The Big Hypocrisy

I love movies. Love ’em. I’ve been known to sit in line for six to eight hours with my friends to see the midnight showings of new movies and turn around and make it to work on time the next morning. I have a pretty good DVD collection that includes everything from Band of Brothers to Adam Sandler’s Click to the Twilight saga films. I absolutely love movies (and music, too, between my dad and I we’ve got at least two 16G iPods’ worth of music).

No matter how much I love movies, though, I have to also point out Hollywood’s one huge, glaring flaw: it is peopled entirely by hypocrites.

Years of listening to actors and actresses air their political views has taught me that the people are hypocrites, but I came to the conclusion that the hypocrisy is entrenched at all levels while watching the Transformer films back-to-back a couple of weeks ago. During the first film, the president isn’t named; you merely see a faceless actor portraying him laying in bed, shoes off, asking a flight attendant on Air Force One, “could ya rustle me up some ding-dongs, darlin’?” The attendant makes a snide remark about being on AFO to serve the man ding-dongs and goes to retrieve them, at one point taking a bite of one and making a disgusted face. It is obvious that they are portraying none other than George W. Bush, even though they never give his name. He’s depicted as a lazy cowboy who sits out major crises while eating junk food.

In the second film, the President is named. You never see him, but in a jumble of news bites about the new threat from the Decepticons one clip stands out, and this was done deliberately: “President Barack Obama was moved to a bunker for protection…”

Note the shift. The whole underlying theme is that, when you look at the characters from Sector 7, you shouldn’t trust the government. EVER. As soon as there’s a president in office that the filmmakers like, however, it’s a different tune they’re singing. Don’t trust the last guy, but by all means, trust the new one. Don’t bother with what kind of job he’s doing. The facts don’t matter, we just want to know that the guy we like isn’t going to be in any danger. Hope and change.

I’ve begun to notice such themes in a lot of my favorite films. In Mark Wahlberg’s Shooter, which I loved, you’re told from the very beginning the the government can’t be trusted, not for any reason. Wahlberg’s character distrusts the government so much that he won’t have anything to do with them even when they drive up in a motorcade and request his help. Support the troops, but the government that trained and hired them can go to hell.

I find this especially interesting in light of the Hollywood elite’s support of government right now with Obama in charge. Don’t trust the government unless they’re willing to give you free healthcare and an unemployment check! They’ll condemn the Nazis and their slaughter of six million Jews in the Holocaust (and when one of their number, Mel Gibson, is linked to a father who is a Holocaust denier they’ll all turn their backs on the man in a show of outrage). Yet when the Palestinians elect terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah to lead them and send suicide bombers to blow themselves up in restaurants and ice cream parlors in Israel and fire 4,000 rockets into Israeli towns, all of a sudden it’s a different story. the Palestinians are the underdog, you see. They’re fighting for their freedom. Israel has no right to defend herself, she just needs to roll over and give up their homeland.

There are a high number of hypocrites in Hollywood, but even among them there are the real extremists. Take, for instance, Sean Penn.

Penn’s son Hopper was in a serious skateboarding accident and was nearly killed. After his son survived, he felt a need to re-assess his priorities in life and he started by going to Haiti. This wasn’t his first foray into charity work. He’d also taken a small boat to New Orleans after Katrina and blasted Bush’s response to the disaster. He’s been an anti-war activist for eons. Plus, most notoriously, he has “become friends” with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and has defended the man’s actions and policies to the point of calling for American journalists who criticize Chavez to be thrown in jail.

Well, at least he’s learning something while he’s there.

He was so touched by his time in Haiti that he returned to the US and wished publicly that his critics would die screaming of rectal cancer. Real sweetheart, isn’t he? What I find interesting is that Penn defends everything about Chavez. Literally everything – he says that Chavez isn’t doing anything wrong, because everything he’s doing is in line with the Venezuelan constitution. Of course Penn would think that document is beautiful – his amigo Chavez wrote it! You won’t hear Penn talk about inflation, crime rates, or shortages of water and food. You won’t hear him talk about rolling blackouts because they can’t afford to provide electricity to the people the way socialist nations do. You’ll hear him say that Chavez is a “charismatic man” and “fascinating” though, as if that’s enough.

I find Hitler fascinating, too, and I am a friend to Israel…fascinating in that disgusted, horrified way in which people subject themselves to gore movies. Adolf Hitler had no education. His father, Alois, didn’t see the point in intellectual education and didn’t want his children to be subjected to it. After performing poorly in primary school, during which time his mother doted on him and refused to discipline him in the least, Adolf was forced by his father to attend a vocational secondary school. He actually flunked out of that school before living as a homeless artist in Vienna. He really did live a hippie lifestyle, believe it or not; after being turned down for acceptance by the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Hitler joined the army and fought in WWI. Believe it or not, he didn’t become a German citizen until 1932, well into his political dealings.

When Hitler’s Nazi party seized power, the first thing they did was confiscate all civilian-owned guns. This was done while the Nazis edged all other political parties out of the government; eventually, the Nazi party was the only legal political party. Then they took over the media. Before long it was illegal to speak out against the government or the actions of Nazi officials, lest the full fury of the SS be brought down on you. First they persecuted the Jews by limiting what they could do and forcing them to wear yellow six-pointed stars; then came Kristallnacht, or “night of broken glass,” when the Jews were forced from their homes and businesses and herded into ghettos. Then they were sent to concentration camps, where those that could work were forced into hard labor and the rest were slaughtered.

Hitler had no education, but he was very charismatic. He was a talented public speaker. He was very, very good at getting his point across, and the German people loved him.

Do we not see the intense similarities here between the real Nazis and what’s going on in our society today? We have entertainment industry leaders telling us how we should think through their activism and the movies we watch and the music we sing to, and we are slowly giving up our nation’s sovereignty to ideals that would dare to force us into charity. Democrats would love nothing more than to take our guns away. Penn and others, including Oliver Stone and Danny Glover, have called for journalists who criticize foreign despots to be jailed. Now we have the FTC proposing ways they can “reinvent the media.”

The big hypocrisy that Hollywood claims against Christians and conservatives is a little closer to home than they’ll ever admit.


2 thoughts on “The Big Hypocrisy

  1. Hey Mel. What an outstanding post. I have been saying for years to the left, ” you can’t have it both ways”. I am new to blogging and I just started a couple of weeks ago. I am a Libertarian and a motorcyclist so I kind of combine my love for anything with two wheels and an engine with my love for my country and politics. Would you please take a look at my blog, maybe a few comments or suggestions. I would greatly appreciate it. My blog is called Lucifers Hammer, I’ll give you a clue about the name, it’s motorcycle related. Would really like to be linked to your blog if possible. Thank you and I hope to hear from you and your friend’s soon. Bob

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