Nazi Racists…YOU’RE WHITE! You Don’t Belong Here!

I love this. A brown beret activist from La Raza (meaning “the race” in Spanish) shows up for a protest and immediately starts calling SB1070 supporters racists and Nazis.

What comes next will floor you…she says, “go back to Europe! This is America! You’re white, you don’t belong here!”

She is right. This is America. We speak English and we live by the rule of law. Don’t like it? Go back to Mexico.


10 thoughts on “Nazi Racists…YOU’RE WHITE! You Don’t Belong Here!

  1. Good point, Karen…Mexicans and South Americans are largely descendents of Spanish conquistadores, who actively wiped out more than one indigenous tribe. What’s funny is that some of these brown berets who call for us to go back to Europe believe themselves to be descendents of Aztecs and other tribes native to Mexico, Central and South America – in reality they’re mostly Spanish in descent, which is largely why they speak their own versions of EUROPEAN LANGUAGES.

    I’m glad you brought that up!


    Just read this on Yahoo before leaving work. The article makes it sound like the state is the bad guys and we should feel sorry for the poor illegals. Realy? And it says “Legal Residents Flee.” But the woman with two children and a legal husband is leaving because apparently she is not legal (would marriage to a legal citizen cover that?) and we should feel sorry for her? I just don’t get it. It sounds like the law is helping matters already though but it sounds also like many illegals will go to other states which is a problem. I don’t want to see local and state law enforcement burdened with yet another duty but I think many other states will have to look at similar laws. And to think, All Obama has to do to avoid this is secure the borders and enforce the laws on the books as the federal government is supposed to do. I won’t be holding my breat. AndyB, NH.

  3. Thanks for posting that article, Andy.

    The reporter writing the missive makes it sound (the way many reporters have) as though we want all the Hispanics out. That simply isn’t the case. I don’t know how many times I’ve said it: this is about the illegals. If you’re here legally, then please, STAY! We want you here!

    It’s the people of all different skin colors, including white, from all different nations who have come here illegally that we want to go home.

  4. I know. My Dad was trying to say that we should make it easier for illegals to become citizens if they aren’t criminals. I feel that being a U.S. citizen is a privilege and the easier it is the less it will be appreciated. I mean, people who are born here don’t appreciate it and will happily sell this country out. Sigh.
    Being from NH though, is there a way I can keep the MassHoles from moving here? Hehehe.
    AndyB, NH.

  5. Over the weekend I had dinner with friends. One of them told me Dallas, TX has an law nearly identical to Arizona’s. But in Dallas, police officers make every person they pull over prove they are legaly residents of the US.

    If the above is true then that racial profiling fear is moot.

  6. John, that actually makes sense. Nowadays cashiers have to ask everyone for their license to prove they are 21 or older to buy alcohol. Still, it would be nice if the feds would do their job. We’ll see what happens.
    AndyB, NH.


    Two more articles that baffle me. The second one is about fingerprinting illegals (Yahoo story) which some don’t want to do. The D.C. council is against it despite the police being for it. I guess we just need to give up trying to enforce laws or even trying to solve crimes. It’ll offend someone.
    I wonder what the punishment is for illegals trying to sneak into Israel? (Just finished reading Brotherhood of warriors by aaron cohen)?
    AndyB, NH.

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