Want To Know What Business Thinks?

Businesses are suffering under the policies of Obama/Pelosi/Reid.  So is it any surprise that the US Chamber of Commerce has come to the aid of the GOP?  The USCOC is going to spend heavily on behalf of Republicans in 2010.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce will use much of its remaining political war chest to get Republican voters to the polls, a source tells Power Play.

President Obama and his team went on the attack against the Chamber Thursday just as a barrage of new Chamber ads were hitting the airwaves.

The president, his fellow Democrats and allied liberal groups turned up the heat on the U.S. Chamber, claiming that because the business group accepts dues from foreign companies, they were allowing foreigners to influence U.S. elections.

The push to label the Chamber as unpatriotic came as Democratic media buyers across the country were sending some very bad news back to Washington – that the Chamber was dropping $10 million over the course of one week in competitive Senate and House races across the land.

I love how Democrats try to paint business interests in such a bad light.  The hypocrisy is incredible for a couple of reasons.

1)  The Democrats are taking millions from labor unions.  The political voices in the unions are opposed to the interests of business groups.  The thing that they fail to realize is that these business leaders are the ones providing jobs for their members.  It’s the same concept involved with the Democrats’ efforts to tax higher income individuals out of existence.  These are the very same people who pump money into the economy, own businesses and provide jobs.  But, in the Dem world, you punish success and bring everyone down to the same level.  No thoughts to how this strategy can backfire.

2)  Corporate interests have dumped tons of money into Dem campaigns.  While Obama and his congressional buddies rage against the “big business machine,” they also rake in tons of dough from the same big corporations (and their CEOs) that they decry.  The Dems talk the talk in order to satisfy the rank-and-file of the labor unions.  The leadership of these unions knows that the Dems are in bed with big business, but they continue to support the Democrats in return for their help on union issues. Big business (and their CEOs) just hand their money to the party in power hoping to stay in favor.

Groups like the US Chamber of Commerce and National Federation of Independent Businesses speak for small/medium businesses.  So those who decry Big Business as a GOP bedfellow are totally insane. 

I’m an avowed capitalist, so Big Business doesn’t bother me.  Most smaller businesses aspire to grow into larger businesses.  But Big Business is apolitical.  The smaller businesses are the ones who are being smacked in the face by the Obama Administration and the Democrat Congress.  And the groups who represent them have every right to spend millions to support the party who will advance an agenda that will allow them to, not only thrive, but to survive.


3 thoughts on “Want To Know What Business Thinks?

  1. Richard Trumka’s AFL-CIO leadership has teamed up with SEIU to provide $88M for Democrat campaigns this year. I’d like to see the Dems’ answer to that for a change. Stop attacking and start giving us answers.

  2. What blows my mind is the conspiracy angle involved. The labor union bosses direct union assets towards Dem campaigns. And these guys KNOW that the Dems are taking millions from big business, CEOs and coporate interests. But the union bosses mislead their rank-and-file members into thinking that the Democrats are exclusively the “Party of the Working Man.”

    I think union members are starting to see through this charade. The Reagan Democrats are beginning to wake up. I think these union Joes will tilt the balance in the GOP’s favor in places like West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Michigan. When it comes down to it, the GOP agenda coincides strongly with the interest of the hardworking middle class in this nation. Obama’s agenda does not.

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