Governor’s Races

Okay…I’m a little late to post this, but I’m in Arizona and I wanted to wait until a few more decisions had rolled in. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Wisconsin – Scott Walker (R) defeated Tom Barrett (D)
California – Jerry Brown (D) defeated Meg Whitman (R)
South Carolina – Nikki Haley (R) defeated Vincent Sheheen (D) (the first female in the state’s history, first Seikh, second Indian American)
Colorado – John Hickenlooper (D) defeated Tom Tancredo (R)
Texas – Rick Perry (R) defeated Bill White (D) (completely unexpected)
New York – Andrew Cuomo (D) defeated Carl Paladino (R)
New Mexico – Susana Martinez (R) defeated Lt. Gov. Diane Denish (D)
Oklahoma – Mary Fallin (R) defeated Lt. Gov. Jari Askins (D)
Nevada – Brian Sandoval (R) defeated Rory Reid (D) (spawn of Harry loses to the state’s first Latino governor!)
Maryland – Martin O’Malley (D) defeated Robert Ehrlich, Jr. (R) (not surprising – most of the state’s residents are government employees and their economy is doing quite well)
Massachusetts – Deval Patrick (D) defeated Charles Baker (R)
Ohio – John Kasich (R) defeated Gov. Ted Strickland (D)
Rhode Island – Lincoln Chafee (I, former R) defeated John Robitaille (D)
Georgia – Nathan Deal (R) defeated Roy Barnes (D)
Tennessee – Bill Haslam (R) defeated Mike McWherter (D)
Alabama – Robert Bentley (R) defeated Ron Sparks (D)
Iowa – Terry Branstad (R) defeated Chet Culver (D)
Michigan – Rick Snyder (R) defeated Virg Bernero (D)
Pennsylvania – Tom Corbett (R) defeated Dan Onorato (D)
New Hampshire – John Lynch (D) defeated John Stephen (R)
ARIZONA (my current base) – Jan Brewer (R) defeated Terry Goddard (D) (YES!!!)
Idaho – C.L. Otter (R) defeated Keith Allred (D)
Utah – Gary Herbert (R) defeated Peter Corroon (D)
Wyoming – Matt Mead (R) defeated Leslie Petersen (D)
South Dakota – Dennis Daugaard (R) defeated Scott Heidepriem (D)
Nebraska – Dave Heineman (R) defeated Mike Meister (D)
Kansas – Sam Brownback (R) defeated Tom Holland (D)
Alaska – Sean Parnell (R) trounced Ethan Berkowitz (D)
Connecticut – Tom Foley (R) defeated Dan Malloy (D)
Vermont – Peter Shumley (D) defeated Brian Dubie (R)
Illinois – Patrick Quinn (D) eeked out a win against Bill Brady (R) (quite literally by the skin of his teeth – by .3%)
Minnesota – Mark Dayton (D) also eeked out a win against Tom Emmer (by .4%)
Oregon – Chris Dudley (R) defeated John Kitzhaber (D)
Arkansas – Mike Beebe (D) trounced Jim Keet (R)
Hawaii – Neil Abercrombie (D) defeated James R. Aiona, Jr. (R)

What I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around is the near-complete loss by Democrats in Illinois. If that doesn’t send a message, I don’t know what will.


25 thoughts on “Governor’s Races

  1. No it is not LITERALLY by the skin of his teeth for fuck’s sake. God, does being Republican mean you can’t speak ANY English?

  2. Does being a liberal mean you are incapable of being civil? If that is the only faux pas you can really come up with out of the hundred or so posts I’ve written over the last couple of years, then you’re grasping at straws and you fucking well know it.

  3. Nice seeing you again Mel. I’m sorry but this is the first time in like half a year that I’ve been to this site and I just had to correct your mistake. It’s just a pet peeve of mine.

    Nothing personal. You won huge last night Mel. Don’t tell me you’re still angry.

    I’m not liberal. I’m anti-nutcase. Denying science and wanting the government to control people’s reproductive choices is being a nutcase. Being pro-teen pregnancy is being a nutcase.

    I’m sorry Mel. I’m just anti-nutcase. The Democrats have their share of nutcases sure, the overwhelming batch of them are in your party.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I’m irritated with you, actually. It wasn’t a mistake; it was a play on words. Every writer uses them. You may see it as a mistake, but only because you took what I said so…well, literally.

    There are nutcases on both sides of the aisle. Democrats who believe that raising taxes on the wealthy and big corporations is going to solve our financial woes rather than driving those people to move elsewhere are just as nutty as Republicans who prattle about their beliefs on masturbation (at least one is a personal belief; the other stands to do serious damage to the fabric of our society). Democrats who believe that labor unions aren’t special interest groups and accuse Republicans of pandering to special interests merely for trying to create incentives for companies to keep jobs here by cutting the aforementioned taxes are nuttier than a pile of squirrel turds.

    I’m anti-nutcase myself. I think any person who refuses to acknowledge the truth – that 1934 was actually the hottest year on record, 30 years is not enough time to accurately predict what polar ice levels should be, the planet goes through warming and cooling trends regularly and when our parents were kids, everyone was hysterical about global COOLING – is absolutely batshit.

    I’m in a very good mood today, Tom, I just have a habit of calling it like I see it. When someone comes onto our board and talks down to me the way you did, I might just get a little snippy.

  5. Sorry Mel but I don’t think you understand what “literally” means. You can’t use it for a play on words because that is the exact opposite of “literally”. “Literally” means it’s true you see?

    And yes I agree with you that there are some nuts everywhere, but honestly it doesn’t get any worse than the government wanting to control people’s reproductive freedom.


  6. That is the way you see it. Politically speaking, three-tenths of a point is winning by the skin of your teeth. Since teeth have no skin (enamel does not count), then it couldn’t be literal anyway. Then you bitch that I’m unable to speak English at all. Yes, that’s irritating.

    Reproductive freedom begins with having enough self-respect to keep your legs crossed. I’m a woman and I have no trouble saying that. I support the morning-after pill in cases of rape, but suction abortions? Partial-birth abortion? Killing another living creature merely because it’s in the way is wrong. If nobody is forcing you to have sex, your choice began before you took a roll between the sheets.

    Either way, Republicans know full well that they won’t get Roe v. Wade overturned. Not in this day and age.

  7. The GOP plan for America:

    Never have sex.

    And I thought Christine O’Donnell was a radical. I mean are we in prison or what? I’m sorry but if you don’t even believe in the right to enjoy recreational sex then I don’t even know what to say…that’s just…wow…I mean…wow

    Maybe if Republicans started having sex they wouldn’t feel the need to scare others from doing it.

    I mean..once again…just……

    Also, literally means literally. You’re defending your use of it as an expression and I don’t understand why. Can’t you understand that it precisely means the OPPOSITE of an expression Mel? I mean come one. Literally means NOT AN EXPRESSION. When you use it for an expression, you are using it for the opposite of what it means.

    I mean, the fact that you actually believe that people shouldn’t have sex is just the pure, proof right-wing extremism.

    Once again…just…wow…I mean….wow….wowww…

  8. I mean, the fact that you actually believe that people shouldn’t have sex is just the pure, proof right-wing extremism.

    I meant proof “of”

  9. lit·er·al·ly (ltr–l)
    1. In a literal manner; word for word: translated the Greek passage literally.
    2. In a literal or strict sense: Don’t take my remarks literally.
    3. Usage Problem
    a. Really; actually: “There are people in the world who literally do not know how to boil water” (Craig Claiborne).
    b. Used as an intensive before a figurative expression.
    Usage Note: For more than a hundred years, critics have remarked on the incoherency of using literally in a way that suggests the exact opposite of its primary sense of “in a manner that accords with the literal sense of the words.” In 1926, for example, H.W. Fowler cited the example “The 300,000 Unionists … will be literally thrown to the wolves.” The practice does not stem from a change in the meaning of literally itselfif it did, the word would long since have come to mean “virtually” or “figuratively”but from a natural tendency to use the word as a general intensive, as in They had literally no help from the government on the project, where no contrast with the figurative sense of the words is intended.

  10. Tom, pregnancy is a potential consequence of straight sex. So are a multitude of nasty STD’s. If your argument is the enjoyment of recreational sex, go to Fascinations. O’Donnell’s views on masturbation weren’t being shared because she wanted to make them law, they’re simply her personal views. Why is that so nutty?

    If you’re not prepared to raise a child, either don’t have sex or give the child up for adoption. Simple. I’m a lesbian, so I don’t have that problem. Also simple.

    Using a single word in a manner in which you likely would never use it does not mean I can’t speak English at all. You see it as a mistake. I see it as a play on words. I think you’re just looking for reasons to believe that I’m an idiot because I’m conservative.

  11. “I think you’re just looking for reasons to believe that I’m an idiot because I’m conservative.”

    Lol that was cute. LITERALLY MEANS TRUE. It’s a word that was SPECIFICALLY invented to mean NOT A PLAY ON WORDS OR AN EXAGGERATION. I don’t understand why you can’t understand this.

    Also, thank you for admitting that since you’re a lesbian, you don’t give a shit about others. You have NO RIGHT to scare others from having sex.


  12. I’ve only been on facebook for about less than 7 minutes today so I have no idea what you’re talking about. Who are you? Or are you some sort of really bad stalker?

  13. Tom, you’re hilarious. You bash me for using a word that you don’t think I should have used, then you tell me I have “no right” to scare people from having sex.

    I have a major problem with people who are cold enough that they don’t care about living beings that can’t speak for themselves. That’s creepy to me. The same trait was present in several infamous Americans – namely Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy.

    You know what? I find pleasure in drinking. Unfortunately, drinking has a consequence. First of all, booze is loaded with empty calories. Second, it impairs my judgment. Third, if I drink too much (more than two drinks) I’ll wake up with a headache. There are severe consequences if I have too much and then drive. There’s a consequence for everything we do in this life, whether good or bad. If you develop poor eating habits, you’ll likely have weight problems. If you use illegal drugs, regardless of whether you enjoy it, you can go to jail. If you insist on having recreational sex, you stand a chance of getting pregnant.

  14. Well Mel I don’t know what kind of life you have but recreational sex is part of being a human being. It’s part of being alive and free and not in prison. I’m sorry but Republicans truly do want to oppress people and make them miserable. Thanks for confirming it, and I now have a story to tell to any of my independent friends.

    And you WERE wrong in using “literally” for a play on words. It’s specifically the opposite of what it means.

  15. Recreational sex is no different from anything else I listed. It comes with consequences. Telling folks that pregnancy is a potential consequence isn’t keeping them in prison, honey, it’s reality. It is pure nature. Being willing to kill an innocent, voiceless person so you can be “free” to make your own “choices” and have whatever pleasure you want makes you a creep, Tom. I have a healthy life – I don’t sleep around, no matter how badly I might want to when I’m single. I have no shortage of happiness. I’m seeing someone.

    For the last time – I. WAS. BEING. SARCASTIC. I suppose the phrase “if I never see him again, it’ll be too soon” must drive you apeshit.

  16. So now you don’t know what “sarcastic” means either eh? lol

    I’m sorry Mel but if you actually think people shouldn’t have sex then you’re wearing your extremity on your sleeves.

  17. Tom. Wow. Ever heard of tongue in cheek? No, wait, you’re going to drag out the exact definition and examples. Seems like you are obsessing. This comes to mind:n. pl. mi·nu·ti·ae (-sh-)
    A small or trivial detail: “the minutiae of experimental and mathematical procedure” (Frederick Turner).
    [From Late Latin mintiae, petty details, from Latin mintia, smallness, from mintus, small; see minute2.]
    As for the “right to recreational sex?” I guess everything is a “right” now. But I agree with Mel that there are consequences to each action and the people involved need to accept responsibility for those actions. Personally I feel that abortion is a medical procedure and should be an available option as not every woman’s situation is the same. That being said I don’t think it should be the first and only option.
    The term “recreational sex” brings to my mind an image of hippie communes, free love, STDs, unwanted children and unhealthy relationships. But that is just me. Personally I’d only have sex with someone I loved but that is just me. Some days I’d love to drive really fast but I don’t because I am wary of the potential consequences.
    How this even got to this point when the original post was about election results is a bit of a mystery.
    I’ve tried to make sure I don’t have any typos as I expect you’ll be looking for them. Grammatically I am sure I have made mistakes since I was never an English major and didn’t even go to college. I am sure I don’t agree with everything Mel believes but I respect her opinions and feel she puts a lot of time and effort and research into them.
    Have a nice day, AndyB, NH.

  18. She used the term “literally” to mean the opposite and it annoyed me. It’s a common mistake though.

    I’m sorry but if you want people to stop having sex then that’s something I’ve got to tell a lot of undecided voters. You cannot imagine how insanely totalitarian that is. That you could believe that is incredible, that you could believe that while espousing small government is indescribable.

    Recreational sex does not mean it’s not with someone you love

  19. Kay. Just sounds that way to me. I’m fine with people having sex (kind of wish i was having some but we don’t always get what we want;-)). It’s just that many don’t or won’t think that there are consequences to their actions and they should have to live with it. I’m not proposing any laws against it and am generally against social conservatism if that is what it means. The business of America is business and no law is going to change a social behavior so I wish both sides would stop that (Bloomberg and has laws against fat foods or San Fran banning the happy from the Happy meal?).
    Totalitarian? Any worse than the current administration taking over our decisions making? I was PO’d at what happened to our rights and freedoms under GW but Obama and Company seem to be continuing them and making them worse.
    Personally I hate hearing “I could care less.” If that is the case then care less! Don’t want to be “misunderestimated” or anything;-)
    Take care, AndyB, NH.
    PS Go ahead and say it 10 times times. it starts to sound like a real word;-)

  20. Meant to type “and his” not “and has.” Sorry. got home from work at 4AM and slept a few hours. Need to get to my next job now.
    AndyB, NH.

  21. Tom, you’re putting words in my mouth. Literally. Now I’m not being sarcastic.

    I never said people should stop having sex, just that they should be aware of the potential consequences and be willing to live with those consequences. If I get drunk and go home with a strange girl, I face at least two potential consequences: catching any STD’s she has and my girlfriend dumping my sorry ass. I don’t like either of those consequences. I don’t drink much anyway because I don’t like those consequences, either, and I stay faithful.

    If I drive too fast, there’s a couple of consequences there, too. If I’m lucky, a cop will pull me over before anything happens and I’ll get an expensive ticket. If not, I could crash, and at high speeds those always turn out ugly (I know, I’ve responded to a few). I don’t like either of those consequences and I’m not willing to risk it. So, I always leave early enough to get to my destination on time by driving pretty close to the speed limit. If I don’t stick to a healthier diet, eat crappy food and fail to exercise, I’ll gain weight, lose energy, and stand yet another chance of my girlfriend not wanting to touch me. That is a consequence of poor diet and inertia.

    Were I not a lesbian, I would be quite mindful of the fact that straight sex can result in pregnancy. If I wasn’t willing to risk it I wouldn’t do it. That is my decision. Basing your entire argument for recreational sex on the pleasure derived from it is akin to demanding that dangerous narcotics be legalized because they’re pleasurable. Or doing away with speed limits because driving at 100 MPH is fun. Or having much of your small intestine removed so that you can eat all you want and your body won’t absorb all the fat (and you have to take mass amounts of vitamins for the rest of your life).

    I also happen to think that a man trying to defend the right to recreational sex and a woman’s right to “choose” is incredibly sexist.

  22. “Tom, you’re putting words in my mouth. Literally. Now I’m not being sarcastic.”

    No Mel I am still not “literally” putting words in your mouth. It’s an expression.

    And of course abortion shouldn’t be used as birth control but sometimes mistakes happen and contraception fails.

  23. Yes, Tom, You LITERALLY are. We went from me admitting my personal stance on abortion – that it should not be used as a form of first-line birth control, but that everyone should be aware that pregnancy is a potential consequence of having straight sex – to you claiming in multiple posts that I didn’t want anyone to have sex. And I quote:

    “The GOP plan for America: Never have sex.”

    “Also, thank you for admitting that since you’re a lesbian, you don’t give a shit about others. You have NO RIGHT to scare others from having sex.”

    “I’m sorry Mel but if you actually think people shouldn’t have sex then you’re wearing your extremity on your sleeves.”

    “I’m sorry but if you want people to stop having sex then that’s something I’ve got to tell a lot of undecided voters. You cannot imagine how insanely totalitarian that is. That you could believe that is incredible, that you could believe that while espousing small government is indescribable.”

    Those are ALL cut-and-pasted from your own responses, Tom. It’s all you. Don’t try to bullshit anyone and claim that those were all just “expressions.” One sarcastic crack is an expression – four is indicative of an actual belief.

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