Black Republican Answers Obama

I’ll bet you didn’t know these tidbits:  1) 32 Black Republicans ran for Congressional office in the 2010 primaries, 2) 14 Black Republicans are now contesting Democrats for Congressional seats in the 2010 general election.

There are 3 Black Republicans who are well-situated to win their races.  The candidate most assured of a seat is Tim Scott who is running for a House seat in South Carolina.  I appreciated this article from theLondon Daily Telegraph – that’s London, England.

Campaigning a few miles from Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired in 1861, Tim Scott described last week how he was born into poverty and a broken home, much like Barack Obama…..

But the conclusions that Scott, 45, drew were very different from those of Obama. When he was 15, a man who ran a Chick-fil-A fast-food restaurant taught him “that there was a way to think my way out of the worst conditions”. Scott went on to became a small businessman and a proud “conservative Republican”.

Barring a cataclysmic upset, Scott will be elected to Congress on November 2nd. There, he will be a ferocious opponent of Obama, to whom he gives a withering “failing grade” for his presidency.

What I really love is the Telegraph’s commentary on Obama.  I had to do a double-take to make sure that the words weren’t a quote from Scott.  I’m so accustomed to the left-wing tripe from the American MSM, that this was a total shock.

Rather than ushering in a post-racial era, Obama’s election to the White House appears to have intensified racial divisions in America. This is not, as the Left asserts, because Right-wing opponents are full of white-hooded bigots who refuse to accept a black man as President. Obama’s own strange myopia on race has played a big part.

This article is too great to miss.  Be sure to read it in its totality.  The Telegraph levels a charge that the GOP has “ceded black votes to the Democrats and failed to recruit candidates like Scott to winnable congressional seats.”  And I don’t disagree with that for one moment.

While most of us would consider it self-evident that GOP values agree strongly with the traditional values of the black and hispanic communities, we must also realize that the effort to highlight those areas of agreement has been neglected by the GOP.  Republican presidents have nominated women, blacks and hispanics to the Supreme Court and have appointed them to their cabinets.  But the presence of minority GOP members of Congress has been lacking.

The obvious reason for this is that their vocal leadership and Democrat elites have convinced minority voters that the Democrat Party is the only vehicle to secure their interests.  The GOP’s failure to counteract that false message is a travesty at best and a total disservice to be sure.

If Scott is the only black Republican on Capitol Hill in 2011, he will be all too easily marginalised and treated as a curiosity. That would be a shame because he has some interesting views on cutting the deficit and shrinking government.

“I’ve been black for a long time,” Scott says wearily whenever he is asked about race. He wants to be judged on his character and policies rather than the colour of his skin. At Fort Dorchester, encouragingly enough, not one pupil asked Scott about race or why a black man would be a Republican.

Obama made history by winning the White House. But it will take the likes of Scott to break down the racial barriers in America that the first black president has been content to leave in place.

One last note – there are 3 races where Black Republicans look poised to take a Congressional seat.  Aside from Scott, there is Allen West in Florida and Ryan Frazier in Colorado.  But there are other candidates with a chance.  One of my favorites is Rev. Stephen Broden, who is trying to upend scandal-ridden Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson in Dallas.  He was actually endorsed by the Dallas Morning News (who had repeatedly endorsed Johnson) over the 12-term incumbent. Visit Broden’s website and donate at


3 thoughts on “Black Republican Answers Obama

  1. Really????

    How can you suggest that an openly homophobic nincompoop like Stephen Broden could be a good choice for any office except perhaps poop scooper?

    His openly gay statements on Fox News, his desire to do away with Hates Crimes Legislation, The Employment Non Descrimination Act and Anti Bullying Laws for Gay students should be cause for alarm!

  2. Glad you brought up the Fox interviews. I urge everyone to check out Broden’s appearance on Glenn Beck’s show with Dr. Alveda King (Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece). You can find it at under the media tab. His media appearances are all there.

    Pastor Broden is dedicated to countering black liberation theology, political correctness and the perverted left-wing concepts involved in (what the left terms) “social justice.” Broden is opposed to hate crimes legislation and other left-wing tools that enforce this “social justice.” Several of us on this site have documented our opposition to hate crimes legislation. This legislation attempts to penalize thought or intent as an added penalty to criminal acts.

    If a KKK member beats up a black man or a Black Panther member assails a white man or a skinhead beats up a gay man – prosecute them. There are laws in the books against assault and that level of violence. I’m not going to rehash all of this, but Broden’s opposition to hate crimes legislation, ENDA and other measures based on minority status is not unique or a fringe position. It’s common sense. And it certainly isn’t an open statement against gay people anymore than it is racist.

    When Black Democrat representative, Artur Davis (AL), votes against pro-gay legislation and earns only a 45% rating from the HRC or when Jesse Jackson makes anti-Semitic remarks or when black religious leaders aligned with Jackson and Al Sharpton’s cause make homophobic or anti-gay remarks – you hear barely a peep. But when a black GOP congressional candidate opposes hate crimes legislation, he is labeled a homophobe.

    Broden is being attacked because he is a pro-life, fiscally conservative Christian opposed to Obama’s view of the world. He preaches individual responsibility and talks about lifting up his community. He has great hopes and dreams for all Americans but especially Black Americans in the district he hopes to represent.

    Broden’s opponent, Eddie Bernice Johnson, awarded Congressional Black Congress scholarship money (for years) to her own family and those of a staffer instead of awarding it to needy and deserving students in her own district. Then she claims ignorance of the matter despite evidence to the contrary. The Dallas Morning News is NOT a conservative paper. And I guarantee you that they would not have endorsed Broden if this man was a homophobe.

    Broden is not a slam-dunk vote for the HRC or left-wing gay agenda. He may have his own views on gay issues that do not coincide with the gay movement. But he is a smart, honest, inspiring candidate with a strong vision. And I still strongly believe that he is the best choice for Congress in Texas’ 30th Congressional District.

  3. “his desire to do away with Hates Crimes Legislation”

    Yes yes… the politicians need to pass laws that go after those all too common I Really Really Really Love You Crimes.

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