Don’t Allow RINOs to Turn Us Back!

It’s announced by the Washington Post moments ago that defeated incumbent RINO-Republican, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, is expected to announce a write-in candidacy after losing the Republican primary to Palin-backed Joe Miller.

What’s next?  Is Mike Castle going to do the same thing in Delaware?

This week has been funny watching liberals suddenly rush to the defense of all the same types of the Republicans they blame for the mess we are in now when we actually get around to nominating real conservatives to bring back the party’s principles.

In addition to liberals whose pants are scared off, a lot of RINO back-scratchers like Karl Rove are throwing fits on Fox News whenever a conservative Palin-backed candidate ousts another RINO incumbent.

Let me make myself clear:  RINOs are just as bad for this country and for our party as the liberals are.  IF we have to sacrifice seats this year to keep them out, it is worth it.  Because when the chickens come home to roost as a result of these rotten spending plans, we’ll know which party is responsible for it. 

We must stand united in saying “No!” to candidates like Murkowski and other RINOs alike.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Allow RINOs to Turn Us Back!

  1. I’m right there with you Steve.

    Castle is a Democrat in a Republican suit.

    I’ll throw in my lot with O’Donnell or anyone else who will promise to vote against Obama’s agenda. Sometimes people are just born to be there at the right time. No money, no job, bills…who in America cannot identify with that if not in their own life, then with someone they know.

    I work at a library and the number of homeless, jobless, and those who long ago gave up on finding a job fill our building every single day.

    We need real people who really understand that Obama has the wrong agenda for the change that is needed in America…and if they don’t get it once they are in Washington, they get the boot again.

  2. I feel in my heart Mike Castle’s going to do the same thing.

    Charlie Crist started it over Rubio. Sadly, the liberals in the race are going to net more votes because of this. I hope Americans — and I am confident they will — understand the fear among the establishment RINOs and libs alike.

  3. “defeated incumbent RINO-Republican, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, is expected to announce a write-in candidacy after losing the Republican primary to Palin-backed Joe Miller.”

    If she was a real Republican then she would not have lost. Alaska is one of the most Republican states in America. She should know what Alaskans want. Obviously she does not.

  4. WillHi Davey,I just came across this video blog now. While I agree with a good piotorn of what you had to say, there was one aspect I didn’t and I think its a big one. You state that telling your parents is really no big deal. This may have been your experience, but its not a fully shared one.Even in this day and age (in Canada but I’m sure the situation is similar in the U.S.), the vast majority of homeless youth are in that situation because their parents thought their child being gay was a big deal. Many of those youth staying in youth hostels and the like are gay. In New York, as you may know, Bea Arthur donated money for a homeless youth shelter for gays and lesbians. One of the reasons for this is that even among youth homeless shelters, there are some, like the Salvation Army, who also consider homosexuality to be a big deal.Gay youth usually have a pretty good idea of how their parents will react. If they don’t think their parents will react well, I would counsel them to remain in the closet, unless they have a Plan B (another place to live). Yes, sometimes these parents will surprise them and react like its no big deal, but unfortunately, for some parents, it is a big deal. As long as you’re still being supported financially by your parents, its not worth it to jeopardize this if you believe they won’t react positively. You’re better off staying in the closet to your folks until you’re out of the house and able to support yourself.

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