Victim of the System

Unbelievable…President Obama’s Auntie Zeituni Onyango had a few things to say to a Boston reporter recently, and she proudly represents the entitlement group of illegal immigrants who believe America owes the world. Tip of the mean black cowboi hat to Pat over at Tammy Bruce’s site:

Outrageous. A few thoughts…

She says “the system gave it to me. I didn’t ask for it.” Really? In order to obtain public assistance in the form of housing and disability checks, you have to apply for it. If you don’t play the lottery, you can’t win; similarly, if you don’t apply for public assistance, you cannot receive it. If I lose my job, I’m not going to get unemployment by sitting in my home and whining about how terrible my circumstances are. I have to apply, answer questions, and prove that I’m continuing to apply for new jobs. Don’t give me this BS about not asking for it – if you applied for it, guess what? You ASKED for it.

She says, “I didn’t vote for your system. Go ask your system!” You’re not allowed to vote for anything, and even WE didn’t vote for this system. She says, “I’m not a criminal. I didn’t kill anybody. I didn’t steal that money.” Horsefeathers. If you didn’t pay into that system yet you benefited from it, you did steal that money, and you are a criminal. That’s not to mention the fact that you were ordered not once but TWICE to leave the country and you refused to.

What she starts out with, however, is most galling of all. “If I come to this country, you have an obligation to make me a citizen.” Wait…WHAT?!? I have an obligation to what, again? I don’t have any obligation to you at all. If you come here, you may obey the laws and apply for citizenship. You may ask our permission to remain here. If we feel that you will abide by the rules, we may give you a conditional residency but you will have to earn your citizenship here just as you would need to earn it in any other nation on this planet.

In an astounding twist, this woman was granted amnesty in May of this year.


12 thoughts on “Victim of the System

  1. Did you notice that she also made sure to say that she was a “poor black woman”? I’ll give her credit for one thing though, at least she learned how to speak English. It’s the fault of our government though. We make it so enticing for people to come here illegally. Some countries will either arrest and deport you immediately or put you in jail for being there illegally.

  2. Like Mexico, ratboi? It never ceases to amaze me that Mexico has the cojones to criticize our immigration policies when theirs are so draconian. And we don’t throw that back at them!

    It’s ridiculous.

  3. This really stings. As a resident of Boston, a veteran, and in and out of public life, I am appalled, less – believe it or not – by the largesse, than by the tolerance of the City, its leaders and the indifferent citizens. PC has bred a virus of civic indolence – and here it’s a plague.
    She has free housing. I know of working-but-homeless-veterans of the City that could use her space. She got that fief after she was over her visa limit, thus already illegal and unemployed. It was between that time that she was hospitalized. Related to that was the declaration that she was disabled – thus some bucks (remember her rent’s already on the city sleave).
    First immigration hearing: got an extension (thanks GW).
    Most recent hearing (Spring/Summer) to determine status and – by all barometers (even insiders) deserving of deportation:
    High talent from some Ohio law firm (no parochial hack to feed Boston’s economy for her). (Think retainers, travel, billable hours, etc. on …whose dime?).
    To and from court in the usual eye-catching-unmarked black SUV, with security escorts (figue: driver, and three (Less than 3 miles, but start billing the man-hours) departure from court-house – not home – but to airport and then to….?
    No finding until this recent realease: POLITICAL ASYLUM (Duh?)
    Here nephew is POTUS, a relative is PM of Kenya, she is so highly visible as to being too toxic for any ‘action’.
    Of course, our system “used” her. She personlly witnessed Barack Jr. being sworn in as US Senator, then POTUS. But, it runs in the family; Barack Sr. (if in fact he was Barack Jr.’s father) was a rather peripatetic leach and intitutionalized himself as a post-colonial-political hack. (We won’t know until Monday if Woodward will mention them all.)
    But, who gives a damn? Certainly no one in Boston’s civic life. Besides the sophistry of agueing for peace and quiet over law and order, and “no victims” defense (argued in Boston by Ohio lawyers), the professional expenses (travel and billable hours), the cost (vehicles and man-hours {minimum hours guranteed- usually three hours prior to even and 2 post-event} of the private security details, 3 miles of route planning to the court-house and 5 miles to the airport (this engages both Boston Police and State Police as there are different jusrisdictions) – so think man-hours in the budget, communications, etc.
    And, this poor wretched should have us bellieve she is the victim of our system.
    Behold the mentality: “If I come to this country, you have an obligation – OBLIGATON – to make me a citizen.” (She seems to be doing better wwithout it.) The same mentality of her nephew: “The world owes me….”
    But, here in Boston, we have The Swan Boats, Tall Ships, schrod, baked beans…….

  4. “In an astounding twist, this woman was granted amnesty in May of this year.”

    So, she is complaining about not having something that she actually already has? How ridiculous is that? That just proves nothing will make liberals happy or halt the victim mentality.

  5. Last year I tallied up the following taxes:

    Federal Income Tax
    State Income Tax
    Social Security Tax
    Medicare Tax
    Sales Tax
    State Mandated Disability INsurance Tax

    These taxes totaled over $8,000.

    Someone tell me what my $8,000 got me? How much of that $8,000 rolled back to me on something that benefits me? The government did not pay my rent, auto insurance, utility bills, groceries, clothing expense, laundry expense, gas for my car or anything. But, I shelled out $8,000 so what did the get me? Yeah I am being selfish here but I want to know what I GOT.

  6. Well John, From across the continent, let’s see:
    Federal Income Tax – the funded authorities and agencies and the court that granted “Aunt Polly” political refugee status.
    State Income Tax – You have all those PC subsidies; from land threatened guppies to revolving door drug rahabs. (You have all those staffers to pay. MA does too.)
    Social Security Tax – Paying into the collateral or increasing the down-payments that Congress can filch.
    Medicare Tax – Aunt Polly needed hospitalization – before she was declared “disabled” for her monthly largess. (Oh yes, they have staffers to be paid)
    Sales Tax – On all the quality invested into the varioius inspection, licenses – of quality good we buy. (MA has one too.)
    State Mandated Disability INsurance Tax – You don’t want the doyens of the victim industry to starve do you? Hell from an in-grown nail to home-grown psychoses applications are still flowing in.

  7. @ Shawmut –

    All of that for only $8,000?!??!

    Such a bargain!!!!!

    Meanwhile, my health insurance premiums go up 12% next month.

    Today my health insurance company can’t deny me care if I get sick. So I guess it has to pay for expensive Hail Mary procedures and drugs that will do me very little benefit and probably have me die a miserable and wretched death? That’s zero to national bankruptcy is less than 6.0 seconds people.

    No lifetime maximums on what my insurance has to pay. So, because I have a pulse I have to purchase more insurance than I need? Do I have unlimited auto insurance coverage? Do I carry comprehensive on my car that is 10 years old, paid for and has 100,000 miles on it? That would be stupid. So far the Obama isn’t making me do that. What if I want to gamble and cap my health insurance costs at $3,000,000 or $4,000,000? Why can’t I do that? Why am I not allowed to take a calculated risk? How many people die and have end stage medical bills of $3 to $4 million?

    Is it easy to emigrate to a low tax nation that is worth living in?

  8. “Is it easy to emigrate to a low tax nation that is worth living in?”
    That’s arbitrary, John. Maybe it’s selfish of me. But, I’ve read your comments on more than a few occasions, and frankly, we need you here.
    Oh, should you wonder; I don’t mean you as a number, a part of the crowd. But, you as a good communicator, whom, I perceive has much more than token integrity to support your expressions.

  9. That’s what Meg (I believe) and I mean, John.
    I’ve noticed that some of your comments are posed as questions. Great technique.
    Sit and talk with a Liberal, even a ‘Libertarian’ for a while and try the same technique.

    Liberals will answer assertively until they realize that they may have to pay for something – like “Aunt Polly”; the largesse of the law until they need a cop; the provisions for her ‘rights’ (?) 0- right of appeal, the rent-free unit; streeting a US citizen (who could be another Liberal, for all they know).

    Libertarians will claim they offer everything: drugs (with a governent control and license – stafffing), detox and rehab on demand (certainly not from the license fees); Prostitution; (with a governent control and license – stafffing), testing (and twenty minutes later?), maybe portable red-street-lamps, unionization (pimpocracy) and retirement and insurance plans (pregancy covered under a ‘business interruption clause).

    Liberals tend to put the bill on you. Libertarians seem to have no idea of what’s on it.
    Try the style of questioning you’ve been using in variations and you might notice a surprised look on another’s face when they answer with unavoidable candor and common sense.
    [Here’s a little aside: I frequently had to hear a case of a kid with a false-age Driver’s License (once only mischief). One day I asked a young woman if she had any friends whe worked in bars or restaurants that might be closed if (even with bogus ID). Of course, she did. “What would happen to her friend’s job if the place was busted?”
    Two weeks later she sent me an article on the matter she wrote for he college rag.]

  10. Why oh Why is this woman living in the U.S., which she obviously hates, because we are not giving her enough money easily?

    Is she reflective of the Mexican illegals?


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