While the Big O promised us all that he was coming to heal the planet, the majority of Americans went to sleep on election night with visions of peace and joy dancing in their heads. Free healthcare. A house for everyone. Jobs for all who want them. No more war. Thanks to Barack Obama, the people of the rest of the world were predicted to suddenly see the error of their ways, lay down their AK-47’s, set aside their Qur’an-fed sharia-loving ways and be reasonable enough to stop killing innocent people. The way everyone put it, you would think that Obama’s very presence in the White House was going to end the buildup of pollution in the cities.

Instead, we’ve got bailouts upon homebuyer tax credits upon regulations. Multi-trillion-dollar debt is threatening to drown our children and grandchildren so that the government can take care of us in the here and now. American “exceptionalism” is now a no-no; we’re not allowed to be better than anyone else. God knows (or the Big O, depending on who you pray to) we might hurt some other countries’ feelings if we were to actually be better than they are.

I am beginning to believe that Obama’s failure to properly control is not mere inexperience. The more bad news I read about the Gulf oil spill, the more I am convinced that the whole thing is a deliberate ploy to force America and other democratic/republic countries to accept greater government control. There is no way that the combination of blunders that Obama has made in handling this crisis can be coincidental. It strikes me as being more deliberate by the day.

At first the Big O flat refused help from other nations. He quickly realized that he couldn’t keep refusing and appear to be doing something, so he accepted a handful and most of the help was deemed temporarily illegal for use, whether because of the EPA or the Jones Act. Everything else has been listed as “under consideration.” He refused to allow Louisiana to build sand berms, saying that an “environmental impact study” needed to be done to examine how the berms might damage sensitive marshlands. It doesn’t take an biological expert to tell that sand berms wouldn’t do nearly the damage that a complete infiltration of crude oil would. Louisiana started anyway, and Obama let it slide until today.

Dredging for material to build the berms halted at midnight today because the area they’re dredging from is apparently too sensitive. Let’s forget about the fact that tens of thousands of barrels’ worth a day are being pumped into the Gulf. Let’s forget about the fact that some of the sludge has already washed into the marshlands and the effects have been devastating. Let’s forget that it will become far worse if it is allowed to continue. The Obama administration has decided that an issue that might have an effect on sensitive marsh islands is more important than a separate issue that will absolutely destroy them.

That isn’t stupidity. It’s deliberation. It is defiance of sound logic, one that does not require a doctorate in ecological studies to understand. There are reports of toxic rain in Louisiana and the Big O is still blaming the last eight years.

Unicorns may be riding on rainbows during the Obama administration, but they’re not doing the right thing. This is beyond distressing. It is my worst nightmare breathed to life. I cannot fathom how anyone is left in this country to support Obama and his methods. Then again, I have argued for some time that in order to have world peace, people would need to stop being unreasonable and be willing to consider a different point of view. It should no longer surprise me that people are willfully blind, deaf and dumb.


3 thoughts on “Defiance

  1. It is hard to imagine that anyone would deliberately act this way and let the oil flow out just to achieve ends. But, I long ago realized that President Obama simply does not care about people, at least not Americans. What has he said about the hikers imprisoned in Iran? Not his people so who cares and besides, it might offend the Iranians and we wouldn’t want that.
    I continually try to lower my expectations and standards but people manage to surpass them. Sadly going the wrong way. I can only hope more people will read blogs like this and start to see what is happening. I’m not holding my breath.
    AndyB, NH.

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