My Thoughts on the Sherrod Controversy

Man oh man, the media is eating this up now.  While the public seems to be placing blame where it is due the most in this case — obviously with the White House — I feel emphasis coming from most in the MSM in disparaging Andrew Breitbart and Fox News.

I don’t have an exact re-cap of all the events leading up to the first mention of it on Fox.  I am currently looking into that because of all the accounts I keep hearing on Fox and throughout the day on talk radio, Fox had not even mentioned it until AFTER the White House got word of it and persuaded her to resign by warning her about the big scary Fox and Glenn Beck which was headed her way.

I cannot prove anything but something stinks here. 

Yes, Breitbart, Fox, The White House, all owe an apology to Sherrod.  However; Ann Coulter mentioned on Hannity last night that she believed Breitbart was “set up.”  I agree.  However; it still does not excuse Breitbart (whom I adore and shall remain a loyalist to from failing to doublecheck the entirety of the speech.

Still, I find it a little odd that in the same week the NAACP passes a ridiculous resolution against the “racist elements” of the Tea Party with specificity (I am still waiting for their resolution against Harry Reid), a mysterious videotape appears.

How about this?  Someone from the other side pieces this together and sends it to Breitbart.  He plays it, Sherrod gets fired because afterall, this administration never investigates anything before rendering opinion  (like the AZ immigration law and Obama saying the Cambridge police acted “stupidly”), the truth then comes out and Sherrod gets to attack Brietbart and Fox for a couple of weeks.

I wouldn’t mention it — because I truly hate conspiracy theories — but it is odd that Fox has been a target of the administration from the get-go and the three major networks have all lost millions of viewers within the last year alone while Fox continues to grow and THIS surfaces months before a midterm election.

In the end, we know the Obama administration acts “stupidly” all the time with rushing to judgment.  But unfortunately, with the rest of the media in his corner, Fox will get the biggest beating over this.

It’s just a theory.  However; I feel it in my bones that we have not heard the end of this and there is indeed one more person out there to surface.


5 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Sherrod Controversy

  1. Steve, you beat me to it…

    I have to agree that something absolutely reeks about this. I once had someone on this blog call me a liar for making a single misstatement, and it irritated me to no end. I told him then that if he had an issue with something I’d said, by all means, let me know – but don’t you dare call me a liar. Calling me a liar insinuates that I intentionally mislead readers to believe a contrived statement, and I would never, ever do that.

    That said…I have a damn hard time believing that Andrew Breitbart would see that entire speech video and edit it to show just that snippet that was posted on his website. Think about this for a moment: if he viewed the entire video and deliberately posted just that sliver that made Sherrod sound like a racist, it would be easy to expose because we all know – and he would know perfectly well – that other people would spot the issue right away. If he ever wanted to mislead people, he’d be smarter about it. (Not that I believe he would lie, mind you.)

    It’s too obvious. Breitbart would know that others would see that portion and know that his take on it was wrong, and he would know how damning it would be to be caught in such a juvenile-grade lie. He would not have done that deliberately.

    Because of that, I am convinced that he was set up. I am certain that someone sent him just that piece of that speech and hoped that he’d post it. I’m also fairly certain that Breitbart will figure out what happened. Everything, even in cyberspace, leaves a trail.

    As far as Fox goes, they never reported it as a case of racism. As you noted, they didn’t report it until it became clear that the White House was pressing Sherrod to resign. Because they’re Fox, though, they’ll take a thorough lashing as if this is entirely their fault.

  2. The last I heard about this was speculation that the Sherrod controversy was made to distract everyone from the NAACP labelling the Tea Party as racist. As far as I can tell, it is just speculation but I would not be surpised either way. The whole matter is very suspicious.

  3. I bet that speculation came from the same media sources that are now bashing Breitbart.

    Right now, I’m not even going to trust Fox on this one until someone has some kind of evidence to prove that Breitbart did it deliberately. I still say he wouldn’t have been that blatantly stupid.

  4. Hey everyone,
    I just wanted to let you know that I spoke to Shirley and she asked me to tell all of you that you’re racists. She would have loved to have told you herself, but she’s just too busy with her publicity tour and all of her television appearances talking about how awful it was to be accused of racism without proof. So, once again, per Shirley, you’re a bunch of racists. Oh yeah, and she said I’m a racist too. We’re all racists, unlike Shirley.

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