Liberals Getting Sloppier (Yes, it’s possible!)

The biggest hindrance to Democracy is untruth.  Especially when we are supposed to be able to rely on human decency and our media for information and objective opinion.  If liberals weren’t so sloppy at the lies they tell and tricks they pull, they could pose a real danger to our freedom.

The first example involved a “man” by the name of David Weigel who showed up at a political event held for Kentucky.  He posed as a racist Republican who was a supporter of Rand Paul.  But when the cameramen got word of his trick from the other side (members supporting the liberal actually bragged about what he was doing), the cameraman had a conversation with him both as a Rand Paul supporter and then caught him marching and chanting for the liberal later on that day. 

With so much emphasis liberals have placed on the Tea Party (not to mention the NAACP), you would think this story would show up somewhere on CNN.  Yes, I know millions of Americans are out of work, losing their homes, and Michelle is enjoying one heck of a taxpayer-funded getaway to Spain, but you’d think after all that has happened with regard to the Tea Party, they’d have time for such raw footage.

Rick Sanchez of CNN has the time to entertain a piece of “raw” video on Sarah Palin which was brought to light by an Alaskan blogger who has been obsessed with the Governor for the past three years. 

The video — which Palin herself has responded to on Facebook today — depicts Palin “rolling her eyes” at a “teacher” by the name of Kathleen Gustafson.  The “teacher” turned out to be a “theater tech” and sits on the Board of Directors of the town’s local “Family Planning Clinic.”

It’s funny knowing this and then listen to her begin by telling Palin she swore on her “precious Bible” to serve the state then implied that Palin left for personal gain.  If she’s a board-member of a Family Planning Clinic and uses the Bible in such an angry context, I find it hard to believe Ms. Gustafson was a Palin supporter to begin with. 

Then take into consideration that Gustafson lives in the same town of Homer, Alaska as Shannyn Moore does.  Shannyn Moore is President of the Palin Derangement Syndrome Society.  For years, she’s “investigated” the Governor (falsely said Palin was under investigation by the FBI and cried victim when Palin’s attorney threatened lawsuit for it) and has entertained Levi Johnston.  We all know by now how credible he turned out to be.

C’mon liberals!  Are we really supposed to believe that this woman — an unhinged lefty — was standing up and holding a sign that said “Worst Governor Ever!” and happened to be accompanied by her own cameraman and just happens to live in the same town as Shannyn Moore (population of Homer is just over 5,000) all by coincidence?

Immediately Shannyn Moore posted two articles on this, uploaded the video to youtube, copied and pasted her article to the Huffington Post (which drew over 10,000 comments from other lefties suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome) and sent it to CNN.

This is the same woman who appeared on “Countdown” with Keith Olbermann where she was introduced to his regular 12 viewers.

The indignant “teacher” is not very impressive.  It is a well-documented fact that Palin-haters in Alaska filed numerous ethics violations costing taxpayers $2M and Palin $500K in defense fees.  She resigned to dis-empower them and give Alaska a Governor who could devote the time to them without those interruptions.  Somehow the “teacher” is unable to comprehend this and yet she wants us to believe that parents trust her with guiding their children?

This was Shannyn Moore’s weakest attempt at investigative blogging as it took conservative bloggers about three minutes to solve this.  The homely “Girl from Homer” is getting desperate.

CNN should report these developments but I won’t hold my breath.


As noted by “jerry” who I also believe is posing as “robert” on other conservative blogs, Gustafson does work for a school.  Though the title is “theater tech” as I stated before (hardly the reading-writing-arithmetic type).  And “jerry” denies Ms. Gustafson being President of the local family planning facility but does acknowledge she sits on the board. 

Since Shannyn Moore fought so hard for her right to report rumors when she was going around telling others that Palin was being investigated by the FBI, I have appropriately changed the paragraphs which questioned Gustafson’s teaching credentials. 

Lastly, she injected herself into the public arena by protesting and certainly should be subjected to the same scrutiny and specificity as Joe-the-Plumber was.


19 thoughts on “Liberals Getting Sloppier (Yes, it’s possible!)

  1. Suggest you remove this lie ASAP. Google the teacher. She teaches drama ( otherwise known as theater tech) at the high school. Has been certified to teach in Alaska since 95. She also teaches summer camp and is this week. Plus, she is not the president of the family planning clinic, just a volunteer board member. You should know that this is a pretty clear case of libel and you didn’t bother to fact check at all. Seriously you need to remove it.

  2. Jerry, I assume that a “family planning clinic” is in favor of abortion… so, you must be vehemently opposed to abortion since you think Steve calling the theater tech the president of the clinic is “libel”

  3. Jerry, if she works at a high school as a theater tech, this does not make her a teacher. The libel are the lies perpetrated against Sarah Palin.

    Many people volunteer to help children. I will make corrections to the specificity as they unfold, but more is certainly unfolding that this woman was obviously set up by Shannyn Moore and is anything but a disappointed Alaskan in Sarah Palin.

  4. You suggest that we remove it ASAP? Or what…are you going to sue us? Don’t get hardcore with the keyboard, man. You can’t do a damn thing to any of the writers on this site and everyone here knows it.

    Steve is right. If Joe the Plumber is going to have every aspect of his life ferreted out by liberal wingnuts, then the Theatre Tech deserves the same treatment.

  5. I suspect that there will eventually be a law suit against the Homer woman. She is all over the boards and it wouldn’t take much to create a trail of her attacks on a private citizen.

    If nothing else, she should be investigated for stalking. She is actually worse than Joe McGinness.

  6. @Jerry Uh, Kathleen doesn’t teach drama – she trains and helps with theater tech work (lights, sound, staging). Guess you don’t know the difference between that and scholastic education instruction.
    Furthermore, her rude and disrespectful behavior towards Palin – who is no longer her governor or representative – was completely a personal attack , followed by the tired typical lefty claim of victimization for being called out and treated in kind.

  7. Guys, there are no abortion providers in Homer. My mom is with birthright and she called a friend in Anchorage to set up a protest. The friend told her they don’t protest Homer because they. (Birthright)actually provide counseling at the clinic there. Call and see for yourself.

  8. This is my new favorite site! I didn’t know there were any other conservative gays out there! I usually get attacked if I even suggest that the left is sometimes less than truthful!

  9. I wish Palin would sue Shannyn Moore. She could and would probably win.

    The fact that Palin has not sued may be a good move on her part, but you cannot find any other criminal stalkers who are treated so well, no doubt because of her connections to Obama.

    We might be in for a surprise since it looks like Obama is losing his backing.

    I’m expecting a lot of people to be thrown under that big bus of Obama and Shannyn may be next.

  10. Holly, my apologies.

    She sits on the board of the local “family planning” clinic whose website mentions Planned Parenthood a few times, especially in the “additional resources” link.

    So, while they may not be performing the procedures right there, I am sure women are guided accordingly.

  11. Letscheck, you are correct. Moore is scum and she’s going to have lots to answer for someday. I feel as if she’s trying to make a name for herself off of Sarah Palin.

    She sent me an e-mail a couple years back (in 2008) claiming to be an “independent” in response to a blog post I put up. The tone of the e-mail was so much less harsh that she is when she’s on Keith Olbermann’s show or you find out she’s using Levi Johnston as a credible source.

    There are a few Palin-obsessed moonbats up there and Shannyn is certainly their leader, that’s for sure.

  12. Hi, Michael! I think I am the token heterosexual here. Liberals do not see the complexity of the human interaction and are blind to how messy humanity can be. A gay liberal ex-friend accused me of being anti-gay when I said I didn’t find the opponents of Prop 8 sympathetic. I had said nothing to her about the law itself. She conveniently forgot that I had encouraged her open sexuality for the prior year.

  13. Stevo said: “There are a few Palin-obsessed moonbats up there”

    Oh, the irony! Stevo, the quintessential softboi diva worshiper, lover of all things Palin, accuses others of being “obsessed”. That’s rich.

    Glad to see that fun is still being had around here!

  14. @Hi,Stevo All you have to say is personal attacks that lack of substance? More evidence illustrating you have no coherent, rational argument.

  15. “Liberals do not see the complexity of the human interaction and are blind to how messy humanity can be. ”

    @Karen – I politely see it the opposite way. Liberals totally get the complexity of human interaction. That they have that down very well. What Liberals fail to see is we are not obligated to the knife’s edge to help each other and bail each other out and look after each other. Liberals take the concept of human interaction way too far.

    For example, nobody in their right mind wants to see kids go hungry. I don’t want that and I don’t know anyone who does. As a Conservative I feel the remedy the problem of hunger is private charity. Those who wish can donate to private charities that help hungry people and people do donate.

    The Liberal answer is Food Stamps, WIC, and Free School Breakfast and Lunch. Whether we want to be charitable or not, we have to be. Whether we think a private charity can do a better job ending hunger doesn’t matter either. The government gets to solve the hunger problem and that is that according to Liberals. The Liberal love for humanity drives Liberals to do the most inhumane things.

  16. @John in CA – I completely agree with your humanitarian view of caring, promoting responsibility, and private charity. When free enterprise is allowed to function, people have more opportunities, and charitable giving (through private individuals, non-profits, NGO’s, corporations) increases. Capitalism actually inspires and promotes that sense of individual responsibility – whether it’s for one’s own life or for helping out their fellow man in need.

  17. “Hi Stevo” — Yeah, we were wondering where yor were. There’s only one liberal I know that overuses the phrase: “that’s rich.”

    There is a difference: I LIKE Sarah Palin and I have continued to fight to make sure that what almost got passed off as common knowledge is corrected. People like Shannyn Moore obsess to pass lies, and why most liberals overstate her sentences (“OMG What an idiot!”, all Palin has to do is say “good morning” to be called an idiot) or understate her influence on the midterms.

    I’m not obsessed with Palin. But I do know that we allowed a poor media to inaccurately portray her as unqualified when they managed to get this boob in the White House elected.

    I understand the bigger picture.

    On Hannity now, he is quoting Democrats saying they wished Palin was on the plane with Ted Stevens. Actual public death wishes!

    The bigger picture is that liberals and the media can do this to any good conservative, be it Chris Christie, be it Palin, Reagan, ANY one of them.

    That’s the bigger picture.

    After this administration and Congress, you could never make an argument for liberalism, so the best thing liberals have is to attack Sarah Palin.

  18. Info on her credentials as a ‘teacher’:
    # “According to the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District website there is no Kathleen Gustafson registered as a teacher in the district which includes Homer. …
    “I wonder how the school district would feel about her misstating or more appropriately impersonating a teacher.”
    Although some can say that could be a teacher, it isn’t categorized as such, and Wiki gives a good definition and details to show they are NOT teachers!:

    and according to someone who IS a theater Tech:
    ““Hi, I’m a Theater Tech at our local High School. I produce and direct shows, however I’m not a teacher either considered by the school or myself”. …
    “What is significant is that she is president of the Board of Directors, Kachemak Bay. Family Planning Clinic (KBFPC) in Homer, AK, aka, abortion rights organization.
    “We all know that progressives [liberals] have targeted Sarah for not aborting her Down Syndrome Affected child Trig.
    “The more I dig the more I find connections between Gustafson and Shannyn Moore, the progressive blogger and chief harasser of Sarah Palin and it’s looking more and more like this was a “bait” setup for which Sarah bit, but then she would have had no choice. Had she not approached them over the banner they most likely would have approached her.
    “UPDATE: Working on information that in fact left-wing PDS [Anti-Palin group]queen Shannyn Moore actually orchestrated the event possibly coordinating it with Gustafson.”

    – So Where is Kathleen Gustafson?
    11 Aug [2010]
    Posted by MacRanger

    As Doug Powers said:
    “Newsweek wrote, “Palin gets snarky on a school teacher.” The school district’s website lists Kathleen Gustafson as a “Theater Tech,” but why expect Newsweek to get curious and check for themselves whether or not her claim is literally true? (had Gustafson been with the Tea Party the school district would have no doubt heard from a Newsweek fact checker by now)
    “When Palin asked Gustafson what she did for a living, and she said she was a teacher, that’s where eyeroll-gate started.
    “Oh, I don’t know, maybe Sarah somehow knew that Gustafson is also the director/singer in a drag queen band, that it was possibly a radio stunt or that Gustafson is (or at least was) president of the Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic — you know how the pro-abortion folks love Sarah.”
    – Sarah Palin’s Eye Roll: Back and to the Right… Back and to the Right
    By Doug Powers. August 10, 2010 12:07 PM

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