I Am Offended

In a society where everyone is so worried about offending someone, it seems there’s a singular exception to the rule: conservatives.

You don’t need to be white, claim Christianity or Catholicism as your faith, or even be a heterosexual. If you are politically conservative in the current culture, it is perfectly acceptable to offend you. You, however, are not allowed to offend anybody. You are not allowed to have the same amount of airtime as liberals. You are not allowed to think for yourself or have your own identity. While we’re at it, you’re not allowed to speak, be heard, or be taken seriously when you write. If liberals had it their way you wouldn’t be allowed to breathe their air. If you espouse conservative politics, you are automatically a white, xenophobic, homophobic, patriarchal lib-trashing bible-thumper and you will never be allowed to prove yourself otherwise. If you are (insert racial minority here), and you are conservative, you’re an “Uncle Tom.” If you’re gay, you’re a self-loathing closet case and a traitor.

You know what? I’m offended every single day, but nobody cares. It offends me that college professors are allowed to hand out bad grades to students whose religious beliefs or political stances they don’t like, and do so with little to no intervention from governing boards. When Jonathan Lopez, a student at a Los Angeles Community College gave a speech about Proposition 8 – given in response to an assignment to give a speech about any topic they wished – the instructor, John Matteson, refused to grade him, allowed his classmates to shout him down, called him a “fascist bastard” then refused to let him finish his speech. He wrote, “proselytizing is not appropriate in public schools” and “ask God what your grade is” on the student’s assessment sheet. This young man’s faith was assaulted by a “teacher” who probably defends the rights of Muslims to threaten violence against infidels, and I am offended.

It offends me that global warming is pushed on society by the rich and powerful and no rebuttal is offered. They hold up Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” along with his petition supposedly signed by thousands of “professionals” without telling you that of those thousands, exactly THREE have any climatology experience whatsoever. The list includes physicians, lawyers, OB/GYN’s, and…this was a hoot…a few landscapers for good measure. There are physicists and college professors in various subjects listed on said petition. They scream hysterically while driving SUV’s, flying in private jets and living in mansions that put off more of a carbon footprint in one week than my entire condominium complex has put off so far this year. They tell us that we’re the ones who need to change while they live with creature comforts which, if they were right, would only be compounding the problem. The reality is that Gore has been disproven; polar bears aren’t dying in mass numbers, Lake Chad didn’t dry up due to climate change, and even the IPCC admitted that Gore’s crockumentary was hysterical for claiming a 20-foot rise in sea level was on the horizon. I am offended that Gore, the moron who couldn’t identify George Washington and James Madison at Monticello, would have us all believe that he knows more than we do simply because he has money and was once Bill Clinton’s bitch.

It offends me that other filthy-rich politicians and their handlers are slowly pushing to eventually ban guns in America. They would have us believe that guns are evil and we civilians should never have them because of how dangerous they are. They’re made only to kill, so we should hate them. In 2000, 6-year-old Kayla Rolland was shot by a classmate – last name Owens, believed to possibly have been named after his father Dedric – and killed. You didn’t hear about the fact that the boy’s father was in jail at the time for parole violation on drug and burglary charges. You didn’t hear that selling crack was the family business, that his father, mother, uncles and grandparents were all in on it, and that he was living in the house where guns were routinely traded for drugs. You didn’t hear that the Owens boy found the gun, which was already illegally possessed, stashed under a pile of blankets in his uncle Jesse’s room. And nobody in the press seemed to be interested to know how a criminal who wasn’t obeying the law about guns in the first place was going to abide by an all-out ban, or even by laws requiring trigger locks (which was being pushed at the time). We still haven’t heard why those who lived in the house largely got off (Jesse got exactly nine months behind bars). They still haven’t told us why making drugs illegal hasn’t stopped those from getting into the hands of millions of addicts a day. The liberal elite would have us believe that we, as law-abiding, peaceful citizens, are capable of handling our cars but not able to handle the freedom to defend ourselves? I am deeply offended by such condescension.

I am offended that my fellow homosexuals call me a “Judas” and a self-hating homo and a closet case for refusing to be a liberal. What happened to all that tolerance you demand from others? Are you that incapable of giving it? I am offended when I am called a racist for disagreeing with President Obama. Folks, I don’t care what color his skin is, what matters is that he ran out of toilet paper and sent the Secret Service to retrieve the Constitution so he could wipe his rear end with it. I am offended by the expectations of Democrats that because I am a lesbian, I’m surely voting for them. What happened to courting the vote? I am offended when people in other states tell me that the state I live in is wrong for something we haven’t even done. If you’re going to be a liberal, could you at least make some sort of half-hearted attempt to know what you’re talking about? Is it that much work to read a ten-page document to get your facts straight? I am offended when others look down on me for truly being different and refusing to simply “go with the flow” while they idolize those they see as rebels. Does anyone else see the dichotomy in this?

Most of all, I am offended that everyone is so caught up in trying to make sure they’re not offending anyone until it comes to me. When I’m offended, it’s acceptable. I daresay it is praised. There is a different standard for liberals than there is for conservatives. Liberal tolerance in action.

Something else offends me, so much so that I can almost apply the word “hate” to it: Russell Brand. ‘Nuff said.


9 thoughts on “I Am Offended

  1. I’ve been saying this for years…or rather “I’m offended that people can get offended so easily”…. that has been my saying.
    I’m a Libertarian minded Reagan Conservative and I see nothing wrong with your orientation.
    Conservative philosophy and Objectivism transcend sexual orientation and race. Live and let live.

  2. A great article!!!, I have been insulted, demonized just for expressing my opinion, democracy is what left-wingers say, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!!

  3. Great piece Mel. I think in order to be a liberal you have to lack any moral code.

  4. I have missed reading this blog. Mel, when you type like this, you are speaking for all conservatives. The liberal arrogance and hypocrisy are astounding. They claim all morality is relative, but also that their own views are absolute.

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