Hopeful Thinking

So what do you think about Biden’s remarks?

Vice President Joe Biden, rallying the home team as his party’s most energetic cheerleader, predicted Friday that Democrats would hold their majorities in the House and Senate this fall. Biden’s bold punditry came amid a spate of bad economic news and President Obama’s declining approval rating.

Speaking to the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting in St. Louis, the vice president mocked the rival “Republican tea party,” which he said is “offering more of the past, but on steroids.” If “it weren’t illegal,” he said, ” I’d make book” on the odds of Democrats hanging on in the midterm elections this November……

Next Nov. 3, Biden predicted “there will be in Washington, D.C., a Democratic majority in the House and a Democratic majority in the Senate. That will be the case.” The anger of voters is understandable given the high joblessness and weak economic recovery, he said. But the vice president said he likes the odds when the choice is between Democrats and a “Republican tea party… out of step with where the American people are.”

I guess the question is……who is more out of step?  I really thought that the Democrats and the Obama administration were more “out of touch” with the American populace, but evidently, the Democrats are trying to make this into a Tea Party thing.  The Tea Party folks are obviously extremist (as Biden et al would claim) despite the fact that they are a multi-racial, independent group of folks just tired of Washington BS.

Biden’s remarks are just one of many declaring war on average Americans who are fed up with Washington types, defict spending and runaway federal government.  The Tea Party isn’t Republican.  It represents the first time in many years that ordinary Americans have asserted themselves against the ridiculous crap going on in DC.  Biden and his liberal ilk are making a serious mistake by alienating these people.  But I always love it when ole Joe opens his yap.  It’s better for us.


5 thoughts on “Hopeful Thinking

  1. They are doing everything they can.

    The DNC are doing an entire video now on GWB. Barack Obama gave a speech on Wednesday saying that Republicans are banking on the idea that Americans have amnesia. But what he doesn’t understand is that Americans voted for him on the basis of a pipe dream.

    Right now, more people blame Bush for the economy. But what they are realizing as they dig is that the probelms we have as a country begin with us. All people to some degree have been responsible for living beyond their means. It was merely part of our culture. We switched from a country obsessed with earning and accumulating to a country totally dependent on borrowing. That can only go on for so long and Wall Street cannot act irresponsibly without our blessing.

    I don’t mean to throw a victory party early here. But I do believe the numbers are going to be more staggering for liberals this year than they were in 1994.

  2. I have to agree…Biden isn’t the sharpest tack in the box. In fact, I’d dare to go so far as saying that the wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead. The man is further alienating independents who are more frustrated with Democrats now than they were with Republicans in 2008. They’re going to be the kicker in this election.

  3. “But what he doesn’t understand is that Americans voted for him on the basis of a pipe dream.”

    I’ve been saying for years only certian people should be allowed to vote. Welfare scammers, junkies, pimps, gang bangers, foodstamp fraudsters, disability fakers, and whores don’t make the cut. But, that sort of ilk elected Obama and now we all pay for it.

  4. John, way back in the day, when this country was first founded, you couldn’t vote unless you met certain criteria. The most important criteria was that you had to own land. In order to own land, the theory went, you had to be educated enough to make enough money to purchase said land and make improvements upon it. The idea was that you had to have some skin in the game in order to have a say.

    Of course, women were excluded, which I could not disagree with more. We could, however, tweak it. Re-enact a form of the policy, but you have to have at least two of the following: 1) a high school diploma; 2) a college degree; 3) proof of direct rental or ownership of real estate with proof of financial responsibility; 4) ownership of any business that employs greater than 10 people, verifiable by the IRS.

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