an Executive Director for 15 months!

And now, as if the ineffective and left-leaning Gay Inc-apologist Log Cabin Republicans haven’t tumbled far enough, spokesman Charles Moran praised the activist tactics of GetEqual in an article today. According to EDGE contributor Joseph Erbentraut, “[Moran] sees common ground between GetEqual and the Log Cabin’s call for stronger leadership on LGBT-specific legislation in Washington.” While we’d all like to see stronger leadership from the White House on every issue facing Americans, what does that have to do with chaining yourself to the White House fence? These are exactly the tactics that have damaged the image of the gay community among mainstream Americans, and the spokesman for Log Cabin is calling them “committed activists,” and expressing an interest to “work in concert with each other.”

What has happened to this organization? When did the Log Cabin Republicans become a left-leaning, superficially-Republican, Dede Scozzafava-supporting, Tom Campbell-supporting group, that makes a sport out of being just as feckless as Gay Inc. is on the left?

It’s a sad day for the Gay Right. Just as millions of Americans are realizing that Barack Obama is all flash and no fire, Gay Conservatives and Republicans everywhere are realizing that Log Cabin no longer has our interests at heart.

But fear not. GOProud has picked up the mantle, and they are running with it. Just as the refusal to endorse George W. Bush in 2004 was the most damaging moment for the gay conservative movement, GOProud’s co-sponsoring of CPAC in February was the Gay Right’s most shining moment in a decade. Someday Charles Moran, and the folks still clinging to fond memories of Log Cabin’s glory days, will realize that engaging and working with Republicans and Conservatives on issues affecting all Americans is the only way to be a productive part of our party and our society. Walking away from Republicans at the drop of a hat and joining up with the folks at GetEqual is like Obama promising to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act, and then doing nothing.

How does it feel?


11 thoughts on “The Cabin is On Fire

  1. Obama has never supported gay rights. He has USED gay people to get votes.

    I would rather vote for what I believe in than vote for a person who claims they care about gay rights.

    It’s my vote and I will not waste it.

  2. “Fast forward to 2008, when Patrick Guerriero was brought on as the director of the “No on 8” campaign in California, and tried to get “every single LGBT adult” on board”

    So he’s the one responsible for the Measure 8 disaster? I did not know that.

    I’ve not quite understood Log Cabin. I was a member for a bit until I realized it was nothing more than an echo chamber for the liberal gay rights movements. If I wanted a parrot then I’d go and buy one.

  3. I went to a meeting years ago. They talked about nothing but gay marriage and how to counter the opposition most effectively.

    Well, I am from the calibur that believes a private contract of anything — man/woman or man/man has np business being sanctioned by the federal government.

    With that being said, the only person I know that legislates words is Merriam-Webster. But the federal government has no business federally defining or re-defining anything.

    Keep them out of it!

    Welcome, Mark! Great read!

  4. Kudos, Mark. You just shed light on the pink elephant in the room (cool imagery for this site, huh?).

    There is a difference between a gay Republican and a gay conservative just like there is a difference between a straight Republican and a straight conservative. It’s a battle for the soul of the GOP on both fronts.

    The LCR folks have been co-opted by both the country club Republicans (who are more interested in being loved than being principled) and also by liberal ideologues scheming to infiltrate the gay Republican community.

    The lib infiltrators are using gay marriage as a wedge issue – supposedly forcing gay folks choose between their sexuality and their core beliefs (I support gay marriage).

    Every single day, that is becoming more and more of a false choice as the nation opens up. That issue is taking care of itself as all civil rights issues have in our nation’s history. There are more pressing issues that effect our nation at this moment in history.

    I hate to be polarizing, but it was Lincoln himself who said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. And I cannot stand with gay GOP pretenders.

  5. “California already had a robust civil union policy in place…”

    CA still has the robust civil union policy. In CA there is Registered Domestic Partnership (RDP). RDP gives couples the same rights and obligations as married couples to the extent the state of CA can grant such rights.

    CA (and all other states) has no control over immigration law, federal tax law, and Social Security. Legalizing same sex marriage in CA won’t change any of that lack of control over the three Federal matters above.

    This for some insane reason is lost on too many people who support same sex marriage. They view it as some great equalizer when in fact it falls short of mark in exactly the same way RDP falls short.

  6. I absolutely love your posts like this. Someone really gets to educate the public on these topics! Your posts have been very informative.

  7. […] in April I wrote an article for titled “The Cabin is On Fire,” outlining the downfall of the longest-running organization representing the Gay Right – the […]

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