Senate Updates

Sorry I was running a bit late, but I’m settled in now.  Here’s how we start (these seats are being called without final results).  I will be updating this post, so refresh often.

Senate Races Called:

  • Dan Coats (R) picks up Indiana’s seat from Dems  (GOP GAIN)
  • Rand Paul (R) maintains Kentucky’s seat for the GOP
  • Pat Leahy (D) retains his seat in Vermont
  • Rob Portman (R) keeps Ohio’s seat for the GOP
  • Marco Rubio (R) keeps Florida’s seat for the GOP
  • Richard Blumenthal (D) hangs onto Connecticut’s seat for Dems
  • Christopher Coons (D) retains Delaware’s seat for Dems
  • Kelly Ayotte (R) keeps New Hampshire’s seat with the GOP
  • Roy Blunt (R) hangs onto Missouri’s seat for the GOP
  • Barabara Mikulski (D) keeps her seat in Maryland
  • Richard Shelby (R) also keeps his seat in Alabama
  • Johnny Isakson (R) keeps his seat in Georgia
  • Jim DeMint (R) keeps his seat in South Carolina
  • Tom Coburn (R) keeps his seat in Oklahoma
  • John Boozman (R) picks up Arkansas for the GOP (GOP GAIN)
  • John Manchin (D) keeps the West Virginia seat for the Dems
  • Richard Burr (R) retains his seat in North Carolina
  • Kirsten Gillibrand (R) keeps her seat in New York
  • Jerry Moran (R) keeps Kansas in the GOP
  • Chuck Schumer (D) keeps his seat in New York
  • John Hoeven (R) picks up the North Dakota seat for the GOP (GOP GAIN)
  • David Vitter (R) keeps his seat in Louisiana
  • John McCain (R) keeps his seat in Arizona
  • Chuck Grassley (R) keeps his seat in Iowa
  • Mike Lee (R) retains the Utah seat for the GOP
  • Ron Johnson (R) picks up the Wisconsin seat for the GOP (GOP GAIN)
  • Barbara Boxer (D) keeps her seat in California
  • Ron Wyden (D) keeps his seat in Oregon
  • Daniel Inouye keeps his seat in Hawaii
  • Pat Toomey (R) picks up the seat in Pennsylvania (GOP GAIN)
  • Mark Kirk (R) picks up Obama’s seat for the GOP in Illinois (GOP GAIN
  • Harry Reid (D) unfortunately keeps his seat in Nevada

12 thoughts on “Senate Updates

  1. GOP elites? Please. The Democrats have had a supermajority for how long, now? They’ve only burdened us with more debt.

    Philip, I just got back from voting. To my eternal shame, I helped vote Harry Mitchell into office for his first term; he didn’t listen to me this time. Hopefully Arizona will put David Schweikert in his seat tonight.

  2. Hi all, checking in! Sorry about Christine O’Donnell. I really thought she would pull it off despite projection polls.

    But 60 seats in the House is so amazing! 54 seats in 1994.

  3. After her comments about witchcraft and masturbation, I kinda knew she was gonna lose. I agree that she’s allowed to believe as she wishes, and personal views should not be held against her – but even some conservatives I know thought she was half a bubble off plum.

  4. Oh, so do I. The problem is that she, like Sharron Angle, needs to learn to keep her personal life to herself. Talking about witchcraft is alright in Sunday school. On a political forum? Not so much. Plus, masturbation is practically a requirement in today’s society, so admitting you don’t do it and don’t think others should makes her sound a little uptight.

    Of course, there’s also the fact that abstaining from activities with your right hand makes certain other activities MUCH more intense, but everything is about living in the moment now.

  5. Oh, man…if only Angle had kept her freakin’ mouth shut! Of course, if her complaint is correct about Harrah’s casinos putting pressure on their employees to vote early and vote Reid, that election could end up back in the air again.

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