Am I a Racist?

Be honest! 

In a discussion with a liberal moonbat earlier, I unveiled for him the obvious list of Obambi-related failures.  I also reminded him that a lot of us were able to determine this before he was elected as he had no experience at anything….

I called him “Obama-the-monkey” as the leader to all the same monkeys (moonbats) who walked into a voting booth and voted for this disastrous man to lead our country; thereby, disqualifying them from having any say whatsoever on who our next president should be.

He got mad, avoided the substance, and called me a “racist.”


12 thoughts on “Am I a Racist?

  1. You are not a racist. “Monkey” used to be a common slur for black people, but you were not describing Obama by his race; you were describing his ineptitude as a leader and his efficiency at completely bungling everything he touches.

    The moonbat you refer to called you a racist specifically for the purpose of avoiding the substance and is likely happy to have something to point at and say, “HA! You people are all hatemongering racists!”

  2. No you’re not a racist, that lib just didn’t have any better response. Besides, I refer to kids as “little monkeys” all the time (I mean they jump around, bite, probably spread disease, hehe). What if we made reference to a “monkey wrench?” “Black humor?” No matter what we say, they’ll call us something just to distract people from the fact that they couldn’t refute what we were saying. And to steal from “Red Eye (a humor show on Fox News)” if you disagree with me you’re worse than Hitler!” Hehe.
    AndyB, NH.

  3. I think you could have chosen a better term. The word Monkey can be taken out of context by many. I did not take it out of context.

    In order to be a racist you must have the following:


    I don’t see you as being prejudicial Steve. So, you are not racist.

  4. You aren’t a racist from any evidence I’ve seen, but that term is. Coulda picked a better phrase. I just prefer “Clueless” or “Incompetent” in such descriptions.

  5. “You are not a racist. “Monkey” used to be a common slur for black people, …”

    With some of my friends and relatives it still is.

  6. You are not a racist, but because “monkey” has been used so often to refer to blacks in the past, it can easily and justly be inferred as a racist comment.

  7. Of course you are not a racist, liberals will take whatever excuse to attack you, they are empty of content and the only they have is judging the others.

  8. You can be racist without possessing any power… you can be racist without possessing any privilege… racism is simply the belief that one race is inherently inferior to another. It’s despicable no matter who it is directed toward.

  9. No, you are not a racist.

    For over two years I have been called that on various boards and at first I was shocked and tried to explain that my comments about Obama had nothing to do with racism.

    It took message boarders about 6 months to finally come to the conclusion that this was a tactic, along with threats against women, misogynist comments, and personal attacks.

    Finally the world made sense again. When it is clear that this is an enemy attack, it all becomes clear.

    I was called a racist for saying that I didn’t think O had enough background to run. That happened before I really knew about him.

    Calling me a racist based on my comment about his lack of experience just woke me right up.

  10. Without knowing more, I would not be able to say whether you are a racist or not, but I certainly your phrasing helps in opening a discussion…

  11. “Thanks Everyone! Good perspectives.”

    You are welcome Steve. Sadly our nation has degreaded into a morass of Speical Olympics thinking. Nobody is allowed to lose, nobody is allowed to be offended, nobody is allowed to feel bad, and all wrongs must be corrected even if the rules don’t allow for that wrong to be corrected.

    It’s all rather wretched.

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