Palin Derangement Syndrome Leads to DWTS “BooGate”

As everyone knows, Bristol Palin has been dancing and doing very well on Dancing With the Stars.  To support her, Sarah has been sitting in the front row for the past couple of episodes. 

After last night’s episode, the media went wild.  After Jennifer Grey’s performance, the judges gave their scores.  Then, in the backroom as Grey and her partner were being interviewed, you heard a suspicious massive loud booing coming from the ballroom — and immediately, the camera went right to the host sitting and talking with Sarah Palin.

Now, it is important to watch both videos, because you’re not going to get the full rebuttal from the MSM.  Why would the MSM waste their time correcting the assertion that Palin was booed?  How about the record number of mainstream outlets and liberal blogs who enthusiastically entertained it:

And there is much more fun!  Tonight, DWTS was forced to clarify what the booing was truly all about: the judges’ scores for Jennifer Grey; who did a wonderful job, considering all she had been through.  And with the clarification, comes the real video which revealed the real truth:

So why are liberals this desperate to mischaracterize boos from an audience (known to boo at the judges all the time) which leads the media to massively over-report the mistruth?

I think liberal-writer Jay Anderson over at BlackVoices says it best:

Sarah Palin scares me.

If you realllllly want to have a good time, click on one of the links above and look for one of the following:

A.) Liberal Silence

B.) Liberal Denial (I.E. the neocons over at ABC were forced to do it by Palin)

The beauty and comfort for conservatives and Palin-lovers alike lies in Jay Anderson’s remarks above (though the guts of his piece is the usual left-wing blather we get on Sarah).  They are so deranged over Palin, they actually find comfort that a small studio audience in the middle of Hollywood possibly booed her and made such a big deal about it.

No other conservative has stirred up this much derangement. 

What began as a funny post here (making fun of moonbats is always my favorite hobby) quickly turns into a serious point when you consider all of the Tea Party candidates she has backed and all the RINOs she’s been instrumental in tossing out of Congress.

Folks, if you ever doubted the power of Palin, I strongly urge you to reconsider.


2 thoughts on “Palin Derangement Syndrome Leads to DWTS “BooGate”

  1. Love Palin and Bristol for putting herself out there.

    I watched the show, DWTS, both weeks, just to see Palin. Turned out, I liked the show.

    Picked Jennifer Gray as the winner from the beginning.

    The audience was right, JG and her partner deserved more than an 8 for their dance.

    Palin was classy as always. Both of them. Mom stayed on her game as did the daughter who shows that she can dance.

  2. Air,Your first dozen comments you left here over the last 14 hours were fine but now you’re just wtanisg our time. You must really enjoy this site since you’ve spent so much time hanging out here. But some of your comments make no sense. Yes, I do watch The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and Countdown with Keith Olbermann. I also read the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Drudge, BuzzFlash, HuffPo, etc. Clearly you only listen to Rush and Hannity (talk about hate) and watch Fox Noise. Rove is on the payroll of Fox News (fair and balanced?).I also listened to Rush Limbaugh through most of the Bush HW years and the Clinton years and watched Fox News from 1999 2004. Yet, somehow, I can think for myself.And my Repub troll, it is Democratic views.’

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