If You Can’t Blame “W”…..

Then just blame Congress.  Obama apparently got the message from poll numbers that suggested Americans were tired of his “blame it on Bush” strategy as a way to avoid responsibility for the nation’s still-unrecovered economy. So, what does the Big O do now?  Throw it off on Congress.

– But before leaving for his ninth presidential vacation, 10 days at a…...secluded estate on Martha’s Vineyard, Obama devoted four minutes in the White House driveway to a special statement on the latest disappointing jobs numbers. (Full text, as usual, can be read on the jump, along with a brief reaction from the Republican National Committee chairman.)

No questions allowed because the president didn’t want to explain why despite the administration’s announced Recovery Summer Program, the jobs numbers have started going backward again after 19 months of promises and $787 billion in alleged stimulation spending. Because, faced with the uncertainty of the economy and the certainty of new taxes after Nov. 2, employers are holding back on hiring.

According to the president, he’s been “adamant” with Congress for months now about a new jobs bill to help small businesses. Obama says this really good bill is stalled in the Senate, where so much administration legislation has been crammed through so effectively by Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Interesting ploy.  Blame it on Congress.  But….hold on now!  One problem.  OBAMA’S PARTY RUNS THE DAMNED CONGRESS!!!

It’s time to man up, Barry.  Face the fact that your idiotic policies have done nothing to pull this nation out of a lingering recession.  While Europe begins to turn things around with surprisingly conservative economic measures, you go the opposite way.  You endorse ridiculous spending measures that bring our deficit into the trillions, and you pursue social(ist) entitlement programs during a time when we can least afford it.  You are about to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire, and every new piece of legislation that you hatch with Pelosi/Reid is riddled with new taxes.  All of this during a time of recession.

Don’t blame your failure to pull us out of recession on George W.  And don’t blame things on Congress either.  Your party has more than enough votes to ramrod more crap down the throats of average Americans.  If you honestly think that throwing more money in an inefficient manner at this recession is going to solve the problem, then just tell Nancy and Harry to do it.  Are you scared?  Are they?


4 thoughts on “If You Can’t Blame “W”…..

  1. LOL.Great minds think alike, I just posted on this blame game nonsense today. Or maybe we are all just getting tired of Obama not sucking it up like a man. Get some balls. He wanted the office so take charge and stop blaming.

  2. It seems that the liberals in America just don’t get it. They’ve been screaming to implement liberal economic policies for decades to match Europe because that continent, that group of nations, seems to be sooooo much more enlightened than we are. Well, the European Union tried it for a while and it got them into a gi-normous mess. Now that the liberals have the opportunity to actually go the old European route, Europe has already learned from their stupidity and they’re backtracking. What are we doing?

    Continuing down the same destructive path.

    If Obama is intent on making sure all is right with the world, he can start by giving me a free iPod to replace the one that was stolen from me over the weekend. Oh, wait, I forgot…that guy is here illegally. He’s entitled to take whatever the hell he wants from me, and I have to like it, because that’s the only way to be viewed as tolerant in this country.

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