Response to Felipe Calderon

Mexican president Felipe Calderon spoke in our House of Representatives yesterday and openly ripped on our federal immigration law. He also ripped on the new Arizona law, which places the ability to enforce immigration law in the hands of local and state law enforcement officers. Not to mention the fact that he made even more calls for America to fix our gun laws because supposedly 80% of the guns seized in crime raids in Mexico come from the United States. That’s a blatant lie, one manufactured to aid and abet our Second Amendment rights being torn down. In reality, only 17% of the guns seized in Mexico CAN be traced by US authorities – because the other 83% come from other countries (particularly Russia, China and multiple Mideast countries, including weapons stolen from Israel) and you can tell by the build and markings on them. True, of those submitted for tracing, 80% do come from the US. However, nearly 100% of the fully automatic weapons seized in Mexico don’t come from America. Fully 100% are already illegal here. If you ask me, Calderon is slowly pushing to disarm the American people so that if Mexico ever decides to invade we won’t be able to fight them ourselves. Just Google “reconquista” and “MECHa” to find out what kind of ideas are out there.

I will give a much more significant response to Mexico, the Mexicans in America who refuse to respect our laws and our flag, and Felipe Calderon himself at a later time (trust me when I say there will be no mistaking what I believe when you see it). For now, someone actually did have the cojones to stand up to Calderon while the Democrats cheered his denunciation of American sovereignty:


8 thoughts on “Response to Felipe Calderon

  1. Of course Tom McClintock is right… as he usually is. Now don’t faint anyone… I have not changed my views! But as isolated statements, McClintock is right and Calderon is wrong.

    I am quite certain that President Calderon would not have made such statements in a Reagan, Bush, or Bush White House. He talked about guns and immigration reform in the manner he did quite precisely because he was in the Obama White House, and there were no surprises.

    I actually believe that Calderon is smarter than this, but if the regime said it was okay, he certainly scored huge political points with his own constituency.

    From our political point of view however, I don’t know whether to describe it as a “no-brainer” or just “brain dead.” Either way, nothing new out of this White House.

    I don’t care who is president… Tom McClintock for Veep!

  2. I’m glad he brought up Mexico’s immigration laws. Thank goodness someone finally did!

  3. Mel, as I stated in our conversation, I do believe Calderon’s problem is greater than his mouth. Ilegal immigration laws such as AZ’s would open Pandora’s box in his country. Yes, of course Calderon needs for this White House to look at the immigration laws what else is there to do? What happened to health care? Balancing the budget? Boards of accountability? I am tired of the babbelings of both Calderon and Obama. I believe it is about time that we get back to the business of constitutional rights (for which you must be an US Citizen) and not politics.
    I share the sentiment.

  4. Case, it has actually become worse, if it could…the head of ICE, who reports directly to Janet Napolitano, has stated that he “won’t necessarily” (whatever that means) accept prosecution of illegals detained by Arizona LEO’s.

    What I don’t get is how Calderon is allowed to bash our laws when we’d never be allowed to do anything even remotely like what he did in Mexico. Oh, and I have to ask this, too…where do either Mexico OR Cuba get off telling us about our “human rights violations”?

    Our government needs to stop begging for approval from every other country on the planet and start worrying about how we’re going to avoid becoming Greece in two years.

    (Love you both…give Alba a big bear hug for me!)

  5. Take a good look at Mexico’s immigration, not to say anything about citizenship, laws and you will find a rather schizopphenic jumble of policies.
    What perplexes is me are many issues; two of which stand out.
    Nobody wants to remember Pancho Villa’s raid on Colubumbus, New Mexico. We mustered an army to go after him.
    As to the current Arizona legislation. If a person is 1, legally stopped (say in the case of traffic violation) and 2. is unable to produce a valid – note please: VALID Driver’s License – such a person is 3. subject to criminal sanctions. Also, such a violation must be – Must Be – reported to the National Drivers’ Registry. Yes, such an apparatus does exist.
    I spent 10 years hearing such cases and I know the routine.
    Like any law they become interpretted in rather parochial settings or in courts that “can’t be bothered”. From those roots the cancer eating at laws metasticize.

  6. I know I’m commenting almost a year later but I too, have recently become more politically aware and feel compelled to comment on this.

    I am an American born woman of immigrant Mexican born parents. My parents entered into the U.S. in 1963, LEGALLY! Of course, back then it was easier if you had a sponsor, which they did, but my parents knew of many that didn’t and broke the law to enter.

    Although I’m of Mexican decent, while I lived in Mexico during my six years of marriage, I could not become a Mexican citizen unless I denounced my American citizenship. The alternative was to go to the border every six months to get a “permit” to stay in Mexico. I was a foreigner in their eyes. Come on!!! My parents were born in Mexico and I just happen to be born in Chicago and I am a foreigner, but you know what? That’s fine, because it’ll be a cold day in hell when I give up on the country that I am born and raised in and proud to be a part of. My own mother was apalled at Calderon’s audacity that day when he spoke. I’m all about the U.S. and legal immigration. What’s next? Amnesty for terrorist?

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