Desecrating Ground Zero

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard about the plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero – the site of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 that resulted in the deaths of 2,997 innocent souls and 19 jihadists. Much has been made of it. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg vehemently defended the decision to allow it to be built, saying it’s a matter of religious freedom. Governor David Paterson tried to find more neutral ground by offering state assistance to help find another location for it. In the meantime, the proposed mosque has trampled on the last nerve of most Americans (even some liberals). We feel it is a desecration of sacred ground. We have a right to feel that way.

My great-grandmother once told me about what it was like when she heard about the bombing at Pearl Harbor. She remembered where she was, what she was doing, and how she felt. She markedly recalled the mood of everyone she knew: anger. We didn’t do anything to the Japanese, so why are they attacking us? How dare they! Everyone rightly believed that the attack needed to be swiftly and decisively repaid, lest the attackers feel they could destroy us – and actively try. It was simple then: kill them or they will kill us.

Somehow we’ve managed to lose our grip on reality since then. I have seen and heard many gays in the public eye defend Islam and Muslims. There are even gay groups that defend the Palestinians, despite stonings, hangings and beheadings that are doled out for those caught in homosexual acts. Never mind the fact that if we were to display our gay pride in an Arab nation ruled by Sharia we’d be arrested and executed – they’re the underdog in American culture, and by God (or Allah, as it were) we need to help them!

We’ll be helping them while they dig our graves. 9/11 was not the first attack that jihadists carried out against Americans. There was the bombing of the USS Cole, the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the Khobar towers, the Beirut Marine Barracks, the first bombing of the WTC, and the Iranian hostage crisis. None of those incidents were provoked. Each and every one were carried out by Sunni and Wahhabi Muslims bent on carrying out jihad against American infidels. Now we have Muslim groups all over the world collecting funds to have a Muslim community center and mosque built just steps from the site of the worst terrorist attack ever to be carried out on American soil, and it was carried out in the name of the very religion whose leaders wish to build their holy place on that hallowed ground.

I just love how the Muslims planning the mosque and their defenders are calling for tolerance. It’s all about freedom, they say. Well, here’s their tolerance in action…Greg Gutfield, host of Fox News Channel’s Red Eye program, has decided to plan a gay bar to be built next door to the mosque. The idea is that it will cater to gay Muslims. Gutfield has been jeered by a lot of liberals – including a lot of gays – for trying to stir up trouble. Really? You’re kidding, right? Gutfield tried to get them to talk about it, and they’ve refused. They won’t even talk to him off the record. Here was his Twitter message:

@park51 Hey, how do you feel about my gay Muslim bar set to be built near the Mosque? Do you embrace in name of tolerance?

…And their response, also via Twitter:

.@greggutfeld You’re free to open whatever you like. If you won’t consider the sensibilities of Muslims, you’re not going to build dialog

Oh, okay…I see. So everyone else has to be tolerant and understand MUSLIM sensibilities, but you don’t have to give a damn about American sensibilities about what you’re trying to do? How does that work? I cannot believe you would condescend to us by telling us that we need to be sensitive to you while you dance on our still-healing wounds and try to claim that you’re “sensitive” to our feelings and beliefs on this issue.

Muslim sensibilities? If you’re so open to people being tolerant then you should show some yourself. If you expect Americans to live with a mosque at Ground Zero, then you had best not dare bitch about your sensibilities. You had better learn to live with a gay bar next door, because that is how we live here. If you want to “build dialogue” with us you must first be willing to discuss all of the issues. Of course, we all know how you carry out dialogue – it plays out every day in Iran, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank…you’ve made it quite clear what your idea of “dialogue” is.

The Big O has now weighed in. Naturally, he’s calling for tolerance to be shown to the Muslims planning the mosque.

The uber-liberals over at the Huffington Post have, on cue, called the backlash against the mosque site Islamophobia. I have one thing to say to that accusation:

Yes, I AM.


20 thoughts on “Desecrating Ground Zero

  1. I found your post very interesting, but can I ask you a couple questions?
    First, when you criticize a minority (LGBT Americans) for standing up for another minority’s rights, what do you hope to gain for your own civil struggle?
    Secondly, Islam is not a race, it is a religion, and the attacks you mentioned previous to 9/11 were rooted in political struggle rather than religious right carried out by a small sect of people (would we want Westboro Baptist to be the face of American Christianity?). Why do you feel the need to deprive the peaceful American Muslim citizens of a community center because of what a crazy radical group did?
    And lastly, why do you defend Greg Gutfield’s exploitation of the gay community by using a baited questioned that played off his perception of a gay scare in American politics?
    I don’t expect a reply, but just think these over.


    p.s. I hope you know Rick Perry championed the alterations of the Texas GOP to incriminate gay marriages and intimacy as well as being the head that sued the State of California for its overturn of Prop 8. While conservative, I hope you look at these and vote Bill White

  2. First, T, you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned the political connection to Islam. Not only is it a religion, but it is a political way of life. One’s right to practice religion should not come with political consequences such as a religious mosque built near Ground Zero where the same religion’s political extremists killed all sorts of peaceful Americans — including Muslims.

    The leader of this project makes America an accessory to 9/11 and believes our country should live under Sharia Law. There is no Christian law. No laws have been made in this country, which grants private individuals the right to practice their religion, on the basis of Christianity.

    Denying the right to build a mosque near ground zero is not a stifle to freedom of religion as much as it is a stop to a dangerous political consequence. There is a right to practice religion. There is no right to build a temple for it — especially right where its radical sect has taken 3,000 of our own people.

    Americans are united in majority on this for a reason. Not because they are bigots but because they haven’t forgotten.

    You can hardly compare the Westboro Baptist Church (as looney as they are) to radicals who want laws passed which demonize homosexuality as a crime punishable by death (even THEY don’t want that in America) and forces women to take positions as second class citizens. The Phelps have been very vocal and have not exercised much taste that is true. But they have tried to persuade by their own words which they have the right to do.

    I think Americans may be more accepting about this political game of Islam if in fact one would do their part in fighting the radical ones. THEY are the ones doing their part. Then perhaps our men wouldn’t have to die doing what they refuse to do.

    Let the peaceful Muslims prevail in that fight. But until then, a mosque near ground zero is utterly disrespectful and a slap in the face to New Yorkers and to America.

  3. T, you are trying to argue that the 9/11 attacks were political, not religious, in nature; put bluntly, you are deluded. It was absolutely religious. On at least two of the flights that crashed that day, the hijackers were heard by air traffic controllers reciting the Shahada (“la illaha ill allah, muhammadur rasul allah”, or “there is no god but allah, and Muhammad is his prophet”). They received instruction and blessing from imams, or religious leaders in their mosques, on their missions. In Arab nations – which, in fact, make up a much more sizeable portion of the globe than Topeka, Kansas – Sharia is the law of the land. It is law based entirely on the teachings of the Qur’an (in other words, based on their RELIGION).

    You missed an important point in my original post. It was not merely some small radical group that carried out the attacks. They were part of a larger, global culture that includes groups right here in the United States. Shiite and Wahhabi Muslims believe in the Qur’an literally. Their belief can be summed up in three words: KILL ALL INFIDELS. This is something you need to learn well, because they didn’t stop with our embassy in Tehran. They didn’t stop with 9/11. It isn’t going to stop until either we kill them or they kill us. It’s that simple. Yes, there are moderate Muslims. There is NOT, however, a moderate Islam.

    As for the claim that Greg Gutfield is trying to “exploit” the gay community…I must point out yet again that the Democrats have been doing that for decades. Bill Clinton rode into his first term in office on a wave of rainbow love by swearing to end the military’s ban on gays and lesbians serving openly. What did we get? DADT. DOMA. Barack Obama doesn’t give a plugged nickel about us. Democrats are no longer asking for us to vote for them, they merely expect that since a majority of gays and lesbians are convinced that Republicans are anti-gay we will all just vote for the Dems. It doesn’t work that way. I’m not interested in an emotional reaction. According to the Constitution, Christians have the right to believe that my lifestyle is wrong. They’re not trying to round us up. Even the Texas GOP knows full well that they’ll never be able to write anti-gay legislation again; they are playing to the more extreme conservatives in rural areas of the state who have never been exposed to independently-thinking gays.

    You can tell me all day long that you think Republicans are evil gay-bashing monsters and the Democrats are our champion. I will disagree until long after you’re blue in the face.

  4. Since when did asking for a mosque to be built elsewhere than Ground Zero “deprive” anyone of their “right” to a Community Center (I must have missed that Community Center thing in the Bill of Rights, but I’ll go ahead and assume it’s under the penumbra of something else)? The fact is that there is nothing being “deprived” here, and no amount of semantic game playing will change that.

    If I might turn the question around – why do those who hold the Dome of the Rock consistently deny the right of Jews to peacefully rebuild their temple on the site? The difference is… what?

    And the comparison to Westboro Baptist is grasping at straws. It is consistently “our own” who join in to blunt the nastiness of Westboro when they bring on their insipid protests. Westboro has been absolutely repudiated by the Christian community vocally and without reservation. You can’t draw a parallel between Westboro and the 19 hijackers, because the level of condemnation has been higher on a level of triple digit exponents.

    Perhaps this is what the “peaceful Muslim community” is missing – manners. An ability, or willingness, to empathize with those who are in pain. The understanding of when enough is enough and too much is over the line. The willingness to promote harmony and hold a hand out to their fellow man and American and say, “We’ll meet you halfway. We’re a part of this society, too, and understand that brings responsibilities as well as rights.”

    This is not some great Civil Rights struggle – this is purposefully putting salt into an open wound. It’s using laws and racial/cultural epithets to bully people for no real reason. In the great descriptive language of the South, it is a segment of the population showing it’s ass to the rest of us while thumbing it’s nose and farting at the dinner table.

    I think Greg Gutfeld’s got it right. And he’s got the right.

  5. I’m an Islamophobe too, Mel. Great post. I only have one complaint. You glossed over the fact that the president of our nation endorsed this atrocity. He backtracked today, but the damage is done.

    This is so incredibly damaging to the Dems. I know I may only be looking at this in terms of elections and numbers, but that’s my specialty. There are about 20 or so “moderate” Dems slapping their foreheads and yelling “Oh Shit!” about now.

    Obama showed his true colors when he attempted to pacify Muslims at his Ramadamadingdong event. He may have backtracked for political purposes, but we all know what he is about. He is a sympathizer. He is soft. He has no respect for those who perished on 9/11. His administration props up this cleric who refuses to denounce Hamas and who calls the US an “accessory” to 9/11.

    That is the greatest crime in all of this. Our president (well not mine) wants to allow this ass to build a mosque in the shadows of ground zero. Obama clings to the freedom of religion as an excuse, but that is lame. I’m disgusted by all of this as are 70% of Americans who believe the mosque should not be built.

    It just makes our job that much easier in November.

  6. Ramadamadingdong…

    I love you, Philip. You crack me up.

    There were a lot of things I wanted to hit on, but I was afraid of the post being too long. There’s gonna have to be a whole ‘nother post.

  7. tschnei3 – Curious. Are you saying no one can criticize a minority? I’m pretty sure calling something what it is is a good thing.
    I see this as a matter of “coulda, not shoulda.” I COULD say or do any number of things that would be protected but that doesn’t mean I SHOULD do all those things. And the freedom of religion (to me) is really about the government backing one religion (Church of England) or preventing another from practicing their beliefs. Last I heard there wasn’t a shortage of mosques in NYC and you know darn well that they chose this spot to spit in the eye of Americans.
    I think Gregg’s bar will have to be nonalcoholic too (liquor licenses and the proximity to houses of worship, schools, rules). What I like about his show, “Red Eye” is that you can speak truth through humor and that is often what he does. It seems too many people are afraid or unwilling to point out the elephant in the room or the lack of attire on the emperor (sorry, should that be savior?).
    Good to see the President standing up for this country and holding true to his principles;-) Sorry, if there was a sarcasm font I would have used it.
    AndyB, NH.

  8. “Obama clings to the freedom of religion as an excuse, but that is lame.”

    Ummm…since we have this rotten thing called the Bill of Rights (the current Bill of Rights is rotten) Obama’s excuse is not lame.

    We need a new Bill of Rights. Things have changed in our nation. I suggest we take Singapore as an example of democracy. That nation has no homeless people, no slums, it’s clean, low taxes, and a strong economy to boot. Best of all, it is not a socialist nation.

    We need to be more like Singapore. Freedom is overrated and most people won’t miss it.

  9. John, I think he meant it was a lame excuse for defending the building of the mosque. Even if acknowledging freedom of religion, he could have at least done his level best to call out the decision to build on that spot as a poor choice due to the high emotions that run throughout America.

  10. “he could have at least done his level best to call out the decision to build on that spot as a poor choice due to the high emotions that run throughout America.”

    What if Obama doesn’t feel that way? Should he lie and say he does to coddle public opinion?

    I find all of this terribly inconsistent because this center already exists in the neighborhood and never grabbed any attention. Now that the people who run it want to go big time all hell is breaking loose.

    If the existing center remained where it is and had no plans to refurbish or move then would there still be this rancor over having a mosque so close to ground zero?

    I’d like some consistent thinking on this issue and so far none prevails.

  11. As for the one that already exists, as long as it was there before 9/11 and they don’t bring in another freakin’ Anwar al-Awlaki, I have no issue with it being there. A new one? They don’t need it.

    As for Obama, he’s the President. Public opinion is what his career is based on. If he manages to piss off 75% of America with everything he does, he’s guaranteed not to get a second term. Now, we’re all hoping he won’t get one anyway, but he knows damn well that if he doesn’t shape up in one hell of a hurry we will yank him out of office so fast his head will spin.

  12. “As for the one that already exists, as long as it was there before 9/11 and they don’t bring in another freakin’ Anwar al-Awlaki, I have no issue with it being there. A new one? They don’t need it.”

    I agree. They don’t need it. They can refurbish the place they have.

    As for Obama, one term? I pray for that. Oh how I pray for that. He’s on his way to one term. He’s doing quite well at getting there. Where are those millions of jobs his porkulus was supposed to deliver?

    My parish hands out flyers for a community food bank giveaway. It’s porkulus at its best. It is supposed to end in the Fall. So, people will stop needing food in the Fall? Private charity on its own can’t take care of hungry people?

  13. Private charity on its own can’t take care of hungry people?

    Your point is so awesome.

    I volunteer with Sew Much Comfort (, handing out adaptive clothing to wounded soldiers at one of the military hospitals. It was started by a military spouse dealing with a child survivor of cancer, it is staffed by volunteers who sew the clothing, donate the clothing, and hand out the clothing, and it has given out more than 75,000 pieces of adaptive clothing since its inception. This is a service the government does not provide, but private citizens have stepped up to proudly fill the void. Not only does it benefit the wounded service members by letting them know how much people care, it benefits those who donate time and items and money. They make a HUGE difference, and they know it.

    On the other hand, I don’t get the same feeling when I pay my taxes.

    I think a huge problem in our society is that we no longer bother to take care of each other. It leads to many other issues.

  14. The one thing I can’t stand in manipulation. The more I think about this Mosque the more I wonder what is really going on.

    Are there nutters in the U.S. who are crazy enough to try and burn down this new Mosque while it is being built? Sure. Are there people who will vandalize the place and protest out in front of it? Sure. Does any of that make America look good? No. Would such things play into the hands of anti-U.S. Muslim groups? For sure they will.

    So, what’s really going on here? I don’t buy the group who proposes to build this Mosque or their intentions. This in my opinion is straight up provactive act and it is meant to be one.

    Why has it taken 10 years to get this project going? What’s wrong with the current place they already have? Why can’t it be refurbished?

  15. “On the other hand, I don’t get the same feeling when I pay my taxes. ”


    Neither do I. Taxation for social programs is forced charity. That’s not right. We are the most generous nation on Earth and the entire Earth knows it.

    “I volunteer with Sew Much Comfort (, handing out adaptive clothing to wounded soldiers…. This is a service the government does not provide,…”

    It’s a good thing the government is not in the mix of it. First you’d kill a forest of trees to complete the startup paperwork and then a legion of hacks would take forever to decide which aticles of clothing need to be made. Then a committee of another groups of hacks will decide which soldiers really need the clothing and which ones do not.

    Then you’d be forced to buy your fabric and supplies from “green” textile mills and your thread and needles better not be made by child labor. Finally everyone who makes the raw materials you use better be paid a living wage.

    Then organized labor will have a fit because you volunteer your personal time to sew clothing and hand it out for free and that is busting union jobs all over the U.S.

    Yep, I am glad the government is not involved in your charitable effort.

  16. You forgot one thing, John…the taxes paid by the workers would be turned back around to the Unions, which are already extracting dues from their members, so they can send busloads of members to protests here in Phoenix and in every other major city where SB1070 is being wailed about.

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