The Political Power of Networking Sites Part 2 (HELEN THOMAS RESIGNS!)

Just one day after Sarah Palin’s Twitter remarks which catapulted the White Houses’s ‘hurry up and make-the-scandal-go-away’ campaign to national scrutiny yesterday, Helen Thomas resigns.


4 thoughts on “The Political Power of Networking Sites Part 2 (HELEN THOMAS RESIGNS!)

  1. I have mixed feelings about this. I hate to see her go out this way. Yeah she chose to say what she said. At the same time, I hope this is not the defining moment of her career.

    It’s also too bad that here in America we are no longer a nation of “don’t dish it out unless you can take it.”

    Thomas’s remarks about Israel are absurd and subject to ridicule. But I don’t think they should come at the cost of her job. She can say what she wants to say and the appropriate thing to do is refute what she says. Firing someone and denying them a lawful means to earn a living does not set well with me.

    Once again our national desire to never have anyone feel offended rules. I found her remarks offensive. But my choice before this and after is to not read her column. If enough people do that, then Helen Thomas won’t have a column. She won’t have a career due to supply and demand vs. not having one because a bunch of people feel offended.

  2. John, that’s a decent assessment.

    You know though, ask yourself how she got to be so absurd? I mean her comments were so blatant that I actually detected she thought people were going to laugh with her. This is the problem with much of the media, they assume they have all power and that nobody can hold them accountable.

    I believe she took the bad turn. She also brought this on herself. I am sorry for it because she did hold honor and prestige and experience for a half decade.

    You can bet your ass though with Facebook and Twitter, other members of the Lamestream will be watching their steps more carefully. And that is a good thing.


  3. “You know though, ask yourself how she got to be so absurd?”

    Being nearly 90 doesn’t help. I suppose she had a senior moment and expressed something that has been on her mind for quite some time. Under more normal conditions, she would have kept her mouth shut.

    Also, I think she stayed in the game too long. Always step away when people want more. Never overstay your welcome. Leave with the spot light on vs. walking away after it has been shut off.

    I admire famous people who know when the right time to step away is. Mark Spitz didn’t try to add on to his 1972 Olympic glory. Well he had that botched attempt at a come back. But, when he first retired, he was on top.

    Carl Lewis did not try to win a 5th consecutive Gold Medal in the long jump. 4 golds were enough. He left on top.

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