Immigration Insanity Continues

Since the news of Arizona SB 1070 hit the airwaves, immigrant-rights groups have been up in arms over what is perceived to be racially-biased legislation. I’ll explain the entire bill later. Today, however, the reality of what is going on all over the country is becoming more clear. Extremism and appeasement have reached a whole new level in America and the MSM is almost completely blind to it.

Back in 2006, students at Montebello High School in Pioneer, California were told that if they walked out of class they would face severe consequences; they remained in their seats as students from another high school arrived, took down the American flag, raised the Mexican flag and – underneath it – hoisted the American flag upside-down. You remember this picture, right?

Well, yesterday was Drinko de Mayo. It’s not a holiday celebrated in Mexico but it’s become the Mexican version of St. Patrick’s Day in America. It’s not complete without a bottle of Corona in one hand and a shot of Jose Cuervo in the other. Insanity at Live Oak High School near San Francisco won the day as four students were called into the principal’s office to answer for their clothing. What was so offensive about it?

Their clothing bore the American flag.

The principal, concerned that “the image might provoke violence among Hispanic students,” ordered the four young men to either remove the clothing or go home for the rest of the day. All four bravely stood their ground and refused to remove their country’s flag. As promised, they were sent home. At least one of the boys is Hispanic. What’s even more infuriating is that a small group of Mexican students is demanding an apology for being forced to see the American flag on a “Mexican Heritage Holiday.” Mexican student Annicia Nunez said, “I think they should just apologize because it is a Mexican heritage day and we don’t deserve to get disrespected like that. We wouldn’t do that on the Fourth of July.”

If you think you’re furious now, keep your pants on…it gets better.

In Spring, Texas, a large suburb of Houston, Klein Collins High School had decided to prominently display the Mexican flag. Since this is America, we haven’t figured out why, but they did. Several parents called the school to complain but nobody got a call back. Finally, a student took the flag down. School administrators went into a tizzy, reviewed surveillance tapes, and suspended the offending student for three days. If only schools would react so quickly to a report of drugs being sold on campus or a student being viciously beaten in the locker room.

I have news for that group of Mexican brats in San Francisco: THIS IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY. I would not be allowed to fly the American flag in Mexico, even on the Fourth of July. You do not come here and demand “respect” in the form of not having to see the American flag on a holiday that you’d have ignored at home anyway. You are in America, and we fly our flag here. If you don’t want to see it then keep your happy ass at home. We are not in the habit of taking down our flag to avoid offending people on our own soil. Get used to it.

To the administrators of both schools, I ask this: why are you so worried about offending a single ethnic group? Would you be so afraid to offend the white or black Americans on Memorial Day, when anti-war protests are stepped up a notch in the face of kids who sometimes have to remember a lost loved one? Would you be as protective if another student showed up wearing a peace symbol or a Code Pink t-shirt? Would you react as quickly and severely as you did over the Mexican flag if one of your Hispanic students removed the American flag on May 5? I daresay you wouldn’t. Here’s an idea…go back to the old days, when you soundly punished any student involved in violence or threats of violence and did so regardless of what the instigating factors were? Stop worrying about which ethnic group is going to get upset about the American flag flying as it would any other day and tan the hides of any kid who dares to disrupt the educational process for any reason.

I’ll say it again, just in case anybody missed it:


Our country. Not yours. Hands off.


25 thoughts on “Immigration Insanity Continues

  1. With regards to what happened at Live Oak High School…

    Did those boys wear clothing with the American flag on it on a regular and recurring basis? IMHO, regular and recurring is at least one school day per two weeks.

    If they did then school administrators screwed up. They had no cause to question an appropriate sense of fashion style. Nobody has any cause to question that.

    Now if these boys came up with the idea to wear the stars and stripes on 5-5-2010 then tell me what their true intentions were? I’ve got a feeling patriotism wasn’t high on their list. But provoking trouble might have been. This change or go home order was appropriate for their own protection.

    As for the student who made the remark about being dis-respected, send that person home for a day too. That statement was an act of provaction too.

  2. It’s something that all of the boys involved wear regularly. Now I’ve heard that yesterday, 200 Hispanic students skipped class to protest the fact that the boys “offended” them with their flag-wearing antics.

    All of them should receive a bare minimum 3-day suspension.

  3. Aww… poor little butthurt homo. How dare that administration suspend those innocent little white boys? It’s not like they were intentionally being provocative towards the students of Mexican heritage at their school or anything…

  4. AJ, they were in THEIR OWN EFFING COUNTRY. Butthurt? I wouldn’t be allowed to fly the American flag in Mexico no matter what the holiday was, even the Fourth. I’ll be damned if I let a group of asshats like you tell me or any other American that there is any day of the year on which we are not allowed to show pride in our own flag on our own land.

    If you don’t like it, get the fuck out of my country. This ain’t Mexico. It’s the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  5. AJ is apparently frustrated by the detailed facts and logic in this article. I am willing to bet he voted for Obama and cheers for political correctness when his fellow liberals pretend to support gay marriage.

    I believe Ann Coulter as she said on O’Reilly tonight. AJ is a perfect example…

    First, if we cannot celebrate Christmas in a public school, which is a federal holiday, what Constitution guarantees the right to celebrate Cinco De Mayo? I am thrilled Mexicans are proud of where they come from. Yet they did choose to come to the best country on Earth. There is nothing wrong with celebrating Spanish holidays in America by simultaneously displaying patriotism that gives them the opportunities to express themselves!

    Tonight though O’Reilly was trying to figure out the media. Why was Contessa Brewer disappointed that Faisal Shazhad turned out to be someone associated with Islamic faith? Why are the news media portraying him as someone stressed who just lost his home?

    Coulter told Bill that he keeps confusing himself by trying to make sense of liberal behavior. They always support the barbaric and chaotic over the civilized. There isn’t an explanation for it, it’s just evil.

    AJ’s disposition forces people like us to have fun with him (her). Yes it’s fun irritating liberals (and it’s so easy) but it’s productive when they reveal themselves for the closed minded racists and homophobes they really are.

    It’s pathetic. His tone is no more effective for him either. It’s like being condescended to by a Tarot Card reader. (another great Coulter quote) 😉

  6. I love how you all think you know more about what I think than I do.

    I do not like Obama. I am not a “liberal”. In fact, I am an anarchist, so I really don’t care for flag-wavers or shouters “Get out of our country!”of any nationality.

    With that said, California used to be part of Mexico not all that long ago. I can understand why some people there still don’t consider themselves American (obviously their feelings towards the US don’t hold as much water if their ancestors moved here since US annexation of California).

    Yes, I’m aware that Cinco de Mayo is barely celebrated in Mexico, but what the Anglo students did was almost certainly just to be provocative and rude. I would be offended myself if I saw it, and I’m not even Mexican.

    I agree with what the first commenter said: If these boys regularly wear US flags to school, then they shouldn’t have been suspended, but if they had never worn them before, then it is clear, except possibly to some self-hating homos, that they were just wearing them to be assholes, and should be treated as any other sort of bigoted provocation of other students.

  7. AJ, you do not come onto this board and say what you said in your first comment without believing that we were going to take it to mean exactly what we did. You meant for it to sound exactly the way it came across: that you were likely Hispanic and pissed like the rest of the Hispanic kids.

    There is no provocation here. I say again, they’re in their own country. Nobody has any business telling any American not to show their pride in their country on their own soil, not for any reason. This isn’t Mexico. Get over it.

  8. With that said, California used to be part of Mexico not all that long ago. I can understand why some people there still don’t consider themselves American (obviously their feelings towards the US don’t hold as much water if their ancestors moved here since US annexation of California).

    I don’t think there’s anyone still alive that was a Mexican citizen in Mexican Arizona/California. So at this point they need to get over it, there isn’t going to be a Mexican Anschluss. I DON’T understand that feeling. At all.

    I love Cinco de Mayo – I grew up in CA and the parties are wicked fun. I like watching the dancers. I like the music. I love the festivals.

    And I like the St. Pat’s Day comparison you made, Mel. Because that’s EXACTLY how I feel about it.

    But the bottom line is that this is America, and even if the kids were wearing shirts to be provocative, it doesn’t matter. They were wearing the flag of the country they are in. It’s only provocative if people decide to be offended, and the comparison to the Fourth of July is ridiculous. The Fourth of July celebrates THIS country, the one we are in. Not another country. I’d say the same to anyone pissed off that someone had brought an American flag to a St. Pat’s Day parade.

    The American flag should always be welcome anywhere in America. If it is not, then perhaps the people living under the flag should consider moving to a place that better reflects their feelings where the “offensive” flag isn’t flown. It’s a free country – they’re free to stay. Or go.

  9. So apparently you people all think that students should never be able to be suspended for provocation of other students, or is it only ok when they’re bigoted rednecks waving the stars and stripes?

  10. Self-hating homos? Name-calling typically means you have no argument based in logic, and you probably think that the louder argument wins. Don’t claim anarchism. People will just feel embarrassed for you if you can’t do better than that.

    What is the big deal about AZ choosing to enforce the laws that already exist? There are still three border states that will be happy to let you in and put you on the welfare reservations should you choose to do so, two of those states much more liberal than AZ. We can see how free housing, free school, free health care, and no taxes are working for the native americans! Who wouldn’t want to jump on that bandwagon? I hope the sarcasm is coming through.

    Its illogical to want to live in Mexico. Its awful there, as evidenced by the hundreds of thousands who risk DEATH to come here. Anyone who wants to be under the drug cartel run mexican government ought to move back. Its not that far. You can see how many high school kids join in on this type of thinking. If you want to join the adolescents with their underdeveloped brains in remaking the world, be my guest. Just don’t do it here.

  11. Well-said, Mike.

    AJ, a few years ago there was a student in Minnesota who went to school wearing a shirt that said “straight pride” during the National Day of Silence. A school administrator ordered him to turn the shirt inside-out, and when the young man refused, he was suspended.

    I support his right to wear that shirt as long as the gay kids are allowed to wear the rainbow flag and shirts that say “gay pride” on them. I don’t care what’s considered “provocative.” Free speech only ceases to be free speech when it is threats of violence or other harm.

    These kids can learn a valuable lesson here: you will always, in every aspect of your life, have to live with the fact that there are plenty of people in this world you won’t agree with. You may not like the music they listen to, the clothes they wear, or even their culture, but tolerance means you learn to live with it. Agree to disagree. If someone gets in your face and yells at you, you don’t punch them in the face. You let it go – unless they force you, through violence, to defend your well-being. Otherwise, anger and violence are not acceptable, regardless of what you like or don’t like about a person.

    It sounds like you could stand to learn that lesson, too.

  12. Oh…and it has nothing to do with being a “self-hating homo.” It has everything to do with living out the tolerance that the gay community demands and yet is never willing to give. If you really think that by not agreeing with the liberal agenda we’re somehow not good gays and lesbians, then you’re not nearly as tolerant as you think you are.

  13. mike,

    Did I say anything about Mexico being a wonderful place to live, or ANYTHING about the new AZ law? Stop putting words in my mouth.


    I’m for freedom of speech and all that, but a school has a right to maintain order among its students, and sometimes that means censoring or censuring disruptive redneck mouth breathers.

    Should there be state-mandated schools at all? That is certainly an argument in itself, but as long as there are these schools, they need to maintain order.

    Also, it’s hilarious that you think I give a shit about the “liberal agenda”, or that I think you’re not good gays and lesbians for not agreeing with it. But it’s one thing to be conservative, and another thing entirely to support the party where 90% of the members either want to see you forced into “conversion therapy”, or just plain shot in the street. Gays supporting the Republican party is like negros supporting the KKK

  14. AJ, you’re not saying anything new. I’ve been told the same thing over and over and over again by every liberal I have ever met. And if you’re an anarchist, then the school’s “right to maintain order” shouldn’t be of your concern, should it?

    As a matter of fact, 90% of conservatives don’t want to see us go to conversion therapy, or even shoot us. I’ve said many times before that I get more hate from liberals and others in the gay community for being conservative than I ever have for being gay, and every other writer on the site agrees. I’ve had a couple – I can seriously think of exactly two – who have showed outright hatred, but everyone else loves the fact that I’m in the conservative movement. They love having me at their events because my orientation doesn’t matter. My politics do.

    The only thing that’s hilarious to me is that you think you’re saying anything new. Every single liberal who has ever come to post here has said all the same BS that you’re saying now. You’re not an original, AJ.

  15. Sorry, I guess I forgot how many closet homos there are in the Republican party. They’re glad to have you at their events because they want to blow you.

  16. AJ, that was certainly a comment wrought with wit. You’re doing your public school education proud. Only my first paragraph was directed at you. I wasn’t putting anything in your mouth, pervert. The truth is that you’ve not contributed a single thing worth responding to, save that you mistakenly claimed anarchism. I was merely trying to save you further embarrassment, but you seem determined to not dodge that bullet.

    The more you talk, the more you reveal your willful ignorance. And what’s worse is that you seem to be proud of your lack of substance. You may not be a liberal, but you sure argue like one, using hyperbole, name-calling, and baseless assumptions. You’re not making any points, you’re just acting like an asshole.

    On the positive side, I didn’t see any punctuation or spelling errors, which makes me think you might not be a complete dick.

  17. “On the positive side, I didn’t see any punctuation or spelling errors, which makes me think you might not be a complete dick.”
    Good to see the positive in everything:-) Hehe.
    AndyB, NH.

  18. Mike, he’s not only ignorant, he’s arrogant, and so about said ignorance.

    Closeted? AJ, if you’d ever seen me, you would know that I am not in the closet. Everyone knew I was gay before I did.

    Ask Mike, he knew me before I came out.

    Andy, Mike is very good at that! 😀

  19. “With that said, California used to be part of Mexico not all that long ago. ”

    LOL. What a preposterous thing to say.

    California has been American for longer than Gaza has been Palestinian, and yet I somehow doubt you’re suggesting we should treat Palestinians as though they’re reeeeally itching to be considered subjects of the British Empire.

    LOL. The suggestion that we should be considering grievances from the Mexican American war is ridiculous on stilts.

  20. “With that said, California used to be part of Mexico not all that long ago. ”

    Yes it was. THen came the Beart Flag Revolt. American settlers on their own volition rose up against Mexican rule. The Mexicans gave up California without firing a shot.

    After that, for a brief time, California was a nation. Then Commode Sloat sailed the U.S. fleet into Monterey harbor and submission to U.S. rule took place.

    Mexico did not cede California to the U.S. Californians took it! We chose to join the U.S. Mexico gave up nothing because it had nothing to give up!!

  21. I think this issue really boils down to one thing: Lawsuits!

    If any of those boys were to get the crapped kicked out of them, then the parents of the boy would sue the school for not protecting their son.

    This never was about freedom of expression. It was about litigation. It was about loss prevention. It was about keeping the lawyers at bay.

    Running a school has to be one of the most thankless jobs on Earth. Can you fire your students at will? Nope. Do you have one boss you report to? Sort of. You have your immediate supervisor and hundreds of parents who can make your work life miserable.

    How about we cut the principal some slack? He erred on the side of caution. If getting the tar kicked out of you over a t shirt worth it?

  22. John – I totally see your point on that. I never want to go back into teaching (other people’s children, that is) even though it was tremendously rewarding. The reason that I don’t want to is not the kids, it’s the parents. Kids can usually be fixed if everyone’s on the same page.

    And looking at it from the perspective that we would give a cop in the same circumstances, I’ll totally concede your point there. It’s a valid one.

  23. AFW:

    It is really sad that choices have to be made with lawsuits in mind. In days not so long gone by, if two kids got into a fight then that was it. They both licked their wounds and moved on. The parents would take care of it amongst themselves and leave the attorneys out of it.

    I don’t condone a butt kicking over an American flag T shirt. But, I don’t condone calling 1-800 lawyer when it happens.

    As for teaching I do understand your points. I considered it as a career. Then I remember the misery my mom inflicted over the dumbest of issues and chose another career. It only take a few parents to poison an entire school year. Sometimes it only takes one parent.

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