R.I.P. “Queer Conservative” Kevin Palmer

A fellow gay conservative blogger has passed away.  I was alerted Sunday morning by Chris here at gayconservative.  I e-mailed a good friend of Kevin’s and got the confirmation of his death along with the accompanying circumstances earlier this week. 

Kevin was thoughtful and passionate. We immediately cross-linked our blogs as soon as we became aware of eachother — we even discussed possible merging.

I will miss his passion and his humor.  Though he passed away August 15th, the announcement of his death was posted on his blog on Wednesday.

If you knew Kevin, please consider making a donation to your local animal shelter in his name.  Also, if you are on Facebook, please check out his “in memory” page.

R.I.P. Kevin!

Your friends at GayConservative


4 thoughts on “R.I.P. “Queer Conservative” Kevin Palmer

  1. Going on seventy, I reflect with humility on what Kevin has given us over these years.
    With many years in politics, less words from me and more reflection on the gifts I find in others, I salute, you, Prince.

  2. Oh. Oh, I had no idea. Kevin was one of the first gay conservative blogs I started following (I think that’s how I found Philip, actually. Or it might have been the other way around). I loved his sense of humor and ability to engage people, especially those who didn’t agree with his point of view.

    He was so lively, and so full of life –

    That’s so sad…

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