Endorsement From The Deceased

I could be totally off-base on this one, but I consider this development in the Alaska Senate race sick and twisted.

Incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski is set to air a television ad this week featuring a video endorsement by the late Sen. Ted Stevens, who filmed the clip shortly before his death in a plane crash earlier this year.Murkowski, who launched a write-in campaign after losing the Aug. 24 primary to Tea Party-supported attorney Joe Miller, was originally slated to air the footage this summer but pulled the ads after the legendary 40-year Senate veteran’s death.

Stevens’ daughter, Sue Covich, not only approved of this twisted campaign ad, but also appears in the ad.  I don’t care if the family approves of this morbid use of the dead for political gain.  Consider the fact that Stevens’ endorsement came before the GOP primary was decided.  He endorsed Murkowski to be the GOP nominee.

Now Murkowski has mounted this write-in campaign like a spoiled 4th-grader who can’t deal with reality.  Would Stevens have supported this juvenile effort at the possible expense of the rightful GOP nominee (Joe Miller)?  We can’t know for sure.  But Murkowski and Covich pretend to make that assumption for the deceased.

I can’t help but to think that there are Alaska voters who, like me, will find this repulsive and offensive.  I was never a huge Stevens fan though I did respect him as one of the GOP’s elder statesmen.  I can’t say for sure that Ted Stevens would do the correct thing by supporting the GOP nominee (although I believe he would), but I do know that this action by Murkowski reeks of desperation, narcissism and a total lack of class.


4 thoughts on “Endorsement From The Deceased

  1. I heard this yesterday and its absolutely creepy. I certainly hope Alaskans are wise enough to throw this RINO opportunist out on her duff.

  2. Nobody will admit this but this is a war against the Palins by the Murkowskis, been going on for years.

    Daddy Murkowski skipped Sarah and gave the Senate seat to Lisa.

    Then Sarah ran and took him down in a landslide. Now Sarah endorsed Joe Miller and Joe Miller won the primary.

    Lisa Murkowski’s feud with the Palins goes way back. It’s part due to the fact she wants to keep her seat which she feels entitled to, but the cut goes deeper for her because of Palin.

  3. I totally agree with you, Steve. I wanted to say that Ted Stevens would have looked down on this sick post-mortem endorsement, but I couldn’t be sure. There was a GOP Alaskan royal dynasty for years that included Ted Stevens and Frank Murkowski in the Senate and Don Young in the House. They were all moderate/conservative types of Republicans, and they were all experts at steering tons of federal dollars to Alaska.

    Sarah Palin upset the balance of this royal line when she defeated Murkowski for governor. So it’s no surprise that Stevens’ daughter would go after the Palin-endorsed Tea Party candidate for Senate. I know there is some bad blood there. This whole thing is like the old TV shows “Dallas, “Falcon Crest” or “Dynasty.”

    Nevertheless, I was hopeful that these folks might move on and do what is best for the GOP in Alaska. I would be interested to hear from someone connected to Alaskan GOP politics. My observations are those of an outsider, but I believe they probably hold some grain of truth.

  4. This is complete cbrelbos.since Glen Stevens took over as Governor they have not back grounded any journalists at all. Yes they talk to them but they talk to them like anyone else.Why would officials that do this then completely change character.Also I put Glen Steven’s integrity on the highest pedestal.

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