That Smarts!

I thought I’d seen it all. I am now sitting in stunned disbelief that the stupidity of liberalism has been challenged once more.

Peggy West, the 12th district representative of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, didn’t bother just putting her foot in her mouth. Joe “this is a big effing deal” Biden does not have the accuracy that this woman does to score a direct hit between her tonsils. In a Board meeting to discuss Arizona’s SB 1070, West actually made the statement that Arizona is “a ways removed from the border.” No kidding. She actually said it. 6th district representative Joseph Rice seems to have needed to do everything in his power not to fall into fits of hysterical laughter as he does his best to give her a professional, friendly geography lesson:

Sad, isn’t it? Considering Arizona’s famously sweltering heat, it’s hard to imagine how any American can be so poor at geography that they can make a mistake this egregious. Arizona Senator John Kyl gave the best smackdown ever: he sent the good Supervisor a map. At least she knows how to Google it. That ought to tell her everything she needs to know.

Every time a liberal does something stupid, all I can think of are all the unforgiven faux pas made by conservatives in the past. To this day, I have not heard a liberal stop making fun of Dan Quayle’s “potatoe”. When Sarah Palin referred to Africa as a country, even though she may have meant to say continent or may have been referring to South Africa, liberals the world over jumped on it with both feet and still harp on it. Simply because of that, she’s a complete moron and to liberals that is a mortal sin.

In just a year and a half, though, we’ve lost track of the number of amazing blunders made by this extremely intelligent and talented liberal administration. Lest we forget…

New Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wanted to make an impression not only on the Russians but on the whole world by presenting Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov with a gag “reset” button – the only problem was that they put the wrong word on it. They actually had the Russian word for “overcharge” printed on it:

From saying that Roosevelt “got on TV” during the Great Depression to asking a disabled, wheelchair-bound veteran to stand at a campaign rally, Joe Biden has made so many dipshit gaffes that there are multiple video clip compilations on him:

Here’s the perfectly-articulated while horribly mispronounced “corpsman”. Not once, but TWICE – from Obama, that super-educated community organizer:

Not to be outdone, here’s Obama again…notice how he pauses to think about this before saying he’s visited “fifty….uh, seven” states:

Way back when I was a kid newly-elected president Bill Clinton and vice president Al Gore visited Monticello. This was back in 1993, and the single video that captured this gaffe fell down the same copyright rabbit hole that swallowed the Reginald Denny beating. Gore pointed at detailed wood-carved busts of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Paul Jones and Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de Lafayette and said, with a straight face, “who are these guys?” I remember seeing it on the news and turning to my dad in complete incredulity, saying, “how can the vice president not know who they are?!?” I had never visited Monticello at that point in my life, but even at the age of 14 my father had deemed history so important that I knew exactly who they were.

Just remember, ladies and gentlemen…these are the intelligent people who the media would have us believe are going to save us all from ourselves. If a conservative administration had made this incredible mish-mash of glaring errors they’d have been tarred and feathered.


2 thoughts on “That Smarts!

  1. As a gay man, I find true conservatism to be the only way to protect the freedoms we enjoy today
    ———-Join the club. Jews, most of them are stupid and left wing, they make me feel like sh*t!!

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