What Political Correctness Gave Us

As you may or may not have heard, tonight in NYC, yet another failed bomb attempt occurred.  This time, smoke was observed from a vehicle and was followed up on when others reported someone unidentified fleeing the vehicle.  Now the license plate on the Nissan does not match its registration so police are relying on security tapes to get clues.  Of course, we won’t be allowed to judge based on the appearance of the suspect on the videotape for the sake of being politically correct.  And of course, we won’t be hearing about this anymore in the media, nor will we hear about it until the bomber(s) are successful next time.

Political correctness gave this to us.

  • Political correctness resulted in thousands of illegal aliens who feel entitled to sponge off of our resources to demonstrate today.
  • Political correctness resulted in 13 of our men and women in uniform to be slaughtered on our own soil at Ft. Hood because nobody wanted to improperly “profile” Malik Hasan.
  • Political correctness has ruined our educational system.

This country no longer protects its own people. Its first priority has switched to first and foremost giving its benefit of the doubt to our enemies and the illegals who have invaded.

And here we all sit like a bunch of sitting ducks hoping that our pledge to remain politically correct until the very end is what saves us. Either that, or we can hold our government responsible and ask them to put US first for once.


6 thoughts on “What Political Correctness Gave Us

  1. Mel:

    I agree. I wonder if that bomb ever had the capability of going off? The police won’t disclose that detail because there is no upside. They don’t want people thinking there are fake bombs out there.

  2. This could also be a set-up to make the suspect look like a tea-party participant. This really is a weird situation unless the guy turns our to be certifiably nuts (which he is anyway) with no ties to anything specific.

  3. Well getting back to the original post…I don’t know of anywhere in the law where you have: The Right To Never Be Offended.

    If the worst that ever happens to you is other people hurt your feelings and nothing else then consider that a great thing because it is a great thing in the long run.

    I am 6’2″. To me, nearly everyone is short. 99% of the people I encounter are of equal height or shorter than me. So when I refer to someone as short, I am being descriptive because that is how I see people. Even someone who is 6’0″ is short to me.

  4. So they arrested the man who did this. This all seems way too easy. The guy did a very lame job of covering his tracks.

    Something doesn’t smell right about this.

    1. Why try to leave at JFK? Why not travel to Philadelphia or Boston?

    2. No fake passport?

    3. He left an e-mail trail when he acquired the vehihcle to blow up?

    I doubt this man has the international connections he claims. But, he might be a wannabe.

  5. Just be lucky that not all the bad guys are smart. I wonder how much more we’ll hear and what we won’t hear about.
    Nice to know the no fly list works (sarcasm)! They can stop a 6 year old but not a real threat?
    AndyB, NH.

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