Hey, Jude

On Friday of last week, BP CEO Tony Hayward was removed by the board of his company from his position leading the efforts to stop the oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. On Saturday, he took his teenaged son to a yacht race off the Isle of Wight. By Saturday night White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel was lambasting Hayward for going to the race. Today, White House Spokesman Bill Burton echoed that sentiment, saying, “We took him at his word that he was going to get his life back, and it’s clear that he has.” Hayward was removed from leadership after saying that he wanted his life back in a TV interview on May 30.

Obama said he was “looking for some ass to kick” over the Gulf spill crisis less than a week after taking time off to enjoy a concert with Paul McCartney and a mish-mash of American musicians, including the Jonas Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Jack White, former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl and a host of others. Obama graced McCartney with the Library of Congress’ Gershwin Award for his contributions to American music and culture. Posted on the White House website was this video, part of a broadcast to be put out in late July:

At least Obama was thinking of the Gulf Coast when he took time off for this shindig. I wonder if he was thinking of the Gulf Coast disaster any of the MANY times he’s gone to play golf. Or basketball. Or to see a baseball game while Hayward was at the aforementioned yacht race (it was the Chicago White Sox against the Washington DC Nationals, in case you were wondering).

The hypocrisy flowing so freely from the White House right now is absolutely breathtaking. Hayward hasn’t taken a single break from his duties to do something non-work related, yet while the Big O has done interviews and junkets several times, he’s done nothing…except play golf. The explosion occurred on April 20; It has now been more than two months, and we’re still hoping for a conclusion. He’s talked about plugging the hole, but what did he do to contain the oil from the beginning? Nothing. If you look at the reports to Democrat constituents, offers of assistance from other countries were accepted rapidly after being received; this is not so. Three days after the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon, the Netherlands was the first country to begin offering help. If you believe the politicians trying to placate voters, the Obama administration accepted that help in “early May.”

It is a patent lie. Not until May 23, ONE MONTH AFTER THE INITIAL OFFER WAS MADE, does the US State Department admit to accepting oil skimming vessels from the Netherlands. Those ships have not been put to use yet, though; the way they work and the foreign crews trained to operate them are the big issue. The Jones Act forbids the use of foreign workers as opposed to American union workers in US waters, and despite the unions saying repeatedly that they don’t want the Jones Act to become an issue, it already has. The other problem is that the EPA has rules regarding how cleanup can occur. Those rules forbid water previously tainted by oil from being sprayed back into the ocean. This creates a whole new problem because the skimmers are built to collect oily water, separate the oil and put the clean water back. The EPA won’t back down.

Thus far, offers from only five countries have been accepted. Offers from more than twenty others are still listed as being “under consideration.”

Considering the fact that Obama told Senator John Kyl and others that he was essentially holding border security hostage in return for immigration reform, this shouldn’t surprise us. He’s already begun to push cap-and-trade. Now we’ve got Democrats saying, “SEE?!? Drilling for oil is too dangerous!” Aaaaand, there’s another little factoid being conveniently ignored by liberals and the MSM.

Obama and BP have worked together on pushing cap-and-trade legislation, as well as other legislation – including green jobs, climate change, and strong EPA rights. Why would BP hamstring themselves so blatantly? Well, they’re not…they’re benefiting already. Such legislation offers handsome subsidies to companies that go from selling fossil fuels to helping in the effort to “save the planet”. Those companies aren’t being stiffed. They’re being bought off.

Deep-water oil drilling was always dangerous because there is no craft that can help humans survive at the depths they’re drilling. The oil companies are only out there because environmental activists have insisted on refusing to allow them to drill closer to shore. They were afraid of a spill like this. Unfortunately, this spill has proved to be most difficult for the simple fact that people can’t get to it – they have to send robots. Drilling in ANWR wouldn’t present nearly the same challenge as that region is ON LAND. The current Gulf disaster is a monster of our own making, and our President is too busy singing “Hey, Jude” with some of the biggest superstars in the world to actually do something about it.

Oh, and lest I forget…it’s not just Republicans who are cozy with big oil. Democrat John Kerry owns quite a bit of stock in oil companies, including BP. His wife owns millions of dollars in oil stock separately. People who live in glass houses…


2 thoughts on “Hey, Jude

  1. This whole BP oil spill mess is proof of how stupid too many people in America are.

    If BP could shut the flow off immediately then BP would have. If the oil industry had any magic bullet to end this trouble then it would have been used.

    The only way this well is going to stop is when the relief wells are finished. That won’t happen as fast as anyone wishes (including BP). But, that’s the only option left and we have to wait for it.

    So, what is any CEO to do? Sit and watch the oil gush? Go to a beach and dig up tar balls or wash oil soaked birds? Get real.

    America needs to stop being so stupid an accept this mess is around until the relief wells are finished.

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