The Right to Self Defense

Self defense is a concept that shouldn’t be in question. Every creature on the planet understands the need to defend oneself. Animals will use all manner of defense mechanisms to protect themselves, their homes and their young from any threat, whether real or perceived. In this day and age, however, it seems that there are a growing number of people who react emotionally to the subject of self defense rather than thinking about it rationally. Of course, when the emotions are in, the logic is out.

Such emotional reactionism has resulted in strict bans on weapons in countries all over the world. Most stringent are laws in England, Japan and Australia. In Australia it’s gotten so bad that even knives are banned. Scottish sword dancers, popular with tourists in that country, are required to have permits for their blades and keep them locked in safes when not being used for a show. Why? Violent crime has skyrocketed in those countries, and criminals not using guns still use inferior weapons such as knives, bats, chains and other items to aid them in victimizing a now-disarmed populace. Here in the United States, several cities and a couple of states had done their level best to head in that direction with gun bans. In 2008 the ruling from the Supreme Court in DC v. Heller determined that the District of Columbia could not ban handguns. The ruling stated that the Second Amendment extends to DC and all people have the right to carry handguns in self defense.

Today, the Supreme Court has handed down its ruling in McDonald v. City of Chicago. The Second Amendment applies to every individual in America, and local and state authorities can no longer enact such bans in defiance of the Constitution.

James Feldman was the lawyer sent to represent Chicago before the Court. He argued – quite weakly, might I add – that, “The right it protects is not implicit in the concept of ordered liberty. States and local governments have been the primary locus of firearms regulation in this country for the last 220 years. Firearms unlike anything else that is the subject of a provision of the Bill of Rights are designed to injure and kill.”

Well, DUH!

Yes, Mr. Feldman, guns are designed to injure and kill. They have been used by hunters and soldiers for that very purpose since their inception. The problem with such technology is that once it’s created, it can’t be undone. The genie can’t be put back in the bottle. Guns are out there, and the bad guy will always do whatever they can to procure the tools they need to aid their quest to take whatever they can from whomever they find by whatever means necessary. That’s not paranoia, it’s mere reality. It happens every day. Far too many people in this world walk around believing that violent criminals can be reasoned with, much the same way they believe violent despots such as Saddam Hussein can be reasoned with. If we just give them a chance and sit down and talk they’ll see it our way, right? Well, I tell you what…you can try that all you want. I won’t have you forcing that to be MY only option.

What’s even more outrageous was what Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said. “If the notion is that these are principles that any free society would adopt, well, a lot of free societies have rejected the right to keep and bear arms,” came the dissenting opinion. That reeks more than John Kerry’s “global litmus test” remarks in 2004. I’m sorry, Justice Ginsburg, but you are NOT in the business of applying our laws as defined by other nations. You are not appointed to the bench to hold our laws up against those of other governments to determine whether they’ll be popular. Your job, as a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, is to interpret OUR law. Period. There is no other method to hold them to but our own. I am tired of hearing from politicians and judges in this country who think that we need to measure ourselves against everyone else. How can you expect us to care what every other “free” society rejects when their archaic laws have resulted in extremely high crime rates?

Sorry, hon. My give-a-damn’s busted.

More than being expected to agree with soft sentences for hardened criminals, I am infuriated that the liberal element in this country would dare to reduce me to a whimpering, whining dolt, forced to beg for my life from some uneducated thug whose sole purpose is to provide for his own pleasure. I beg for nothing. I sure as hell won’t beg for my life. As long as I am alive, I will use any means within my rights to defend myself, my home, and those I love in this world. If that means at some point I may have to actually unholster my sidearm, take aim, squeeze that trigger and put a bullet between the eyes of my attacker…well, I have two words for you:



8 thoughts on “The Right to Self Defense

  1. And that’s exactly what I don’t get, Mel. I don’t get the “don’t fight back” mentality that is at the base of anti-firearm legislation. I don’t get it.

    I don’t buy the downward spiral in regards to legal firearms, especially when the firearms causing the problems are causing the problems precisely because they aren’t legal in the first place.

    I don’t understand not fighting back – I don’t.

  2. “I don’t understand not fighting back – I don’t.”

    I think banning guns has less to do with self defense and more to do with idiotic people who do very stupid things.

    An adult owns a gun and does not store it in a secure place. A child or teen gets that gun and someone gets seriously injured or killed.

    A group of adult are out getting drunk, goofing off and up to nothing special. One adult says something rude to another adult in the group. The offended adult has a gun, he’s drunk, he’s more annoyed than he should be about what was said. The gun comes out and someone ends up dead.

    These are the sorts of things gun control people wish to stop. Such things while sad and tragic are rare.

    Why would you hang out with someone who has a short temper and carries a gun? I would not associate with such a person. Why would you own a gun and not secure it regardless if children live with you or not?

    We can ban stupidity. But we try to ban the things that result from stupid behavior.

  3. I can agree with your point, John, but for me, kids never come into my home. I always keep my weapon unsecured and nearby. I also know perfectly well that if I don’t keep my temper in check, whether the gun comes out or not I can spend a very long time in prison and end up not being allowed to have that gun anymore when I get out – if ever.

    The law is in place to deter people from making those kind of stupid decisions. People get drunk, stupid, then get behind the wheel and end up seriously hurting or killing someone else. DUI deaths result in more than ten times the number of deaths than guns do every year.

    One does not even need to be drunk to kill someone with a car – they just need to be dumb. Speeding ratchets MVA’s that would normally just be injury wrecks to fatalities in most cases. Street racing has killed as many as guns have in Phoenix so far this year.

    There have also been more children killed by drowning in backyard pools alone than by guns this year.

    I don’t think we really can ban stupidity. We can do our level best to limit it. Human beings will be idiots no matter what we do.

  4. Mel:

    Typo on my part. I meant to say we can’t ban stupidity. But, we should discourage it with punitive fines.

  5. With the Texas GOP’s recent declaration to try to re-criminalize homosexuality (you guys on Gayconservative DID hear about this, right?), this puts the right to self defense all the more on my mind.

  6. We did hear about it and I have met a brick wall trying to get a press release from the Texas GOP. They don’t want to discuss it. I’m going to be in Texas in a few weeks, I might just pay a visit to their offices in Austin.

  7. I just wanted to say that I am always amazed that allegedly intelligent (or at least educated) people thing having possession of a gun will turn you into a Jekll/Hyde character. When I carried concealed (anything from a Beretta .22 to a Sig Sauer P220) I had to act calmer and if someone wanted to get in my face I couldn’t overreact because I knew I had a responsibility to control my temper and my actions. It isn’t a wild west movie and I’m not going into a situation guns a blazin! The reality is most people who carry and even most law enforcement go their entire lives without having to fire their gun at someone. But the more likely a criminal will run into an armed citizen because of shall carry laws the more safe the entire general populace is. I try to get libs to explain why the most dangerous, crime ridden places are the places (Boston, NYC, L.A.) that heavily restrict a free person’s right to self defense. No one wants to be stuck in D.C. or Chicago alone after dark but they won’t admit why. It’s a weird pathological fear or hatred of guns I cannot understand.
    Besides, I recall a number of years ago Chicago being against allowing retired police officers to be able to carry. I guess Daley really trusts his cops as well as his citizens (probably subjects in his mind). AndyB, NH.

  8. @AndyB
    Yea, I run into the same nonsense on almost a daily basis. Trying to explain to them with actual FACTS on self defense that a firearm will turn you into a monster no more surely than getting behind the wheel of a bulldozer will make you want to level your neighborhood doesn’t avail either.

    Give em Hell and keep us posted. Much as I’m disenfranchised with liberals, declarations such as those don’t make me eager to come running into the right’s arms either. I hope their lack of eagerness to discuss it is out of realizing how monumentally stupid the platform is and how it makes the whole party look.

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