Dereliction of Duty

I have to wish a very happy father’s day to all the dads out there…I spent the day with my dad. When I was a kid we didn’t get along. Now that I’m an adult, my dad is one of my best friends. We talked politics all day long (between episodes of Band of Brothers), and at the end we both admitted that we fear our country may already be so far down the path to destruction that it may not be salvageable.

Then, fellow blogger and friend Nic Minacapelli shared a video on Facebook that made my blood run cold. Apparently the Obama administration and Democrats are holding border security hostage – for immigration reform.

How would we like it if a cop refused to go on a call unless the city agreed to pay his mortgage? That’s essentially what Obama is saying.


4 thoughts on “Dereliction of Duty

  1. Oh. My. God.

    How idiotic is that? If I shut the bath tub tap off then my flooded home is no longer flooded. Wrong! It is flooded but the amount of water does not increase.

    The border can be secured and then those that are here illegally can be dealt with.

  2. My concern in this issue is whether or not the Teleprompter-in-Chief will include pardons for crimes “ante mandamo” (sic) when, as I suspect he will, sign an executive order for immigration amnesty.
    And, we should use our preripheral vision when we consider just who is seen as deserving of his “comprehension immigration reform”.
    Remember, we went through this before when Kennedy and O’Niell worked on it with Ronald Reagan. However, when it came to funding enforcement, they dropped their cards and left the table.
    Not all those in the country illegally are poor Mexicans for whom the Cardinal Archbishop of LA would remind us, “Christ also died.”
    Would the amnesty process take into consideration visa violations, add citizen and stir marriages (the most common tool of Islamists) and the broad sweepings of political refugees from such garden sites such as Sudan, Somalia and Venezuela?
    Remember, never has the lust for power been so sordidly expressed than in the personage of the present administration.

  3. “and the broad sweepings of political refugees from such garden sites such as Sudan, Somalia and Venezuela?”

    I thought people with political asylum were here legally. Hence they have political asylum.

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