Turning Tide: Ohio

Ohio is a bellweather state in politics.  The bells are tolling a requiem for Democrats in the 2010 elections, apparently.  This from Fox News:

Voters in Ohio are angry. Unemployment is 9th worst in the nation and has hovered over 10% all year.

Labor argues that in this 2010 midterm election the anger is best directed at the Bush administration for what the left calls “failed GOP policies of the past.” Polls in Ohio and nationwide however suggest the anger is being aimed at Democrats…..

Incumbent governors routinely have their states strongest political machines and that is the case with Ohio Democrat Ted Strickland.

However Strickland trails GOP challenger and former congressman John Kasich by 12 points in the latest Columbus Dispatch poll conducted just before Labor Day by mail…..

Strickland’s current lieutenant governor, Lee Fisher is leaving the statehouse to seek the U.S. Senate, but Fisher trails by 13 percent behind popular former congressman and Bush administration official Rob Portman….

Several incumbent House Democrats are also in trouble. In the Buckeye State’s first congressional district (Cincinnati), Democratic freshman Steve Driehaus is in a rematch against former Republican Congressman Steve Chabot. Driehaus beat Chabot in 2008. Before that Chabot, who won the seat in the 1994 GOP revolution, had held it for 14 years. Chabot is now favored to return to D.C. and pickup the seat for the GOP.

In Ohio’s 15th congressional district (Columbus) freshman Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy is also facing a rematch and in trouble. Republican state Senator Steve Stivers, a lieutenant colonel in the Ohio National Guard, served a tour of duty in Iraq prior to 2005. In 2008 Stivers won the GOP nomination but lost, this time he’s favored.

In the 16th district (Canton) incumbent Democrat John Boccieri is also in trouble, facing Republican businessman and former Wadsworth mayor Jim Renacci.

All three House Democrats are under fire for their votes on health care reform, financial regulation, stimulus spending and the Obama agenda. Labor may want voters to blame the Bush administration for what it DID…but polls say voters are unhappy about what the Obama administration is DOING.

The voters in Ohio aren’t the only ones who are angry.  Political guru Larry Sabato who is the director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics (I’ve always suspected he might be slanted a little to the left) finally acknowledged wholeheartedly that the GOP will take the House, and he is leaving the Senate open to GOP control if it can pick up the 10 seats needed.  He upgraded GOP chances from a +7 gain to a potential 8-9 seat gain in the upper house.

My mind is buzzing at 1000 mph these days.  I don’t want to be overconfident, but I feel a little hopeful (almost giddy) inside.  The voter GOP preference poll results are at historical highs.  The “Summer of Recovery” that Obama and the Dems promised hasn’t occured.  The Democrats are now going to engage in a “triage” which will effectively cut off campaign funding for all but the most hopeful yet endangered Democrat Congressional candidates.

Pelosi and Reid’s worlds are falling apart before their very eyes.  They know, and the voters know, that as soon as the GOP resumes control of Congress that they (emboldened by conservative and Tea Party newcomers) will begin to dismantle Obamacare and the other massive legislative mistakes that have occured over the past 2 years.

 And that, my friends, is why the voters will empower the GOP in November.  Then it will be up the Republicans to embrace the mandate and do what they were elected to do – and not screw it up again.



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