Gay Hypocrisy and Union Thugs: My Weekend in San Diego

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This past weekend I took a drive from my home in Las Vegas to San Diego for GOProud’s “Don’t Tread On Us” Reception, featuring conservative lesbian radio icon Tammy Bruce. The event was held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, a beautiful property with gorgeous ocean views, just a few blocks from the Gaslamp District. The event was a great success, complete with outdoor patio setting, tasty hors d’oeuvres and an exceptional featured speaker.

About 30 minutes before the event was set to begin, several protestors showed up on the sidewalk in front of the hotel. There were no more than a dozen at their zenith, and they were shouting “Boycott the Hyatt!” There had been a lot of buzz on the interwebs about “THE BOYCOTT” by the gay community, resulting from owner Doug Manchester’s $125,000 donation in favor of Prop 8. In addition, the first friend I contacted regarding my weekend in San Diego said, “Don’t you know about ‘THE BOYCOTT’?” Nobody consulted me before starting “THE BOYCOTT,” so I was clearly not bound to honor it.

At first I thought these 12 people, who devoted at least an hour of their time on a gorgeous Southern California day to screaming while nobody listened, were protesting the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) – which was having their convention at the Manchester Grand this same weekend. Didn’t they know about “THE BOYCOTT?”

They weren’t protesting the 1,600 black journalists who held their convention at the hotel, after 70% of the black community in California voted to support Prop. 8. They weren’t protesting the numerous Hispanic hotel guests and employees, after 53% of Hispanics voted against gay marriage in California. They weren’t protesting the 1,000 Red Hat Ladies who descended on the hotel this past weekend. They were protesting the 40 gay conservatives who chose to meet on a patio for a few hours of camaraderie and appetizers, while listening to Tammy Bruce explain why she no longer identifies with liberals.

Now there’s no doubt that Hyatt owner Doug Manchester gave $125,000 in support of Prop 8. However since then, and possibly because of “THE BOYCOTT,” he apologized and offered to donate the same amount to various gay organizations as a way of righting his wrong. GOProud was the first recipient of those funds, which helped defray the cost of this weekend’s reception. Apparently that didn’t sit well with the 12 members of the Gay Left Gestapo, who were outside waving signs like “Gay Republicans are like Vegetarian Butchers,” and “GOProud = GOShame” – very creative.

The hypocrisy is staggering.

The Gay Left demands rights and freedoms, yet punishes Doug Manchester for exerting his. “THE BOYCOTT” is designed to hurt the Hyatt financially. However, it also negatively impacts the hotel’s 1,000 employees – a significant portion of which are gay and had nothing to do with Manchester’s decision to donate to Prop 8. The Gay Left has chosen to continue their assault on Doug Manchester, even after he has seen the error of his ways and made genuine attempts to make amends. Activists should be rewarding people who change their views based on new information, even if that information has to do with declining profits. Doesn’t that mean “THE BOYCOTT” worked? Instead, these protestors make it clear that there is no upside for people to publicly admit they made a mistake, and try to make things right. That’s a self-defeating exercise.

As an aside, the fact that the San Diego chapter of Log Cabin Republicans are honoring “THE BOYCOTT” just goes to prove earlier statements made by this author that LCR has completely abandoned those it claims to represent.

The bottom line is that the Gay Left is nothing more than an activist arm of the Democratic Party. They have aligned with union thugs to boycott the Manchester Grand Hyatt – not because of marriage, but because of its non-union policy. The organizers of the boycott and subsequent protests make it clear when they say, “The solidarity between the labor movement and the LGBT movement is a powerful coalition.” They continue, “Together, we have signed up over 3,000 people at Pride events onto pledges to ‘Sleep With The Right People’–that is, patronize union hotels whenever possible and steer clear of hotels with active boycotts.” Human Rights Campaign also supports “THE BOYCOTT,” proving that they believe in equal rights for everyone – except the rights to oppose gay marriage, not join a union, or earn a living at the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

I never got the memo that stated being gay requires being pro-union. Maybe we need to add another letter to our alphabet soup acronym. LGBTTQQIA… U?

So why is the Gay Left in cahoots with unions in California? Could it be that the largest donor against Prop. 8 was a union? Mr. Manchester may have topped the financial contribution list in favor of Prop 8 with $125,000, but the California Teachers Association contributed ten times that amount against the measure, with a staggering $1.25 million. The CTA’s parent organization is the NEA.

Remember… “The solidarity between the labor movement and the LGBT movement is a powerful coalition.”

Any questions?


13 thoughts on “Gay Hypocrisy and Union Thugs: My Weekend in San Diego

  1. Those twelve protesters remind me of the professional protesters in the movie PCU who took their own signs everywhere.

    And protesting is something they do when it’s safe. It’s not safe to protest an ethnic minority group – someone might call you a racist. And it’s not safe to protest things outside the comfortable developed world. Someone might kill you.

    But 40 conservative, law abiding gays? That’s the perfect protest venue.

  2. Mark, you are 100 percent correct .

    No one can demand freedom and liberty with one hand and attempt to deny it with the other hand.

    I don’t agree with people donating money to support Prop. 8, but that is their call not mine.

    What if I owned a business, donated huge to No on Prop. 8 and Pro Prop 8 people decided to boycott my business?

    BTW, the Federal Court ruling on Prop. 8 is supposed to be released after 12 Noon PDT. The presiding judge is openly gay. So, it’s pretty obvious which way he’ll rule.

  3. “Together, we have signed up over 3,000 people at Pride events onto pledges to ‘Sleep With The Right People’”

    Right People? What about Left People?
    …so, does this mean they are pledging to sleep only with People on the Right side of the politicial spectrum?

  4. The Log Cabin Republicans have a libertarian stance, and not a neoconservative ideology similar to this web log, if I remember correctly.

  5. I believe Mel and Steve did not care for whether or not Prop 8 passed when it was first introduced. And Steve was strongly against the anti-prop 8 movement then.

    Both were in rounds on YouTube making comments and a video clip brushing off the opposition to Prop8 because it was then only heavily opposed by the left.

    I however am not certain what their current stance on this issue is now.

  6. Well, I’m Mel and I can tell you exactly what our beef was with the protests against Prop 8 – it was misplaced and over-the-top. I will be posting later today about yesterday’s ruling but when the gay rights activists are ignoring the fact that very high numbers of blacks and hispanics voted yes on Prop 8 – in many cases more than those who are religious, particularly Christians – we have a major issue.

    Calling them the “Christian Taliban” was too much. There would have been a wiser way to go about it and they didn’t care. It was all an emotional reaction.

  7. “I believe Mel and Steve did not care for whether or not Prop 8 passed when it was first introduced. And Steve was strongly against the anti-prop 8 movement then.”

    As any rational sane person would be. I live in CA and the anti Prop. 8 campaign was a joke.

    Calling marriage a Right? Excuse me. It is not a Right. It is a priviledge.

    Campaigning hard in The Castro? Talk about preaching to the choir.

    Stealing Yes on Prop. 8 signs off of private property?

    Have street rallies during rush hour on busy streets AND standing in the DARK where motorists can’t see the signs!!!!

    Then of course when the ballot measure passed resorting to school yard crying and Nazi like tactics to punish those who supported the Yes on 8 campaign.

    But this is one that exceeds all others. A platry 16,000 same sex couples out of a state population of 36,000,000 bothered to get married when it was legal. That’s a flop. People demand a “right” they statistically won’t use and cry foul when it is taken away.

    Where is the sense in that?

    Is there someone out there who can save the gay world from Gay Marriage because it sure needs saving.

  8. Oh by the way, the lead attorney in the Federal same sex marriage case is a known Conservative. Do you think the gay world is going to be thankful that yet again another Conservative went to bat and won?

    When the CA Supreme Court legalized marriage, two Conservative justices voted to legalize same sex marriage. There was no thank you for that either.

  9. I’m in the middle of reading Judge Walker’s ruling now, and he has made some very good points about the state of marriage in America.

    I sincerely doubt that most GLBT people and organizations will acknowledge the great conservatives who did a hell of a lot more work toward gay equality than any liberal ever has.

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